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Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination
The Best Way To Go

[Image: cv9udmtv06jv.jpg]
[Image: rvhgbb80nj3f.jpg]
[Image: 0v84muvoj02y.jpg]

[Image: gelbvdkn432e.jpg]

Sometimes slaves just need to be put in their place- and their "place" is BENEATH US!!

And there is nothing better than wearing tight leather pants as you facesit a slave, because you know how hard it makes it for them to breathe.

And this poor slave is really we take turns holding him down while the other Mean Girl cuts off his air supply.

Categories: FACE SITTING, FOOT FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, TIGHT ASSES, MIXED WRESTLING, TABOO, wrestling, brat girls, ass fetish, ass worship, leather pants, tight pants, shiny pants, shiny, ass, butt, booty.

Size:468 Mb
Girl Gets Guy to Cum With Only Her Feet

[Image: 66hro0k1t9hy.jpg]
[Image: 258lvufpwu1e.jpg]
[Image: 3ebrse71rpws.jpg]

[Image: mq05m4an8b8q.jpg]

I've been practicing making him cum with only my feet for so long, this was the first time it worked! I didn't want to forget about my foot fans either so I really hope you enjoy and cum hard from this video.

Categories: Dirty Feet, Feet, Feet JOI, Foot Fetish, Foot Play, Femdom, Female domination.

Size:1,73 Gb

FaceSitting Relaxation

[Image: 9ty7hpxrympz.jpg]
[Image: f3e5yqy87rag.jpg]
[Image: km9hmsh0q56r.jpg]

[Image: pjhz8weqxxr7.jpg]

Categories: ASS SMOTHERING, BIG BUTTS, MASSAGE, ASS WORSHIP, ASS FETISH, FACE SITTING, femdom, ass smothering, big butts, ass, ass to mouth, latina goddess, latina domination, ass smother.

Size:649 Mb
Ass Smother and Bounce (4K)

[Image: 2i5srdsegyj0.jpg]
[Image: 75mutiaxs9o2.jpg]
[Image: 25j7x4tubsns.jpg]

[Image: f2gx3jv41zph.jpg]

Goddess Becky is incredible! Her ass looks amazing as she bounces and rides on her chastity slave's face. Becky makes a tight seal over the slave's airways with her full weight. No breathing! Becky smothers the slave with her ass. The slave starts to struggle for air. Becky completely controls his breath with her incredible ass.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Goddess, 4K, Femdom 4K, 4K Femdom, 4K Video, 4K Clips, Ultra HD, UHD, Ass Fetish, Ass Smothering, Smother, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Ass Bouncing, Chastity, Chastity Male, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage, Keyholder, Key-Holding, Ass Humiliation, Degradation, Humiliation.

Size:3,30 Gb

Bondage Sirens

[Image: yxlmq6sg2oq2.jpg]

[Image: ao7aef8as8p7.jpg]

Total, restricted chastity. Total, twin tease with two vicious girls who just don't care.
For some reason, some boys think if they feel tormented, and want an ordeal to be over, or want to orgasm, they can make it stop. Only soft, unrelenting tease is our response.
A guy is bound wearing a bodysuit and a chastity cage and is teased by two girls. They rub their pantyhosed feet against his small cage, sit on his face while kissing each other. They carress him all over his body and verbally taunt the guy throughout the video.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Chastity, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage, Keyholder, Key-Holding, Chastity Male, Bondage Male, Bondage, Young Mistress, Tease, Teasing, Tease & Denial, Denial.

Size:278 Mb
Obey Laura And You Will Cum

[Image: c9mf8nyl5vww.jpg]

[Image: w08fg9g5nfkr.jpg]

Dominant Laura shows us how to really threat a men. After he is tied up he is getting teased until his meat stick is fully erect, this way he has more discipline to obey Laura and blast his cum shot when she want it to.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Handjob, Whipping, Whipped, Whip, Bondage Male, Bondage, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking.

