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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
Timestopped Those Posh Bitches HD 

[Image: rrv0pf153cb9.jpg]
[Image: pxgrfl600c8t.jpg]

Allie and Willow are spoiled little brats, they are at home relaxing, complaining about how loud the grounds keepers are being when they come in telling the girls that they will be taking a lunch break and ask the girls to get them something to drink.
The girls tell them to get back to work and stop bothering them, so Rock decides to mess with them a bit, he sits down between the two girls and they jump up trying to get away from the sweaty guy, so he timestops them 
Lucky and Alexander have never seen a timestopped girl, so Rock explains to them how it works, he urges the guys to strip the girls and pose them. 
After a few poses, they decide it is time to have a little fun, Rock takes Willow to the bed and pulls his cock out and starts to f**k her frozen face while Lucky and Alexander fondle Allie's smooth frozen skin. 
Alexander pulls out his cock and slides it into Allies mouth, while Rock starts to f**k Willow's timestopped pussy hard and deep. 
Alexander bends Allie over and starts to f**k her, then Rock comes over and fills up her mouth, Lucky goes to fondle Willow. Alexander and Rock f**k Allie's two tight frozen holes until they both cum, then then set up the two girls naked on the couch so they can use them again their next break.

Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:29:54
Size: 330 Mb
Magic App - Bitchy Lesbian Psychiatrist Brainwashed into Horny Bimbo Slave

[Image: 6rnl8lhsphcd.jpg]
[Image: e2bai34c5p94.jpg]

Added: 5/5/17 09:05PM

Clip Includes: Bitchy Feminist Lesbian Psychiatrist Ends Up Brainwashed into a Horny Bimbo Slave Thanks to POV's Magic App, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Transformation, Coming in and out of trance when app starts glitching, Boob Groping, GFE, Stripping, Taboo, Seduction, Big Tits, Dancing, Booty, Slave Position, Obedient, Eager to please,  Begging to be Slave, Begging to be taken, Desperation, Blonde, Maid, Implied Sex (clothes on), Ludella Hahn, Contains Topless NUDITY

Categories: TABOO, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, MILF, MAGIC CONTROL, GFE, magic app, magic, redhead, blonde bimbo, glasses, gfe, prude to slut, maid costume, bimbo transformation, milf, taboo, ludella hahn, psychiatrist, implied sex, girlfriend experience

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:27:18
Size: 286 MbР·.rar

Superheroine - Wonder Girl - Broken Will HD 

[Image: lt7trmesvyx3.jpg]
[Image: k4w9gjhfmsft.jpg]
[Image: tikuhkt49b3d.jpg]

Added: 9/4/16 

Wonder Woman is recovering from injuries of an epic battle. She has entrusted her power items to her protege Wonder Girl. The young superheroine is determined to be worthy of WW's faith and sets her sites on arch-villain Lex Luthor. 

Wonder Girl follows up on a series of leads and tracks down LL to a rundown gym. Luthor and his assistant are occupied in conversation and Wonder Girl walks up and with great confidence demands Luthor's surrender. A battle ensues between Luthor's assistant Mercy Graves and Wonder Girl narrowly gains the upper hand as MG hits her with multiple surprise attacks. Wonder Girl is ready to take Luthor by force However LL is not without his own surprises and he is able to take WG down with a rag over her mouth. 

Now WG is chained up and Mercy Graves interrogates her, wanting to know the secret of how to make Wonder Woman's magic bracers, belt and lasso work. WG is defiant as MG questions her while forcing to cum over and over beyond human endurance. 

WG wakes up still securely chained but calls on great Hera and is able to break free. She doesn't get far before she is attacked with ko gas. MG was ready for her. 

Now WG wakes up chained to a hospital bed. The does of gas was nearly lethal but LL has other plans for her. He Uses his mind-control device one WG repeatedly while forcing WG to cum over and over. Each time WG falls more under the villains control until she goes into a mindlessly obedient trance. 

LL unchains her and commands her for his pleasure, both while in a trance or helplessly compelled to obey WG must follow every order even till her mouth is dripping with the villains load. 

WG has been LL slave for countless days. She has her power items back but cannot use them against Luthor. Even more humiliating is the skimpy new uniform she is forced to wear. WG is between begging and demanding to be set free of Luthor's control but the villain just laughs and demonstrates how much control he has over her, using her as his f**k slave until finally satisfied he covers her pretty young face in cum. 

