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Superheroines Adult Video - Cosplay, Parody, Mixed Wrestling
Spider-Girl - Weakened, Humiliated and Used XXX

[Image: v0mrux8jhacx.jpg]

[Image: 6afy2pnznn7i.jpg]

The fights/Take Down A brief flashback shows the punishment that SpiderGwen received at the hands of the venom-wielding thug (as shown in Spidergirl Beaten and Disgraced XXX). Lily leaps onto the scene and begins crawling through the cave. She's stealthy, on all fours like a spider. "A cave? Really? Why couldn't these guys hide out in a warehouse like every other generic bad guy?" she muses to herself. She comes to her feet as she gazes at the large container before her. "Hell yeah, Gwen, your spidey senses have done it again!" SpiderGwen opens the container, removing a syringe from it (the case is filled with them). "I finally caught up to this son of a b***h! This is the same formula he used against me back then. I should take this to Doc Connors. He might be able to help me with a reversing formula." As Spidergirl turns to exit, she's met with a heavy shove. She meets the ground but rolls out of the impact to end up crouched on all fours.Her knees open and fingers touching the ground in front of her. Any time she's crouched, I'd like it to be some variation of classic Spidergwen poses A goon towers over her.

Categories: blondes, 18, COSPLAY, BOUND ORGASMS, BONDAGE SEX, SEX FIGHT, MIXED FIGHTING, SUPERHEROINES, blowjob, superheroine, spidergirl.

Size:946 Mb

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