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Superheroines Adult Video - Cosplay, Parody, Mixed Wrestling
Stella Marie – Surprising Batgirl

[Image: 9m44oqfswsvm.jpg]

[Image: 0thynt38r1rz.jpg]

The stunning superheroine Batgirl has tracked a notorious criminal back to his secluded safehouse. The cocky crook is so confident he’s safe that he’s snoring peacefully on the bed. Batgirl aims to give him a rude awakening… but much to her annoyance, the napping villain simply won’t wake up. She let’s her guard down momentarily while trying to drag the large thug out of bed, and that’s all he needs to get the drop on her!

Surprised by his sudden attack, Batgirl finds herself in a very vulnerable position. The criminal cracks a naughty grin as he lifts Batgirl’s skirt to reveal her plump booty. He gives her some stern spankings to show her who’s in charge, then cuffs her hands behind her back. With her fully in his control, the villain proceeds to thoroughly defile Batgirl’s innocent body. Dragging her to the edge of the bed, he pries her mouth open and shoves his big cock in. Batgirl gags and struggles, but she must accept the villain’s thick shaft deep into her throat!

Categories: superheroines fetish,magic power,fantasy,magic control, Superheroines, Costume, Boots, Pussy Licking, Fingering, Spanking.

Size:589 Mb

Chloe Valentine – Crimson Climax – Defeated Heroines

[Image: 1529wqg6j586.jpg]

[Image: dmsj651y2fsa.jpg]

Si it is unclear how Diana Prince wakes up in the villian’s lair, but she seems to be looking for her friend, “The Emperess.” She doesn’t find the Emperess but instead finds a Deadpool looking guy who slaps her around a bit. So she does her twirl and turns into Wonder Woman! But still ends up getting slapped around. She tries to use her Lasso of Truth but that backfires reak quick and she gets tied up with her own lasso and forced to tell the truth about how much she is enjoying herself!

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Size:1,25 Gb

Meana Wolf - Give it to me Batman

[Image: bx3wtvl5uzb5.jpg]

[Image: 2heqvagby7yu.jpg]

It was easy to seduce you…especially under false pretences. Appeal to your ego by telling you I’m writing a story about you for the Gotham Gazette, and then flirt with you. Of course the narcotic laced lip stick made it truly effortless. But now it’s time to give you what you need Batman. We can’t have Gotham overrun with psychopaths and murderers while you lock yourself away in your mansion brooding. I don’t like chaos, and I don’t like the competition. I want things to go back to the way they were. I want you to come out and play with me again. Xoxo Meana Wolf aka Catwoman Clip Contains: After Batman locks himself away for several months in despair it’s up to Catwoman to bring him back out into the world. After gaining access to him in her civilian clothes, she makes him core compliant with her special syringe, and ties him up… then she proceeds to tease and edge the Bat over and over and over again until he explodes with a renewed sense of duty to fight crime and injustice.

Categories: Meana Wolf, Cosplay,Latex, Boots, Bootjob, Mask Fetish, Superheroes, Supervillains, Edging, Handjob, Blowjob, Superheroines, Edging Games.

Size:1,75 Gb

Melissa Moore - The End of Wonder Girl

[Image: 7zux1shprfe5.jpg]

[Image: 8fd2y410pln8.jpg]

Wonder Girl barely escaped Lex Luthor's sadistic control. She is determined to track down the criminal mastermind and decides the best place to start is at the beginning.

Back at the rundown gym where Luthor captured her WG comes up on the Luchador. It can't be a coincidence that the super-thug for hire she thinks, and, confident she can easily handle the second rate goon WG moves in to take him down. The fight is not as easy as she expected, especially when Luchador rips of her belt of strength and gets the upper hand. However WG is far from helpless and manages to turn the tables and claim victory. At least until a massive form comes up and KO's her from behind.

Categories: Melissa Moore, female training, mixed fighting, costume destruction, orgasms, powerful woman, strong women, orgasm control, low blows, vibrator, toys, domination

Size:1,19 Gb

Wonder Brooklyn - Mind Slave to Malador

[Image: dnw0yu8fgj9w.jpg]

[Image: k76wov2onaxt.jpg]

Wonder Brooklyn has finally gotten her hand on the filthy villain Doctor Malador. He has violated and disgraced multiple superheroines and now it is time for him to pay. She doesn't fear his mind-dominating device, considering her will too strong, but it turns out Wonder Brooklyn is overconfident and soon she can't resist Malador's every command

Categories: MENTAL DOMINATION,FEMALE TRAINING ,COSPLAY, Superheroine, Brooklyn, superheroines, Humiliation, Mixed Wrestling,mixed fight,Submission,forced orgasm,super hero, superheroine porn

Size:1,36 Gb
Superboy Helpless and Drained by Galactica

[Image: 9aomvecndp1h.jpg]

[Image: 3jdj9yzjnl2t.jpg]

Superboy answers a distress call from the Batcave and is confronted by the alien amazon warrior Galactica. She was expecting Superman, hoping for some man to finally be mighty enough to defeat her in battle, or at least a man that can satisfy her insatiable sexual hunger. She is happy that a boy showed up to do a man's job, but she isn't going to let the lad escape, and Superboy finds he is out matched, in every way.