Categories: FORCED ORGASMS, DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, FEMALE TRAINING, BOUND ORGASMS, SLUT TRAINING, melissa moore, mesmerise, magic control, woman following orders, crystal clark, leotard, facials, cosplay, costumes, mental domination, peril, blowjobs, cum in mouth, ko, bondage. 

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:58:46
Size: 1.48 Gb
Alexis Monroe - Product Research HD 

[Image: ory2wo4qimyk.jpg]
[Image: 1gmbp0mm1ton.jpg]
[Image: cnzf1sd2d2nd.jpg]

Added: 9/1/16 

Product #1: Necklace 

Product #2: Standard Formula Lotion 

Product #3: Modified Formula Lotion 

Product #4: Mints 

Product #5: Cologne 

 Categories: MENTAL DOMINATION, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, SLUT TRAINING, SUBMISSIVE SLUTS, FANTASIES, alexis monroe, lab coat, science, scientist, blonde, stripping, masturbation, handjob, blowjob, fucking, big tits, orgasms, orgasm control, cum in mouth, magic control. 

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:56:54
Size: 1.43 Gb

Alex Tanner - Daddy's Little Girl Gets What She Wants HD 

[Image: kr8i7ocq60j6.jpg]
[Image: vr5buxyn1656.jpg]
[Image: s8eb0dkeb0lt.jpg]
[Image: ad2j49zmd9pa.jpg]

Part One - Daddy's Little Girl Wants Money 

Dad is hard at work at his office when his prescious little girl comes in. She is supposed to be at school, but is bratty enough to show up wanting money for the mall. Dad is so stressed as it is, and her skipping school and spending money is the last thing he needs. Alex is daddy' little girl and feels bad she made him stressed. She starts rubbing his tight shoulders, and it is just what he needs. dad mentions how mom never rubs his shoulders any more. Alex knows her mom doesn't do anything for her daddy. She moves closer, telling daddy how, things don't have to be the way they are. Suddenly dad notices a look in his little girls' eyes he hasn't seen before, and the way she is leaning in. he gets uncomfortable but she has him cornered... 

Part Two - Daddy's Little Girl Gets to Stay Out Late 

Dad is wating up for his little girl, and then Alx comes stumbling in like shs didn't do anything wrong in a skin tight tiny dress. her dad starts to discipline her, but, sh is brazen. So confident and knowing that her daddy needs to be taken care of the way only she takes care of him. He needs that more then she needs to be punished, she is sure of that 

Part Three - Daddy's Little Girl Needs His Dick 

Now that Alex has done what she is done, she wasn't prepared for how she feels. her daddy's dick is all she can think about. Sure she has fucked around with boys around her age, but her daddy...he makes her feel SOOOOOO good. It's all she can think about, as she slips into the bathroom to watch dad in the shower. he told her it can't happen anymore, but she can't accept that 

Category: All sex, Taboo, Incest, Amateur, CREAMPIE, Family Roleplay, Father - Daughter sex, Family Roleplay, Fucking, Blackmail Fantasy, Impregnation Fantasy, Fetish Video, Family Secrets, Family Sex, Redhead, All Natural, xxx, Porn, Download Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:51:52
Size: 1.15 Gb
Aidra Fox - Bartender at Closing time  - Britney Amber - Too hot to be a Doctor - Veruca James - Just Friends - Anna Bell Peaks - Hotel Encounter 

[Image: 3190nmzvpwt4.jpg]
[Image: sjg7oq5gwr77.jpg]
[Image: 8qzla3iw9giv.jpg]
[Image: ysgln7d2i3m7.jpg]
[Image: el4wa76xc6pv.jpg]

Added: 7/11/16 

Someone else has found out how completely a single drop from this bottle turns any woman into a total slave, willing to do anything to get his...10 scenes, 14 women. Part 1: Aidra Fox - Bartender at Closing time 
Part 2: Britney Amber - Too hot to be a Doctor 
Part 3: Veruca James - Just Friends. 
Part 4: Anna Bell Peaks - Hotel Encounter 

Categories: All sex, Female Training, Blowjob, Big Tits, Fucking, Milf, SLUT TRAINING, MAGIC CONTROL, FANTASIES, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, MENTAL DOMINATION, aidra fox, britney amber, veruca james, anna bell peaks, submissive sluts.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:33:49
Size: 885 Mb

