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Superheroines Adult Video - Cosplay, Parody, Mixed Wrestling
Poison Ivy: Temptation Tease & BJ

[Image: yu98gyi9zid0.jpg]

[Image: 6y6l137fhd9d.jpg]

She can't possible be real or can she? You went looking and look who you found, Poision Ivy Sky seductively walks closer to you looking you up and down with those green eyes, those red lips, that red hair, oh and those tits practically popping out of her outfit, she's got everything you could want and its right in front of you now, even when she turns around that ass is just so inviting. You can't control the hard on you have right now and she knows you want to touch her, but theres no telling what would good could come of that, I mean she's poison even to the touch isn't she? Let's play a little game, she tells you. " I want you to take that cock out and stroke it, and fight temptation, don't give into my ways, as I seductively tease you with my body and everything I have to make you weak, I wont touch you, I wont kiss you, however, I will try very hard to get you to fall into me, must be quick though can't spend too much time here, or you may never leave." She goes on to tease you in so many different ways, talking sexy, seductive, dirty, turning her body in all different angles, playing with her big breasts, running her hands on her body, and those lips just make you so weak, you want to give in, because you know if you let her wrap those dangerous lips around your cock you'll likely blow the best load you ever have, but at what cost? She knows after several minutes of teasing you, how powerful she really is, she knows you can't hold back anymore you want to give in, you want to kiss her, touch her, and feel her around your hard throbbing cock. So, what do you do?

Categories: Big Tits, BBW, Cock Tease, Cosplay, JOI Games, Sensual Domination, Poison Ivy, Super hero, Superheroines.

Size:1,84 Gb

Rei Ayanami fucking with Shinji Ikari

[Image: uko6mu2ednxm.jpg]

[Image: wowgw5k1vsrq.jpg]

Pussy escaped straight from the anime and now wants to f**k for real. She many times looked like jerking off to pictures of her, but could not touch the desired member. And so, her wish came true. Finally she gets a dick really deep. Her pussy had not felt something solid inside. In the pose of cancer, she will moan like a real b***h. Want to see how she swallowed the cum in her mouth this time?

Categories: Amateur, Anime, Cosplay, Costume, Teens, Rei Ayanami, Super hero, Superheroines.

Size:1,41 Gb
Daenerys Gets Staaaaabbed

[Image: fmwjpj3s1c3n.jpg]

[Image: 2jq6r8rtqtkd.jpg]

If you like Game of Thrones, awkwardly paced porn and terrible English accents, THIS is the video for you! Think of this as a Fap Challenge video. I'm Daenerys, you're Jon Snow, and I'm trying to intimidate you by shoving your Longclaw deep inside me. If you can get past the beginning to the point when a sword is down my throat, you'll probably bust your milk of the poppy. And honestly, watching this will be better than whatever D&D gives us for the finale.

Categories: Cosplay, Costume, Dildo Sucking, Odd Insertions, Solo masturbation, Daenerys, Game of Thrones, Super hero, Superheroines.

Size:1,52 Gb

Dark Vixen

[Image: j5m4f3rjcdap.jpg]

[Image: tpk1bt0n2xck.jpg]

Dark Vixen has been tracking down a reported Voodoo Master. Placing no stock in this Master's abilities, Vixen arrives at the location with arrogant confidence. She's greeted by a muscle man whom she guesses is the Master's body guard.

She engages first the man and then the Master himself appears. A two on one fight continues as both opponents prove more difficult than Vixen imagined. She's not used to difficult physical encounters, but after putting some effort into it, she eventually gains the advantage. She's tired and needs to close out the fight but Voodoo Master presents a "voodoo doll" that looks much like Vixen. She's immediately frozen and under control of the Master and realizes very quickly she may be in way over her head. Maybe she should have checked her attitude earlier in the fight but it's too late for that now. Voodoo Master and muscle man aren't the type to have mercy:

Contains: 2 on 1 Male/Male/Female Combat, Transformation, Visual Effect For Heroine Power, Face Punches, Belly Punching, Kicks, Knees, Tons Of Low Blows, Crawling, Groping, Stripping, Full Nudity, Torture Using Dildo Rammed Into Heroine's Power Center, Heroine Passes Out From Exhaustion, Body Pans.

Categories: Superheroines, Humiliation, Mixed Wrestling, mixed fight, Submission, forced orgasm, super hero, superheroine porn, cosplay, Wonder woman, Super woman, Super girl.

Size:885 Mb
Giving Velma a Scooby snack

[Image: c852zuhv7l5j.jpg]

[Image: kpvkqcdsedzh.jpg]

Velma and scooby have split away from the group to hunt for clues. Scooby helps by sniffing around and finding something for velma to discover. Good job boy you found this hidden filling cabinet that could just have the clue and proof we are looking for... Ohhhh no we hear the door make scary loud sounds trying to be opened. I dont have any scooby snacks to make scooby courageous and help us out. Im sure we will find another way until then lets take these files and go.....Being in a rush and clumsy I drop my glasses. "my glasses! I cant see without my glasses. As im on the floor looking blind for my glasses I stumble across something what is it?? Jinkies scooby thats a big dick.
Join us for this cheesy and erotic nostalgic video featuring a story line ,a long sloppy blow job with tons of cum dribbles, cum drooling, glasses, sucking, licking , tits, spitting/drooling cum on tits and a huge scooby load all over velma.

