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Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination
Dreams Of Destruction

[Image: 9ug7dvdvdnua.jpg]

[Image: w7smh9tmug7d.jpg]

Lots of low blows and crotch destruction, lots of face and belly punches, spanking, stripping, two-on-one, rag doll, one-sided beatdown, breast attacks, breasts shoved in face, stomps, kicks, strapon ravishing, orgasm, and much more!!!

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, superheroines,lesbian domination,lezdom,story line ,storyline,forced orgasm,submission,humiliation, female fighting, ring wrestling, female wrestling, lesbian strapon.

Size:1,81 Gb

Femdom video - Sex Slave for My Pleasure

[Image: f03jt7p2g92p.jpg]

[Image: yhm6py990nde.jpg]

You remind him of how you selected him in the bar and spiked his drink, nabbing him back to your place and that he is now your property and you are going to keep him to use as your sex slave.He is still groggy and protests through his gag and weakly struggles and u threaten to crop him if he carries on, you grab his chin with your gloved hand n tell him that you also dosed him with viagra so he really doesn't have any choice in the matter. You use numbing cream on his cock, telling him that when you mount and ride him only you will take pleasure from it, and you get to have as many orgasms as you want. All he gets to feel is his gloved hands and the sting of your crop.You check he is nice n hard, remove his gag threatening to whip him if he shouts out he starts begging you to stop and let him go and he won't tell anyone about u nabbing him but you just sshh him and stroke his cheek with your gloved hand and tell him to stay still n silent. You say you`re too horny to change and then straddle and mount his cock still holding your crop but with your hand over his mouth muffling his weak protests.You ride him hard and use the crop on him if he tries to say anything, as you f**k him you use your gloved hands on his body and clutch his chin you tell him he`ll have to get used to the feel of your leathered hands as he`ll never feel your skin; you always wear leather gloves. You will train him and use him.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Femdom cuckold, cuckolds, cumshots , latex, bondage fetish.

Size:565 Mb

The Burglaress - Femdom Role Play

[Image: ekges3fmmvx0.jpg]

[Image: tls0fj1iyenn.jpg]

Beautiful & cold, the thief breaks into Lance's house to rob him. Once inside she takes off her face mask and sunglasses and pulls a nylon stocking over her head. She begins to look around but Lance arrives home unexpectedly. She subdues him & tapes his ankles and wrists together, getting him to spit out the combination of the safe before taping his mouth shut. Her bag filled with his money, she returns to the living room where he struggles on the floor. Aroused by his terror, she decides to take more than she came for . . .

Categories: EXECUTRIX, BONDAGE MALE, NYLON CLOTHING ,FEMALE DOMINATION, NYLON ENCASEMENT, star nine ,lance hart, bodystocking, Femdom.

Size:982 Mb
Ezada Sinn - A real cum geyser

[Image: 9bsjr9iow20k.jpg]

[Image: jr7ydhyh7urj.jpg]

Tied to a St. Andrew's cross, ready to be used by Me and Mistress Gaia - what more could a slave wish for? Especially when I'm getting ready to remove his chastity device for the first time in the last 3 weeks, maybe to grant him a release. I'm sure these three weeks have been hard for him, but that only makes it more interesting for Me. he must have built up a lot of cum in his balls and today he will be freed of this burden. Not immediately, of course, first I want to see him aroused, worked up, desperate to get a release. Something quite easy to achieve after 3 weeks if chastity, just a little bit of teasing gets him quickly to the point where he is ready to cum, but afraid to do it without Our permission. Because he knows the punishment for cumming without permission will be hard, and the fear of it is so hard that he prefers to cum later better than risk cumming too early. All the better for Us, because when We finally make him cum, he does it like a real cum geyser. 7 huge gushes of cum shot to more than 2 meters - that was a really unexpected surprise. The biggest ejaculation We've seen in quite a while, if not the biggest ever. Well worth the build up of 3 weeks in chastity and of all the tease & denial. Maybe We should lock the slave for even more this time?


