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Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination
Ivy Lebelle - Your Final Orgasm

[Image: qgermp0nv79y.jpg]

[Image: 3h6dp1r6jqxr.jpg]

Mistress Ivy graciously allows you one final orgasm before locking that pesky cock away in chastity forever.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Ivy Lebelle, handjob, femdom handjob, tied handjob, hand domination, handjob domination, ruined orgasm, goddess handjobs, forced orgasms, milking, Bondage Male, Bondage.

Size:1,06 Gb

Kathia Nobili - Femdom Mistress Latex

[Image: 0gto4olffuil.jpg]

[Image: t6qmo75cds7o.jpg]

Categories: Female domination, Femdom, Kathia Nobili, latex, kink, fetish, pussy licking, big ass, bondage, bdsm, master, slave, male bondage, face sitting.

Size:87,9 Mb

Stephanie West - A Princess World

[Image: h7hznn5403sm.jpg]

[Image: wja70e30hpky.jpg]

What Princess Stephanie wants, Princess Stephanie gets and she is just craving to watch you be a good boy and make a hot & sticky mess all over yourself. Now start jerking as you don't want to keep your Princess waiting now do you?!?!

Categories: Female domination, Femdom, Stephanie West, Big ass, Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Mind control, JOI.

Size:1,00 Gb

Shona River - Femdom Fantasy

[Image: lgpksbvggjxp.jpg]

[Image: sua2ebhz9p2j.jpg]

Max Dior enjoys getting tied up and teased by his sexy lover Shona River. She loves being the dominant half of this sexual duo. This babe cums hard as Max goes down on her and fucks that tight a**h*le. Finally, Shona lets him cum on her wet pussy.

Categories: Female domination, Male bondage, Anal, Cumshot, Femdom, Fetish, Hardcore, Ass Fucking, Cum On Pussy, Fantasy, Sensual.

Size:747 Mb
Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Pussy Worship Slave

[Image: 0wha4dbi3y0x.jpg]
[Image: 8i56qombetqw.jpg]
[Image: yysp02awj8mf.jpg]
[Image: thp7vj61etqo.jpg]

I Don't think I've ever seen your cock this hard before, maybe it's because we've been on my new edging regimen ,
Edging , edging , Stroking and stroking with no release for months . Balls filled , every touch you feel yourself ready to explode , but I'll never allow it . Your cum belongs to me and I'll do what I want with it . Now put it away , no cumming today & I'm the only one who gets to play with it.

Categories: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMALE DOMINATION, MIND f**k, ORGASM DENIAL, female supremacy, men following orders, sub training, domination, handjob, edging, femdom.

Size:420 Mb
Summer Day - Locked Pussy Pleaser

[Image: aodvda3m02e0.jpg]

[Image: ap9jgbnbnp9y.jpg]

Slaves should always serve selflessly, especially when it comes to pleasure which is why Mistress Summer keeps her boys locked in chastity. With his cock properly caged away, her slave has officially been reduced into nothing but a mouth made for licking. She orders him to stick out his long tongue and get to work while she smothers and grinds her wet cunt all over his face to orgasm.

Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Pussy Eating, Pussy Worship, Pussy Licking, ORAL SERVITUDE, summer day, male bondage, femdom.

Size:985 Mb
Aiden Starr - A Dom's Domme Divine

[Image: mjpuqxqopgsa.jpg]

[Image: 6otd1a52iz29.jpg]

Dominic Pacifico is hooded and bound by leather and metal. His balls are tied tightly to a weighted bucket as he awaits the arrival of busty blonde bombshell Aiden Starr. Aiden wastes no time cutting this male dom down to size and stripping him of his ego. Dominic moans under the attention of this Goddess. He cries out as she smacks his chest and abs, and toys with his super sensitive nipples. Aiden laughs as Dominic strains in bondage, unable to escape the humiliation of being beat up and dominated by a woman. She clover-clamps his nipples, and decorates his foreskin with a crown of close-pins. Dominic yells as she drops weight after weight in the bucket connected to his balls as it pulls them further and further from his body. Next, she opens up his a**h*le with her hand. Working four fingers inside his greedy slut hole, Aiden laughs as Dominic pushes back like an eager slut, thirsty for more. He moans around his ball gag as she then pushes her long fat cock into his a**h*le and gives him a hard pounding. Aiden knows what a greedy whore this male dom is just from glancing at his a**h*le, so she prepares a fucking machine to pummel his ass. Dominic holds his legs open as the machine relentlessly drills into him. Aiden takes a seat on his face and has him lick her pussy while he gets fucked. Finally, Aiden commands Dominic to grab a box from the corner. She pronounces it his dinner table and directs him to make his own dinner. Dominic takes his cock in hand, jerking it as Aiden smacks his chest over and over again. Each smack brings Dominic closer and closer to cumming, and he blows his load all over his slave table. He eagerly laps it all up and eats the last remaining drops from his Mistress's hand.

Categories: BDSM, Bondage, Facesitting, Femdom, Fingering, foreskin, Gag, Humiliation, Leather, Male Sub, Orgasm Denial, Pegging, Prostate Stimulation, Pussy Eating, Rough Sex, Slave, Straight, female domination.

Size:1,73 Gb

Femdom Wife Haighlee Pegs til he Cums

[Image: t66j2s8v3etb.jpg]

[Image: whgrbzlp7f67.jpg]

Categories: bdsm, kink, femdom, strapon, haighlee pegs, femdom pegging, homemade pegging, homemade, amateur couple, amateur, real couple, anal, fetish, pegging his ass, female domination.