Categories: COSPLAY, COSTUMES , BLOW JOBS , SPIT FETISH , SWALLOWING/DROOLING , ROLE PLAY, milf , velma , scooby doo , rex bad dragon , bad dragon, sloppy Bj, lots of cum, drool,spit & huge cum shot, super hero, superheroines.

Size:1,52 Gb

Unenthusiastic Participation 2

[Image: wes04ixiyg8s.jpg]

[Image: k39mxajccpu7.jpg]

David Maxwell wants to add an Amazon to his collection! He lures the unsuspecting rookie heroine to his lair but she doesn't want to play his games! Maxwell puts plan B into motion and Mercy arrives to save him from certain death. Our Heroine transforms into StarrGirl to take on the ruthless Mercy but she slowly realizes he is simply too much, even with her powers! Mercy dominates the young Amazon physically and eventually KOs her with the leotard of her fallen comrade! StarrGirl is completely broken and finds herself hanging from the ceiling fighting Orgasms and Maxwells white soaked rag! This film includes 1v1 beat down, bear hugs, groping, sim sex, low blow, multiple KOs, back breaker, slapping, and more!

Categories: Superheroines, Humiliation, Mixed Wrestling, mixed fight, Submission, forced orgasm, super hero, superheroine porn, cosplay, Wonder woman, Super woman, Super girl.

Size:1,14 Gb
f**k Eru Ass

[Image: 3l5zdmp6nzh9.jpg]

[Image: eskkodhghvua.jpg]

Eru is over your house again after school. She is lounging on your bed saying that she wants to play again. She always was curious about anal. Maybe you could f**k her ass today? You have to go slow though so it doesn't hurt too much. Eru starts by teasing you with her big ass. She slides her thong off and spreads her cheeks. She starts to finger her a**h*le to loosen it up and get it ready for your dick. She sticks her ass up in the air and begs for your dick. You slide your cock in Eru's ass slowly, sliding it balls deep. She gasps as it goes in. You start thrusting your cock in and out of her tight virgin ass. Her big butt bounces up and down on your dick. You keep fucking Eru's ass until she begs you to cum inside it. You shoot your load deep in her a**h*le.

Categories: Cosplay, Costume, Anal, Dildo Fucking, Anime, Eru, Super hero, Superheroines.

Size:606 Mb
Fallout: Dogmeat

[Image: a4zaaqphzm50.jpg]

[Image: gzainxtb7rhu.jpg]

Categories: POV, Doggystyle, Gaming, Cosplay, Blonde, Vault Girl (Fallout), Dog Dildo, Bad Dragon, POV Blowjob, POV Doggy Fucking, Super hero, Supeheroines.

Size:1,58 Gb
Catwoman Dry Humps Batman

[Image: kixoo0zj48vo.jpg]

[Image: 7lvppc19z94k.jpg]

You fell into my trap so easily, Batman. C'mon! Fight me! You try to get up but with a swipe of my toxic claws and a kick to the chest you stay down. You feel weak but horny as the poison takes hold. I unzip my catsuit to reveal a valley of cleavage and dry hump you until you cum in your pants, painfully as the poison ensures before you pass. out. The last thing you see before your close your eyes to rest is Catwoman giving herself a victory tongue bath, purring in delight. Meow, Batman, me-ow!

Categories: Supervillain, Imposed Ejaculations, Cosplay, Tit Worship, Licking, Catwoman, Batman, Costume, Super hero, Superheroines.

Size:369 Mb
Little Red Reagan Hood

[Image: t41qd8juy933.jpg]

[Image: 90guypgu993f.jpg]

My little brother Johnny has a hard time talking to girls. You could say he's socially awkward when it comes to women. He's also not so little, unless you consider being 6'2 and 24 years old being little. I know he likes girls because I used to read bedtime fairy tales to him and his favorite was Little Red Riding Hood. He'd always ask about how old she was and way did the wolf eat Grandma and not Red Riding Hood. I was older so I'd of course think something dirty and laugh to myself.

Now for my fantasy, I want to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood, have a basket of treats and f**k my Big Bad Wolf Brother. I know he has a big dick because I've seen it in the bathroom. He also must cum a lot because mom's always complaining about stains on his sheets when she does the laundry. Wouldn't that be hot though? I know it sounds perverted but I think fucking my brother as Little Red Riding Hood would help him come out of his shell with girls. I know he'd open up to her. I mean, what a fantasy that would be:

Categories: Red Hood, Super hero, Superheroines, Brother - Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Blonde, BIG TITS , BIG LOADS , FAIRY TALES , FACIAL, Cosplay.

Size:563 Mb

False Idol

[Image: 8crb7o5ko8p7.jpg]

[Image: 7rp4jnde61x8.jpg]

Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, low blows, whipping, short beating with hands tied AOH, crawling, topless nudity, forced orgasm from fingering and multiple positions

Synopsis: Ivan has been expecting Miss Wonder and has a trap set. For years, his research in the field of genetics has been second to none with no recognition. After Miss Wonder saves a kitten and gets a front-page spot, he's had enough. His plan is to expose Wonder for the "false idol" she is and to demonstrate her absolute ineptitude and incompetence. His anger knows no boundaries as he lays into our heroine. Find out how long she survives:

Categories: Superheroines, Humiliation, Mixed Wrestling, mixed fight, Submission, forced orgasm, super hero, superheroine porn, cosplay, Wonder woman, Super woman, Super girl.

Size:548 Mb

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