Size:340 Mb

Amadahy Kendall and Noe - Trio of Princesses Facesit House slave

[Image: n0htl3p779l4.jpg]

[Image: qxerrl95t9oe.jpg]

Amadahy, Kendall and Noe have a new shared house slave. His first night, they take him in to the bedroom and allow him the privilege of laying on the Princess bed. He quickly learns that every house privilege comes at a price! All three Princesses look amazingly hot as they use the new slaves face as their grinding post. They giggle and discuss plans for the new slaves chastity. Noe and Amadahy practice popping isolations while smothering the new slave with their asses. Amadahy has plans to put the new in the smother box later and use his face while she studies. The Princess all decide that grinding is the best use for this slaves face. From now on, hes going to be on an all butt diet!

Categories: FACE SITTING, FEMALE DOMINATION, ASS SMOTHERING, BRAT GIRLS, ASS GRINDING,amadahy, kendall, noe, Femdom, male bondage, fetish.

Size:541 Mb
Mistress Eliza Ibarra - Cum for Mommy

[Image: 0lagmb0v2mxl.jpg]

[Image: 2j0qipt7dv45.jpg]

Eliza is the perfect Mommy Domme who is sweet, caring but also strict and cruel at the same time. Best of both worlds! She teases and edges just the tip of her gimp's cock as that is all he is worthy of. His cock is securely locked in a device that only allows just the top of his shaft to be touched making milking day extremely frustrating. Eliza brings him to the edge and back while giving him the full Mommy Domme experience until he is finally allowed to shoot his long awaited load. She takes every last drop of cum and shoves it in his mouth as all good boys know to clean up their mess.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Eliza Ibarra, Handjob, Edging Games, Mommy Domme, Ruined Orgasms, Latex, Rubber, Bondage Male, Bondage, Stockings, Nylons, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking.

Size:979 Mb

Astro and Lola - Edging Game for Chastity Slave

[Image: o5ikattnj6v3.jpg]

[Image: pdx106an0x3d.jpg]

Astro Has decided to play a edging game with her slave. The slave will be edged for 2 hours. When the slave is close to cumming he must ask her to stop. The male is helpless. Lola has another cow that is being trained in the punishment box. Lola teases that male throughout the entire clip. Every time he asks for her to stop he gets another day in chastity. If he cums during the edging each of the days are turned into weeks! If the slave wins he gets fucked in the ass by Astro with a strap on. The clip shows highlights from the full 2 hour edging with a timer in the back ground. Astro uses all of the slaves fetishes against him, piling up days and days of chastity. The slave is forced, edged, and teased for the entire clip. Lola looks stunning as well as she watches on and teases her slave as well.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Lola, Astro, milking machine, Ruined Orgasms, Latex, Bondage Male, Bondage, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking.

Size:1,61 Gb
Teasers Try Out New Software at the Edging Salon Complete

[Image: rfmicgbpmc4x.jpg]

[Image: 6m88lnk0krvz.jpg]

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Ruined Orgasms, Latex, Bondage Male, Bondage, Milking, FACE SITTING, TEASE & DENIAL, ELECTRIC PLAY, chloe ,mia, lola, milking machine ,edging.

Size:321 Mb
Lola and Astro - Five Ruined Orgasms while in Sensory Deprivation

[Image: w002og48702y.jpg]

[Image: k268edlekasz.jpg]

A brand new cow has been delivered to the facility. This cow was a sugar daddy that lost his job. The only way he can meet his obligations to keeping his sugar baby happy is to be a cow. The cow is in complete sensory deprivation. His mouth is plugged and he is completely immobilized. There are head phones placed on his ears that fill his head with taunts and insults. Lola removes the cow from chastity and then Astro goes about her work. She cruelly milks 5 ruined orgasms from the cow. The cow bucks and groans as each orgasm is brought against its will and then ruined. All the time the cow cannot see or hear his tormentors. It just hears the mocking taunts of girls in his head. The cow will endure many more milking like this before it is placed in production on the line.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Ruined Orgasms, Latex, Bondage Male, Bondage, Lola, Astro ,Hand jobs, ruined orgasm, chastity.