Size:2,14 Gb
Slave Endures the Seduction and Wrath of Three (4K)

[Image: dbj1cs4a82fx.jpg]
[Image: 0jmvx9zfv3zv.jpg]
[Image: coxpxzijvjhj.jpg]

[Image: zd5p5uspb3q5.jpg]

Kat, Macy and Natalya want to play tennis with their idiot slave's face. It's a like sorority party! They make the slave crawl between the three of them, kissing their shoes and getting hard slaps to the face. The girls shove the slave's face deep into their amazing asses. They giggle while taking turns slapping the slave in the face over and over. It's a game the slave can't win. The girls are having so much fun! The girls take off their shoes and make the idiot worship their feet. The servant must worship and serve all three pairs of beautiful feet. Then, Macy, the tallest of the three, decides that she wants to trample the loser while wearing her spike heels. She tramples him with indifference and leaves impressive marks on his skin. The girls all scratch their heels across the loser's skin. He sucks. They hate him. He is only there for the hot girls to use and abuse.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Triple Domination, 4K Femdom, Femdom 4K, 4K, 4K Video, 4K Clips, UHD, Ultra HD, Faceslapping, Faceslap, Face Slap, Face Slapping, Humiliation, Degradation, Ass Fetish, Ass Smelling, Shoe Kissing, Foot Worship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Footworship, Trampling, Trample.

Size:2,73 Gb
Double The Damage

[Image: wbe2llnraxj4.jpg]
[Image: iwnuc4qmdfzh.jpg]
[Image: g9r8p4o17t9w.jpg]

It's a pain slut's luckiest day and worst nightmare to be between Mistress Stella Liberty and Mistress Janira Wolfe. His limbs are bound and cock restrained on a tight leash. He is under their complete control. They delight in his torment, using their hands to wreck his body. Stella holds his mouth to contain his cries of agony as Janira claws new grooves and paths into his skin with her nails. Slapping, spitting, and stretching his cock away from his balls, the Mistresses use him until he cannot take anymore.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, CBT, Boots, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Smothering, Smother, Hand Over Mouth, Hand Fetish.

Size:425 Mb
Mistress Rebeca - Pussy Worship

[Image: qy2j5lq0ryo3.jpg]
[Image: rdjy01uas2sf.jpg]
[Image: np75auyuhjyi.jpg]

He was the one who decides to hit on Mistress Rebecca. She's so gorgeous and he's so gross. So, she gives her a choice. Either he takes her on a date or she fucks her brains out. Or, he can crawl over her and kiss her ass. And soon, Mistress Rebecca was smiling broadly while her slave kept shoving his mouth and tongue squarely in her ass and pussy.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Mistress, Shoe Fetish, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship, Brutal-Facesitting, Foot Fetish, Cunnilingus, Pussy Worship, Pussy Eating, Pussy Licking, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship.

Size:582 Mb
Nyomi Star POV Slave Orders 3

[Image: ye4a50scuf60.jpg]
[Image: mi7vzrvvxd1i.jpg]
[Image: 67sq51h864ge.jpg]

Mistress Nyomi knows that you are powerful where you work, and she also knows how you crave to be treated like a b***h and degraded. She makes you get on your knees, kiss her feet, and lick her beautiful Asian Ass! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Categories: Dirty Talk, JOI, jerkoff encouragement, pov, jerkoff instructions, masturbation instruction, Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, Cum Countdown, Mesmerize, Mind f**k, JOI Fantasy, Femdom.

Size:558 Mb
Retrained By Hand

[Image: ercxd8c7iqdg.jpg]
[Image: losdtp4581c1.jpg]
[Image: bd4gmc2rcth9.jpg]

Mistress Stella Liberty is disappointed that her slave has forgotten the lessons she taught him. It has been so long between sessions and he was unprepared for how much stronger and more powerful she becomes every day. To remind him of his need to see her for slave training on a regular basis she covers his mouth with her hands in luscious leather gloves, controlling every whiff or taste of fresh air. Mistress threatens and humiliates him, showing off her total control. She continues to smother him with the gloves off. Her red nails are a beautiful contrast against his skin as she completely dominates him with the power of her bare hands!

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Hand Over Mouth, Smothering, Smother, Hand Fetish.

Size:537 Mb
Naughty Behaviour

[Image: ttsyub4l8fiu.jpg]

[Image: 24ga52jlk6qy.jpg]

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Nipple Play, Bondage Male, Bondage, Sissy, Pain, Nipple Torment.

Size:1,25 Gb

Cum In A Cage

[Image: 6tynz3bs9zlf.jpg]

[Image: 76bqdywvey3j.jpg]

Mistress uses the power of the vibrator to drain every last drop of cum from her slave's balls while his cock remains locked in it's steel cage. The result of having a slave's dick locked up in chastity for over 30 days will bring you one massive load.

Categories: femdom ,strapon ,chastity ,strap ,mistress ,pegging ,slave ,BDSM ,anal ,spanking ,humiliation ,fetish , Torture, Facesitting, Toys.

Size:136 Mb

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