Categories: female domination, Male Domination,superheroines, Mixed Wrestling,mixed fight,Submission,forced orgasm,super hero, superheroine porn, superheroines fetish,magic power,fantasy,magic control.

Size:1,04 Gb
Raven Hart And Cali Carter - Enslavement of Wonder Woman and Power Girl Part 2

[Image: wbs9ti43nkwq.jpg]

[Image: 1e7zxqun8tci.jpg]

Wonder Woman has tracked down the hide-out of an unknown bank robber. She is confronted by Black Adam who explains that it was a trap to lure her there just before he attacks. WW is confident as the villain has been on the run ever since she and Power Girl defeated him and sent him into hiding. Planning to use her lasso WW is totally confident in her victory, until Black Adam uses her own lasso against her. Black Adam forces WW to confess how he can get her under his control.

Categories: COSPLAY, FORCED ORGASMS, BONDAGE DEVICE, MIXED FIGHTING ,lesbian, lesbian domination, Superheroine, Raven Hart ,Cali Carter

Size:829 Mb
Liberty Tourch - Limp and Violated

[Image: agou6khwa2md.jpg]

[Image: rif1qtnmkgds.jpg]

Liberty Torch is checking out a tip that a violent criminal is hiding out in a residential neighborhood. She is confident she can take the common thug down but he sneaks up on her and gets a rog over her mouth. She tries to get him with her famous torch power but he is ready for it and soon she goes down.The thug wastes no time debooting the helpless heroine and having his way with her.

Categories: LIMP FETISH, HAND OVER MOUTH, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, COSPLAY,Lily Rader, Superheroines, ,mixed fight,Submission, superheroine porn,superheroines,superheroines porn,superheroines adult movies.

Size:1,53 Gb
Daizy Cooper - Space Always Wins

[Image: 4fik1o05xjfu.jpg]

[Image: y8jxr30lrf0o.jpg]

Unfortunately, she uses her moonbeam power to blind him, knocking him senseless. When he wakes up he is naked, with his hands tied behind his back, and the cute pigtailed alien is bobbing her head up and down in his lap.

He knows he must no give the alien succubus his cum, but his balls scream for relief. The naughty extraterrestrial torments him by deep-throating his shaft then hungrily sucking on his balls. Driven mad by lust, he breaks free of his bonds and over powers the alien slut. If she wants his cum, she will get it! He holds her down and pounds away at her tight paranormal cunt. Soon, she's on all fours on the floor, waving her big brown ass back and forth, begging him to finish inside her. He can't resist. He pounds away at her juicy booty until he can't hold the splooge in any longer. He pulls out an erupts a barrage of cum all over her chocolate-colored back and ass. Having obtained more than enough sperm to satisfy the needs of her species, Moon departs for her home planet.

Categories: Male Domination,superheroine,Humiliation,storyline,Mixed Wrestling,mixed fight,forced orgasm,superheroines fetish,magic power,magic control.

Size:511 Mb
Daddy's Lil Monster Sucks & Fucks

[Image: fln0btrn4nf4.jpg]

[Image: 618e55yim1k3.jpg]

Must lots of sucking and fucking in my Harley cosplay! Ends with a cumshot on my face! Video is obviously not sped up like the preview.

Categories: daddy ,big dick ,amateur,real couple ,blowjob ,deepthroat, bj ,cosplay , harley quinn ,doggystyle ,facial, cumshot ,reverse cowgirl ,dick riding ,blond, cum on face, costume, superheroine,superheroines fetish.

Size:1,95 Gb
Raven Hart And Cali Carter - Enslavement of Wonder Woman and Power Girl Part 2

[Image: 6e2nh7aluixp.jpg]

[Image: qvpr8bdjjf5e.jpg]

Categories: COSPLAY, FORCED ORGASMS, BOUND ORGASMS, BONDAGE DEVICE, MIXED FIGHTING , Superheroine, primalfetish, Raven Hart ,Cali Carter.

Size:495 Mb

Norah Nova - Safe House

[Image: uh6doax4vbko.jpg]

[Image: 7z1g1lbjv73f.jpg]

Black Widow arrives at her safe house, fresh off another grueling mission and ready to unwind. She plops down on the plush, comfy sofa and settles in to binge some Netflix. Unbeknownst to her, the safe house is not very safe after all. A hydra commando sneak up behind her. He's tasked with locating her, but finds himself overcome with lust at the sight of her. He covers her mouth with a chem-soaked rag and subdues the dangerous Avenger.

Categories: BLACK CANARY, BLOW JOBS, BONDAGE, HANDCUFFS, PUSSY EATING, SUPER HEROINES, superheroines fetish,magic power,fantasy,magic control,fantasy,slave,mistress, spanking,mind control,mind f**k.