Size:1,17 Gb

Jingle Balls, Broken Balls. Starring Nomi Melone

[Image: qcua9fzajmkw.jpg]

[Image: dubqe6bst3vp.jpg]

The fake Santa has been caught and stripped of his clothes and dignity. Now it is time for punishment! A full sack that will be KICKED relentlessly by Fetish Liza and Nomi Melone. First with their HIGH HEELS and then with their BARE FEET. All the time, the fake santa must SING and entertain his BALLBUSTING beauties. Stomped, smashed, trampled and more jingle balls but BROKEN BALLS for him!

Categories: BALL ABUSE, FEMALE DOMINATION, BALL STOMPING, DOUBLE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, happy holidays, ballbusted louboutin, high heels, mistress fetish liza, Bondage Male, Bondage, santa, hard ball kicking, bare feet, nomi, melone, broken balls, ballbusting, christmas, massacre, ball stomping.

Size:708 Mb
Knicker Santa - Mistress Paris and Mistress Serena

[Image: 4kujh3z996vb.jpg]

[Image: 6k0pu2pnxcjp.jpg]

This Santa imposter is busy dropping in to one house after another dragging his reindeer Bonnie with him. However he is not delivering presents at all, instead he is steeling ladies panties, old and new, clean and dirty! Oubliette is one house he should never have visited. Having heard noises in the dungeon Mistress Paris and Mistress Serena catch knicker sniffing Santa mid sniff! His Christmas Balls get plenty of attention as they make him pay for his crimes as they string him up and administer plenty of festive ballbusting!

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Ruined Orgasms, Bondage Male, Bondage BALLBUSTING, FEMALE DOMINATION, BONDAGE, CBT, DOUBLE DOMINATION, BALL ABUSE.

Size:1,67 Gb

Mistress Tess - Edge of Reason with Sinderella

[Image: nmoohmehvoeg.jpg]

[Image: gw9le975bhr3.jpg]

Mistress Tess starring as Sinderella, a sinister latex Princess sent to torment this poor Chastity wearing slave - who's been orgasm free for 90 days. She threatens him with 100 edges to take him to the edge of his sanity whilst bound to the chaise lounge. How far does he make it? Watch Mistress "Sinderella" smile with sadistic glee at his pleading and suffering.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, MistressTess, Sinderella, Chastity, Ruined Orgasms, Vibrator, Chastity Device, Key-Holding, Keyholder, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage, Chastity Male, Cosplay, Disney, Edging, Latex, Rubber, Orgasm Control.

Size:1,67 Gb

Adria Rae - Sex Slave Trainer

[Image: e3p1so7x02pm.jpg]

[Image: bbgbzm8nw03j.jpg]

If you want to be a proper sex slave to a Goddess then you need to have the stamina to please one. MIss Adria Rae trains and edges her slave's cock to see if he can 1st handle the pleasure of a silicone pussy without being a two pump chump. If he proves he has the stamina to f**k like a pornstar then he may just be the perfect sex toy Adria has been seeking to keep locked up for her pleasure.

Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, Handjobs, Male bondage, kink, femdom, adria rae, bondage, handjob, dominatrix, orgasm denial, teasing.

Size:138 Mb
You moved! - Mistress Zita

[Image: b22x09ryg9o5.jpg]

[Image: a9muy4nmjpbb.jpg]

Mistress Zita forced his slave into an uncomfortable position, where he can't move his hands and arms and his ass is towards her. She is about to use her huge strapon on his small ass and she is really looking forward to this kinky and brutal act. The first thing she told him, that if he moves, she is going to f**k him even more brutal, than she planned and of course he moved.