Two Bitchy Young Girls - Alix Lynx - Being a b***h for No Reason - Brooklyn Chase - Snobby Real Estate Agent 

[Image: yjnv5l46ezk0.jpg]
[Image: lqwpaj4iye1s.jpg]
[Image: wen56cjpsis3.jpg]

Part 5: Two Bitchy Young Girls 
Part 6: Alix Lynx - Being a b***h for No Reason 
Part 7: Brooklyn Chase - Snobby Real Estate Agent 

Categories: All sex, Female Training, Blowjob, Big Tits, Fucking, Milf, SLUT TRAINING, MAGIC CONTROL, FANTASIES, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, MENTAL DOMINATION, brooklyn chase, alix lynx,  submissive sluts.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:25:11
Size: 643 Mb
Jessa Rhodes - Trophy Wife Neighbor - Cherie Deville - Mean Loan Officer - A Soccer Team If you like this video

[Image: vwqtebqxctyp.jpg]
[Image: y6adb809gtw7.jpg]
[Image: gar9d8w1h6ry.jpg]
[Image: zya2z1b6dzin.jpg]

Part 8: Jessa Rhodes - Trophy Wife Neighbor 
Part 9: Cherie Deville - Mean Loan Officer 
Part 10: A Soccer Team If you like this video, you may also enjoy: Divine Drops 1 

Categories: All sex, Female Training, Blowjob, Big Tits, Fucking, Milf, SLUT TRAINING, MAGIC CONTROL, FANTASIES, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, MENTAL DOMINATION,  kylie quinn, alix lynx, molly mae, kirsten lee, olivia lee, victoria ryan, zoe parker, submissive sluts.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:31:02
Size: 796 Mb
Jessa Rhodes - Made into her Brother's Slut SD 

[Image: d4iintdgh0wi.jpg]
[Image: 75hyirzadksj.jpg]
[Image: c4uihw7c3ijg.jpg]

Added: 7/20/16 9:00pm

I know what my sister has been doing with my dad since she moved back in. When she left I was just a kidd. She doesn't realize there are two men in this house. She is the first thing I ever jerked off over, and the way she has been walking around the house, half naked, it's just too much. She hasn't even seen me in the few days she has been back, she has no interest in her "kidd" brother, but I change that. I change everything...


Categories: All sex, Incest, Sister - Brother sex, TABOO, VOYEUR, POV, CREAMPIE, BLACKMAIL FANTASY Keywords, Jessa Rhodes, fucking, masturbation, smoking, pov sex, forced orgasms, brat girls, blonde, big tits, outdoors, swimming, bikini, Download Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duration: 00:42:05
Size: 648 Mb
Dillion Carter is Caught and Bound Twice SD 
[Image: 5kagxlaawg0z.jpg]
[Image: rcxm6lbnz1b0.jpg]

Dillion sneaks into an office late at night to steal some information off of a computer. Unfortunately, a man catches her in the act and tells her to put her hands and face on the desk. When Dillion comes to, she is roped to a chair with a cotton gag in her mouth. Bound around her forearms, thighs, and enormous breasts, she screams for help and struggles to break free. She manages to work the heavy chair over to the desk and grab a pair of scissors from the drawer, but she immediately drops them on the floor. Frustrated and terrified, she carefully picks up the scissors with her pantyhose-covered feet and manages to get them into her hand. She cuts herself free, grabs her shoes, and runs for the door. But a masked man is standing outside. 

The masked man takes off helpless Dillion's clothes, leaving her in nothing but her stockings. He ties her up tightly in a hogtie, securing the ropes around her huge tits. When she's fully bound, gagged, and alert, the masked man tells her that he only took her clothes so she wouldn't be in such a hurry to run out. Insisting she stay quiet and taking her clothing with him, the masked man leaves Dillion alone in her ropes. However, being naked will not stop her feisty spirit. She writhes and fights against her bindings until she loosens the connecting rope between her wrists and ankles. She manages to carefully stand up and hop her way over to the door, big boobs bouncing all the way. 

***The scenarios depicted within this video and its previews consist of role play games in which all participating parties have fully consented to all demonstrated activities. Every measure was taken to ensure the actors' safety and well being throughout the production of this content, and participants maintained clear communication with the crew at all times to ensure a safe performance. These stories are intended to depict purely fictitious, fantasy situations.*** 


Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duration: 00:32:53
Size: 507 Mb

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