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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
Ultra Girl - Sexual Destruction by The Contractor

[Image: nr4feh38gmsi.jpg]
[Image: 86mzqepd5odg.jpg]
[Image: tammei9xpyhz.jpg]

Utlra Girl is out for vengeance against the Contractor for the coldblooded humilation he subjected her too. She tracks down Dr Apocalypse and forces him to help set a trap for the merciless mercenary, and to rid her of her Solindrium weakness
After being crushed by Ultra Girl, The Contractor is being held in hospital deep underground the below a secret prison. He may never recover from the injuries inflicted by Utlra Girl, and neither will his shattered reputation. So when he is offered a contract by the evil Sorceress Hellrazer he doesn't hesitate
The Contractor ambushes Ultra Girl and, thanks to a magical amulet renders her powerless. The sueprheroine is no match for the vengeful villain and her makes her experience the first part of her previous humiliation right in the Superheroine Sanctum.
Ultra Girl is recovering from her defeat but is still too weak to escape while the Contractor tortures her nipples and forces her to cum over and over.
Keywords: ashley adams powerful women strong women rion king costumes cosplay alex coal beatdowns mixed fighting hitachi nipple clamps sleep fetish orgasms limp fetish big tits
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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:25:09
Size: 578 Mb

Supergirl Destoryed

[Image: i7d1bras85ga.jpg]
[Image: 55uitgghhfcv.jpg]

Tags:Maledom,Male Domination,superheroine,superheroines,Humiliation,storyline,story line,Mixed Wrestling,mixed fight,Submission,forced orgasm,super hero, superheroine porn,super heroines,superheroines porn,superheroines adult movies,superheroines fetish,magic power,magic control,fantasy

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:29:00
Size: 890 Mb
Kendra James Mechanical Love!

[Image: p14n8f2yx87a.jpg]
[Image: psvshbz4pd7z.jpg]

Kendrabot has just finished having sexy time with her master before he leaves for work. Being the hi-end piece of machinery she is Kendrabot compliments her owner for his sexual abilities before she herself returns to her daily choirs. She is at the kitchen sink, rinsing some dishes. The doorbell rings and Kendra pauses in mid-motion, tilting her head to listen. Kendra places the dishes back into the sink and turns the water off to go answer the door, her hands still wet.The door opens to reveal Starbot 9000 the new android that has moved in next door. The two animatrons greet each other. Star has come over with a problem, she has a faulty power cell that needs replacing and her owner is out of town. Her power cell is located in her upper back and she cannot reach it by herself. Kendrabot apologizes and informs Starbot that she is not programmed to perform maintenance service and recommends contacting a certified repair facility for assistance. Star tells Kendra that the robot she used to live near would help her change her battery all the time and she can guide Kendrabot through the process. Kendrabot agrees and starts the process of helping Starbot change her battery, the confused androids do not realize that Kendra's hands are still a little damp from washing dishes. Starbot shuts herself down as Kendra changes the battery. Unfortunately when she reboots, the minimal amount of water on the other fembot's hands cause a short circuit in Stars circuit board. When she comes back online she does not recognize her new friend and assumes they were in the middle of sexy time. A confused Kendrabot tries to correct her glitching neighbor, but Star is not responding to the regular commands. Starbot grabs Kendrabot and begins to kiss her passionately. Kendra pushes the other bot away and reminds her that sexual interaction has not been approved and isn't permitted without owner consent. Starbot is now in full sex mode and quickly overrides Kendra's sexual contact protocols. Kendrabot seductively kisses the malfunctioning robot. The two machines embrace each other and quickly undress. The start to explore each other's hardware in the most sexual of ways. As Kendrabot goes down on Star the glitchy system starts to react to the small amount of moisture dripping on her memory board. The malfunctioning robot does an emergency shut down in an attempt to correct her corrupted firmware. She reboots and the two return to their sexy time. Kendrabot grabs her masters favorite toy when he watches her. The two animatrons entwine their legs as they grind against the vibrating Hitachi. This is too much for Star's compromised system and she goes into full system shut down. Kendra tries to assist her new play partner not realizing that she too has contracted a very aggressive system virus. She now starts to malfunction as her systems are being shut down by the malware reeking havoc inside her. In an attempt to save themselves from total system failure the two robots initiate an emergency system shut down. Now they must wait for Kendra's master to return home from work to find the two animatrons naked and locked together.
includes: Kendra James, Star Nine, fembot, robot, malfunction, system shut down, lesbian sex, oral sex, pussy licking, tribadism, trib, scissoring, freeze, blank stare, wide eyes, real doll, kissing Category: ROBOTS Related Categories: FREEZE FEMBOT SCI FI REAL DOLL GIRL-GIRL
Keywords: kendra james blank eyes mindless stares oral sex mistress kendra doll fetish forced orgasm fembot star nin meltdown girlfriend bot lesbian cosplay blank stares hitachi
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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:17:01
Size: 742 Mb
Meana Wolf - Give It To Me Batman mp4 [1080p/2018]

[Image: ufqzmdjq9sfm.jpg]
[Image: koydt4n3zwsj.jpg]

Added: 2/23/18 3:33pm

Categories: MASK FETISH, COSPLAY, COSTUMES, BOOT FETISH, LATEX ,boot job, high heels, boots, leotard, bodysuit, asian, tits, intoxicated, captured, bondage, batman, catwoman, super hero, ass, whip 

It was easy to seduce you…especially under false pretences. Appeal to your ego by telling you I’m writing a story about you for the Gotham Gazette, and then flirt with you. Of course the narcotic laced lip stick made it truly effortless. But now it’s time to give you what you need Batman. We can’t have Gotham overrun with psychopaths and while you lock yourself away in your mansion brooding. I don’t like chaos, and I don’t like the competition. I want things to go back to the way they were. I want you to come out and play with me again. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf aka Catwoman 
Clip Contains: After Batman locks himself away for several months in despair it’s up to Catwoman to bring him back out into the world. After gaining access to him in her civilian clothes, she drugs him and ties him up… then she proceeds to tease and edge the Bat over and over and over again until he explodes with a renewed sense of duty to fight crime and injustice. 

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:48:34
Size: 1,76 Gb
Superheroine - Cherie Deville - Hero Enslaved by the White Queen HD [720p/2018]

[Image: 7le75vlsbg88.jpg]
[Image: 7c69e20iioqn.jpg]

Added: 6/5/18 1:16pm

The White Queen laughs in your face. She can't believe you, Mega Man, thought you could just show up and arrest her. How terribly foolish of you. For your brazen arrogance, and of course posing a risk to her continued success and freedom as a super villainess, the White Queen uses her magic to render you unable to move. It's as if you're a statue, but you can still see, hear, feel... The stunning sorceress fills you with dread as you take in her sexy but sadistic voice, telling you just how she's going to tease and taunt and torment you until you beg for some, any kind of release. Weak and powerless in your own body, she can make you willing to give up everything you have and love with just a gentle caress of a gloved hand. But by no means will she stop there. You are at the White Queen's mercy, and the Queen will do whatever she pleases with her helpless hero.

Categories: SENSUAL DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, SUPER VILLAIN, FEMDOM, FORCED MALE ORGASM , Cherie Deville, magic control, nylons, pov, pov sex, orgasm control, costumes, orgasms, footjobs, blowjobs, fucking, cosplay, pantyhose/stockings, pov femdom, humiliation

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:36:01
Size: 811 Mb

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