Categories: female domination, strap-on, ass f**k, anal, femdom, mask, bondage, male bondage, fetish video.

Size:745 Mb

Mom Uses Son For Her Pleasure

[Image: 4du74x64s5lo.jpg]

[Image: o8argtgu6ycx.jpg]

This is a very special vid for all my Mama's boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I'm training my son to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our son! Filthy dirty family fantasy!

Categories: Mother and Son, Incest, Taboo, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, CUCKOLDING, CORSET, FUCKING, FEMALE DOMINATION , Femdom, Blowjob, Handjob.

Size:537 Mb
SweetFemdom Alice & Rene Femdom Sanity

[Image: 2xrnepsggxj8.jpg]
[Image: oek4aqajjgni.jpg]
[Image: z5oxj8qqyob0.jpg]
[Image: fqiqtv92wapr.jpg]

[Image: ixpq0jz17zuk.jpg]

Lance is stuck in a padded room, and must undergo a little femdom therapy if he wants to get out. Rene Phoenix and Alice decide that his balls need some abuse so Rene slaps his nuts, grabs them and puts him on the ground. Alice straddles his face, muffling his screams with her pussy, smothering him with her perfect fishnet covered ass while Rene slaps, kicks and knees his balls. It looks like so much fun that they trade places. Rene scissors Lance's head while Alice pounds his balls with kicks and steps on his cock and balls with her high heels. When they are done with him them make him crawl across the room to suck on Alice's high heel while they decide what to do with him next. After some giggling, Alice tells Rene that she wants to see him get fucked hard with a strap-on, and Rene loves that idea.

Categories: Female domination, femdom, fishnets, foot fetish, highheels, pantyhose, facesitting, cbt, smother, ballbusting, strap-on, Blowjob, Handjob.

Size:565 Mb

She Owns Your Manhood - Brutally Sensual Edging with Rocky

[Image: naa8jotr5b9w.jpg]

[Image: bejf6iucn9fe.jpg]

Lance Hart is tied down to a bed. Rocky Emerson has been edging him and teasing him for days. She's wearing a shiny high cut bodysuit that zips down so her perfect tits can be revealed, with black pantyhose.She starts to stroke his cock. It's clear she wants to torment him by keeping him on the edge of cumming forever. She teases him with her hand and mouth, stopping every time he's about to cum to slap his cock or squeeze his balls.Eventually she leaves him, totally blue balled, begging and naked. Rocky Emerson returns to Lance who is still tied to the same bed. She's going to finish him off, but first she wants to use his cock for her pleasure. She edges him over and over with her hands and mouth, then pulls out a vibrator to edge him more.Then she rips open her pantyhose and puts his cock in her wet pussy. She uses him until she is satisfied, but stops every time he is about to cum to punish him with blue balls.Finally she lets him cum all over her pantyhose, then strokes his sensitive cock to drive him crazy.

Categories: ORGASM CONTROL, HANDJOBS ,TEASE & DENIAL, PANTYHOSE, FEMALE DOMINATION, rocky emerson, edging ,blowjob, teasing, bondage, sensual domination, big tits, tattoos,lance hart, fucking, femdom sex, cum on pantyhose ,ruined orgasm, post orgasm torture.

Size:1,01 Gb

Alexis Monroe - Strap-on Puppet

[Image: 021cduqwsbvs.jpg]

[Image: m4lmn51dqzq5.jpg]

Mistress Alexis knows the best way to f**k a slave's hole is by stringing them up like a puppet and keeping them helplessly bound for her big, thick cock! No escaping, no running away and no choice but to take every inch of her dick like an obedient little f**k babe.

Categories: Dildo Fucking, Dildo, Anal, Anus, Ass, Pegging, Strap-On, Strap on, PEGGING, CHASTITY, SUSPENSION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Femdom, alexis monroe, male bondage, fetish.