Size:328 Mb
Lost Bet

[Image: do1ax8zr4sp5.jpg]

[Image: 1mx8u5v1eg10.jpg]

Lexi, Megan, & Chris are playing a friendly game of poker if things start going bad for Chris. Chris is sure he has a hand which neither one of the girls can conquer unfortunately he's no extra cash to wager therefore he antes up with his clothing and the guarantee that they could to whatever they want to him if he loses. Lexi and Megan accept that bet and keep playing. Lexi wins the hands and really wants to make the loser pay with her strap-on. She fucks him in the ass with all the windows open so neighbours and passing cars can find him carrying it up the bum and being humiliated. Lexi gives him a great hard ass fucking then strikes him out of her home with no pants. The loser is completely & publicly humiliated, he must run home without any pants while the girls just laugh at his unlucky reduction.

Categories: Female domination, femdom, poker night humiliation, anal, fetish, pegging his ass, bdsm, kink, strapon, male blowjob, theesome.

Size:222 Mb
Lesbian Training For Hot Wife

[Image: 5k3tr1kez1ea.jpg]

[Image: fz79mzc1a8bq.jpg]

Categories: Female domination, femdom, bondage, lezbian, strapon.

Size:750 Mb
No mercy strap on

[Image: gxn80ttt8de8.jpg]

[Image: dcmhk8lhag19.jpg]

"So, slave, are you ready to be fucked in your fucking ass?" I say as Iapproach him wearing my big, strap-on cock. Laying on my sofa with his assup in the air, I waste no time getting the abuse started as I positionmyself over his face and shove my cock in his mouth. I make him suck ithard and deep, using his spit as lube for the anal penetration that`sabout to unfold. "Now I`m going to f**k your ass very, very hard," Iinform him and make good on my word by cramming my giant dick into histight little a**h*le. With his feet up in the air I butt f**k the sissydeeper, harder, and faster as he groans in discomfort while occasionallyslapping his ass like the b***h that he is. How much of this big cock canhe take inside of him? We`re about to find out as I make him get on allfours on my ottoman and ram him in ways he`ll never forget!

Categories: PEGGING, MALE STRAP-ON, STRAP-ON, FEMDOM, Female domination, latex, mask, fetish.

Size:335 Mb
Sock Sucker Mandy Flores

[Image: 27y42ipze9z2.jpg]

[Image: w26hwc16oew6.jpg]

YOU would force more dirty socks into his mouth and then secure this with another dirty fluffy tube sport sock tied around his head in order to muffle his moans and screams of the upcoming suffering he would be about to endure. he would feel YOU two forcing him up to his knees only to accept a socked footed kick to the balls from YOU. he would endure more dirty long white fluffy warm tube sport socked footed kick to his balls, tenderizing them before seeing YOUR powerful legs going around his neck, head scissoring him to force me to inhale the dirty socks wrapped around his nose. YOUR partner would again be whispering in his ear to "suffer", "give in", "submit", calling him a "sock slave", "loser", and say YOU are "using him as a sucker for easy money" he would feel YOUR dirty socked feet being forced into his mouth as YOU order him to take YOUR feet in his mouth. YOU would mound up a pile of dirty socks, flip him on my stomach so his face is in the pile, put his ass in the air, and begin to partially insert a dirty sock where YOU desire. YOU would be pushing his head into the mound of socks, making sure he am inhaling their aroma. YOU would grab his balls with a soft gloved hand for good measure, ensuring that he is receiving adequate punishment at the hands of YOUR socked feet.

Categories: humiliation, smelling, domination, training, sub, slave, real time, session, FOOT HUMILIATION, SOCK SMELLING, FOOT DOMINATION, SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING, FOOT SLAVE, Femdom.

Size:265 Mb

Tease And Thank You - "Dr. Marx's Treatment Plan"

[Image: ith9a5jkhhsa.jpg]
[Image: izwim4ufl4tr.jpg]
[Image: 3e2980y2c7o6.jpg]

[Image: czaqmgiw7hob.jpg]

Getting a slave to admit to their problem is more easily done while the patient is in a weakened and confused state. The patient's 24 hour slave bondage contract is read back to him as he moans and thrusts and mews on the road to discovering his issues, and accepting treatment.

This poor boy got ruined so many times during this span, one could almost accuse me of being the deviant, if the atmosphere wasn't so clinical.

Categories: TEASE AND DENIAL, TEASING, COCK TEASE, BLONDE MISTRESS, Female dominatoin, Femdom, Male bondage.

Size:498 Mb
Men Are Slaves - Miss Morgan Calls The Shots

[Image: urj8tswdqj7j.jpg]
[Image: psqlvrdf9ytt.jpg]
[Image: oa26ugz7vfte.jpg]

[Image: oewapimo3yql.jpg]

Will this male that Miss Morgan has brought home get to cum today? Ultimately it's not his decision because she runs the show. Hence she will decide if, when and how he will cum. Although in this case it is very likely that she will just edge, torment and deny him in the end.

Categories: ORGASM DENIAL, TEASE & DENIAL, MIND f**k, COCK TEASE, RUINED ORGASMS, EDGING GAMES, Female domination, Femdom, Male bondage.

Size:781 Mb
Alexis Monroe - My Sissy Toy

[Image: nmbk11xww59x.jpg]

[Image: ooehgwstdw7m.jpg]

I bet you wish you could leave your boring, mundane life behind and become my perfect panty wearing sissy b***h..don't you sissy boy?!? We are going to really have to work on you to make you extra pretty and perfect like me. Don't worry I am going to make you into the hardest working sissy slut for me and make you suck and f**k all the dicks I decide to give you. I want to see your cock get so hard in your panties for me as I tell you about all the nasty things my sissy slut is going to do for me. Now start stroking for me my pretty little girl and get ready to become the sissy you were born to be...


Size:801 Mb

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