Size:654 Mb
Sydney Cole Ms Marvel Vol 1 Super Famous

[Image: eymowii8poe6.jpg]

[Image: nyhoftgvqo43.jpg]

Ms. Marvel has fallen so far. A former Super Heroine with unlimited powers and abilities is now a data entry clerk working for Nasa. She destroyed one too many cities fighting the Kree which she was later blamed for. Scene One: On her first day Ms. Marvel is introduced to her new Boss Felicity. At first she seems nice but Felicity quickly becomes frustrated with the slow work ethic of Carol. Felicity also knows Ms. Marvel cannot sink any lower and must keep her job an any cost. Felicty begins to seduce the young former Super Heroine. Carol must do everything Felicity says or she will lose the only job she has left. Scene Two: Bound Redemption "The Kree are attacking!

Categories: FEMALE DESPERATION, PERIL , Sydney Cole, Cory Chase, felicity, forced sex, cumshot, female training, ms marvel, girl girl, big boobs, female training, mind control, fucking, blow job, mind f**k

Size:1,68 Gb
Angel The Dreamgirl - SuperGirl The first battle

[Image: xzozesmx5whb.jpg]

[Image: aynj04ludwl2.jpg]

SG wearing boots like in the clip Creampie Leather skirt! and wear a garter and vintage black stockings. SG to go out here close-up on boots, legs in stockings, ass and face. Super girl to fly to the place and look to hear from screaming. She found the monster. SG: Who are you? Let go the girl.SG and the monster to walk in a circle. The first two hits inflict sg. Monster falter and attack a super girl. SG deftly dodge the blow. Monster another blow in the stomach and strike hit the target. Monster grab her by the neck. Then he let her go and hit again in the stomach a few punches. Monster take her and try to break her back. Monster throw SG on the floor and kicking in the stomach, he to touch her ass and cut off her breathing and she chopped off. He take her over his shoulder and carry into place, it is desirable to be if you shoot a scene 4 at the same location in the video The brutal attack on a parking lot, if it is possible of course.Monster touch boobs, pussy and pull the girl costume, but do not remove. The girl was still asleep. When the monster start r.a.p.1.n.g. girl she wake up, to resist and scream. With the positions I send you photos below and monster cum in pussy super girl's please. So are you interested in doing this??

Categories:CREAMPIE, FORCED ORGASMS, LIMP FETISH, STRUGGLING,custom ,bondage sex,boot fetish, pantyhose/stockings ,rope bondage, kicking, leather boots, fucking, superheroines.

Size:438 Mb
Lily Adams - Warrior Girl Violated and Exposed

[Image: ol7hy7cbxrjj.jpg]

[Image: 830exx343zx6.jpg]

Warrior Girl responds to a break-in at a local medical facility. Closed for a long weekend and devoid of staff, the cold, sterile rooms feel more isolating than comforting. Despite picking up the alarm, the facility shows no signs of burglary. Just as she begins to question if she received a false alarm, a masked man jumps out from the shadows and overwhelms her with an "oxygen" mask . Weak and hazy in her "oxygen" mask, the villain decides to have some fun with the helpless heroine.When Warrior Girl comes to with her pussy dripping with cum, she somehow feels the need to hunt down the perpetrator in the intensive care ward. The man is waiting for her, armed, but his shots do nothing against her gauntlets. A little shot of whatever he found around the medical office, though, that's enough to stop her in her tracks. Once again, it's time to play.Warrior Girl hangs from her wrists, now doubly disgraced and soon to be triple. Her costume hangs as she does, exposing her beautiful body. And just to be sure the cops won't take pity and maintain her secret identity, the man only leaves once he's exposed her face, as well. She is left gagged, naked, and struggling, waiting for the office to open in another day or two brining both freedom and humiliation.

Categories: LiLy Adams, creampie, bondage, woman following orders, orgasm control, orgasms, cum in mouth,cum inside, struggling, costumes, orgasms, peril, medical fetish, unmasking, medical clinic.

Size:599 Mb

Amy Fantasy - Amy and her Rikku fantasy

[Image: mpi5rf873gu1.jpg]

[Image: sj8js2fcxatb.jpg]

I've always had this secret little Fantasy. To dress up as Riku and do naughty things! The time has come and you're in the driver's seat. I do a sexy strip tease and then play with myself. I get so wet so your cock can just slide right in! Im going to climb right on top of you. Grinding and riding. Watch as my tits bounce up and down.

Categories: Anime, Bouncing Boobs, Cosplay, POV, Riding, Fantasy.

Size:679 Mb

Harley Quinn Huge Dildo f**k w/ Creampie

[Image: hhfo4xv7ipvw.jpg]

[Image: zoj67bx8m3vr.jpg]

Hey there, Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya! Ya know you're pretty cute, do you wanna have some fun with me?" Lots of teasing, dildo fucking in multiple positions and a super drippy faux creampie that I taste at the end!

Categories: solo female ,solo masturbation ,dildo fucking ,dildo riding ,harley quinn,cosplay ,costume, reverse cowgirl ,doggystyle , ass, ass tease ,creampie , Halloween.

Size:2,55 Gb

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