Size:1,44 Gb
Stephanie West - Cum Controlled

[Image: 9hm3pedukff0.jpg]

[Image: ff0jtxj46kmo.jpg]

Slaves are only permitted orgasm at the discretion of their Owner. Princess Stephanie West has taken her b***h-boy out of chastity and locked his blue balls up rendering him completely at her mercy. Stephanie rarely rewards her slaves and almost never lets them cum, but she decides that this one has earned the privilege to do so.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Stephanie West, Princess Stephanie West, Bondage Male, Bondage Device, Bondage, Ass Fetish, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Handjob, Milking, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot.

Size:873 Mb

Cherry Torn - A Divine New Years - Cherry Torn celebrates with slave's screams

[Image: fylt6145k3zf.jpg]

[Image: r9f0l136fzoo.jpg]

Join Divine Goddess Cherry Torn in welcoming in the new year. Cherry has slave Marcelo to entertain her for the evening. This pathetic man worm salivates at the thought of being tormented by a gorgeous buxom babe like Cherry. And here he is, gagged, bound to a St. Andrew's Cross, and covered in clips and clamps. Cherry rakes her hands across her slave's body, flicking clips awry and causing him to twist in agony. The slave screams as Cherry begins removing the clamps one by one. Cherry takes extra delight in tugging the clover clamps on his balls and foreskin as her slave screams into the darkness. His screams make her laugh, and after she pulls all the clamps off, she strings him up by the ankles. He dangles in the air with an anal hook in his whore ass and a dildo gag positioned over his mouth. Cherry allows him to use this dildo to f**k her perfect pink pussy, but his pace is pathetic, so she holds him by the collar and uses it to bounce on that cock. Her lucky slave gets a front row seat to Cherry's orgasms. Too bad he all he can do is smell her glorious cunt as she rams his face. Next, Cherry fucks her slave with a long fat cock. She pounds his a**h*le as he whimpers like a pathetic little b***h. She soon switches out her cock for her fist. This loser's hole is so loose and stretched out, Cherry's hand slips right in. Her slave cries out behind his vet wrap hood as she fist-fucks him nice and deep. His sad sack slave body trembles as his ass gets pummeled by Cherry's diving fist.

Categories: BDSM, Bondage, CBT, Clover Clamps, Dildo, Facesitting, Femdom, Fingering, foreskin, Gag, Hood, Humiliation, Male Sub, Orgasm Denial, Pain, Pegging, Prostate Stimulation, Pussy Eating, Rough Sex, Slave, Straight.

Size:2,13 Gb

Alexis Monroe - Devoted Foot Addict

[Image: csoriikaukoa.jpg]

[Image: 8mi6w2wfrc6u.jpg]

Goddess Alexis Monroe uses her sexy size 7 1/2 soles as a tool for turning men into foot addicted b***h-boys.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Alexis Monroe, Foot Fetish, Chastity, Keyholder, Key-Holding, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, Humiliation, Degradation.

Size:1,04 Gb

Ivy Lebelle - Obey My Feet

[Image: ayb8z5e6u3h7.jpg]

[Image: n1e9ll853bfn.jpg]

When Mistress Ivy Lebelle orders her slave to prove his devotion she means it! A locking shock collar is attached to her slave's neck allowing Ivy to send an electric jolt anytime he isn't using his mouth to his best ability. Unfortunately for her slave, Mistress Ivy has a little too much fun pressing the button making him squirm and jump in pain while he worships every inch of her divine feet.

Categories: FOOT DOMINATION, ELECTRIC PLAY, FEMALE DOMINATION, Footdom, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, femdom.

Size:1,12 Gb
Carmel Cox - Beg For It

[Image: c7dp4tosbij3.jpg]

[Image: 35l3kdb8r1sq.jpg]

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Amateur, Carmel Cox, Dirty Talk, Bondage Male, Bondage, Stockings, Nylons, Handjob, Tease, Teasing, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking.

Size:1,06 Gb

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