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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
Fifi Foxx , Constance - Hypno Potions FullHD mp4

[Image: 81bg4s2m47fs.jpg]
[Image: t8sd0kxb3grv.jpg]

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:13:17
Size: 257 Mb
Darkside Superheroine Lone Wolf - Ambushed and Taken XXX

[Image: kddvel776qz2.jpg]
[Image: gstr44evgaay.jpg]
[Image: v4ianr9d826f.jpg]

Superheroine Super Spy Lone Wolff has penetrated the safe house of a most wanted crime lord Son Anthony. She easily takes out his security and confronts the boss in his office.

Throat lift/lift and carry OTS


Bondage Forced Orgasm


Damsel in Distriss

Mind Control

Category: SUPERHEROINES, SUPER VILLAIN, FORCED ORGASMS, BOUND ORGASMS, COSPLAY, DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, BONDAGE SEX, COSPLAY, LIMP FETISH, superhero, bondage, bondage orgasms, hitachi, vibrator, sex toys, cum in mouth

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:49:02
Size: 1.28 Gb

Violet - Your Daughter's Friend Jerks You

[Image: 1fclohccpqh2.jpg]
[Image: izc5etaia7yh.jpg]

Your daughter's friend sneaks into your room when you wake up. She slept over to hang out with your daughter, or so you thought. She climbs up onto your bed and says she knows you're taking your daughter shopping, and you buy her whatever she wants. She wants the same thing from you.

Categories: HAND EXPRESSING, DADDY'S GIRL 18 & 19 YRS OLD, violet, ddlg, edging, hand jobs, pov, pov hand job, cum shot, blackmail fantasy, erotic, ass shaking, teasing, edging, dirty talk, brat girls

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:09:57
Size: 495 Mb

PrincessBerpl - Impregnate Your Virgin Daughter FullHD

[Image: ihjcj2oavhdf.jpg]
[Image: idhzsjc0ou07.jpg]

You're not like all the boys I go to school with, you're my daddy and I want you to be my first. Take my virginity. But wait, I'm not sure if I'm ready to be pregnant. No, daddy! You're overflowing my pussy with your cum. What will mommy think when she finds out you made me pregnant? Oh f**k it! It's so hott. I want to have your baby. And don't try to change your mind - I won't let you pull out. Fill my womb with your cum

Category: Father - Daughter, Teen, Taboo, Age Play, Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Eye Glasses, Impregnation Fantasy

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:22:46
Size: 910 Mb

Yes, Son - Gagging, Spanking, Edging Games FullHD

[Image: 0ilsl7qqowqa.jpg]
[Image: rlqgiq00k0xz.jpg]

You decide to make me physically punish myself in front of you after spending too much of your money on expensive things, like my new dress. I protest returning the clothes, which turns out to be a big mistake. You have me call you 'Sir' and order me to spank myself, slap my breasts, and pinch my tender nipples. My reluctance eventually gives out to sexual excitement as I notice you getting hard, and I beg to taste you in my mouth. You give me permission, but are soon disappointed with my lackluster deep throating abilities. You order me to train my throat using my fingers, one by one, pushing my oral limits while a strong vibrator stimulates my swollen g-spot. It's doesn't escape your attention that I'm close to cumming, but you deny me that pleasure and have me switch to my clit. Denying me release again, you have me get on my knees to receive your glorious load. At last, your final orders direct me to vibrate my clit while I penetrate my wet pussy with a dildo. Outrageously aroused, wet, and sexually frustrated, I stop prematurely by your command and prepare to return the dress in my messy state.

Categories: submissive, edging games, orgasm denial, dildo fucking, vibrator, deepthroat, gagging, messy, spit, spanking, tit slapping, nipple play, fake cumshot, humiliation

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:39:52
Size: 1.69 Gb

Ashly Anderson - Trance Therapy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

[Image: 16f4whk911gi.jpg]
[Image: xzslziz68oce.jpg]
[Image: ctt86mar9qn6.jpg]

Session 1: Ashly is a good christian girl who needs help fighting temptation while at college. The good doctor knows just what to do. He puts her in a trance and slowly finds just what the real issue is, Ashly needs a safe space and his office could be just such a place. He offers to let her release all her temptations while she in session with him. She takes off her top and plays with her tits as she slips her hand into her shorts. It feels so good to finally give in and knowing that the doctor is watching makes it all the more exciting. As she builds closer and closer to a climax, he stops her ---

Session 2: Ashly is so excited for this session she wear a tight dress and no panties. The good doctor has her lay down and look into his trance light as she drifts off completely under his control. She starts playing with herself again, but can't seem to cum. The doctor explains that he's the only one who can make her cum. She begs for his helps and he teases her big fake tits while she plays with her pussy. She builds and build this time finally cumming from the doctor's touch. ---

Session 3: The doctor wastes no time and starts the session with Ashly on her knees. She begs to pleasure him as much as he pleasured her. She sucks his cock and titfucks him as she begs. She promises to be a good girl for him, she needs this, she needs to make him feel good, she needs to make him cum...its the only way she can resist temptation at school.

Categories: Ashly Anderson, mind blowjob, hypno porn, hypnosis teen, cum between tits, mind control, trance, therapist, submissive dirty talk, sex slave, beautiful agony, begging, crying, addiction, denial, mind f**k

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:23:59
Size: 2779 Mb

Seduced by the hot Airbnb host - cum on nylon feet FullHD mp4

[Image: wi7j6gb66026.jpg]
[Image: dv4tnb6o5p77.jpg]

The house guest has just arrived in to the city this morning. He arranged to stay with a host via Airbnb, this host has amazing reviews! The host said she'd be at home cleaning when he arrives.

The guest is walking up the driveway and see's a woman cleaning and doing some garden work. As he gets closer she looks up, stops working and comes up to meet the guest. She's wearing dirty clothes from all the cleaning, they don't fit particularly well, she has very little make up, has dirt stains on her face, and her hair is tied back or covered up, to avoid the hair getting dirty. She looks plain and unremarkable!

She says hi and welcomes him to her home and shakes his hand. She looks at him with a sexy smile and a flirtatious expression. "Let me show you around!" she says. The next part of the clip can be just you showing him around, we don't have to hear the conversation. The guest will look very uninterested. At the end of showing him around she asks "Do you have any questions?" he says no, again looking very uninterested. She says "OK. By the way, my husband won't be back till late and I'll be out with friends, you'll have the house to yourself tonight". He says ok, he says he's going to have a shower and the go out. "No problem" she says, "I'm going out now, maybe I see you tomorrow." He says ok and then he goes to his room. A smile comes across the hosts face, her husband is out of town and won't be back till after midnight, but she isn't really going out with friends, she has other plans for her guest..

It's night time, and the guest has come back to the house. He can see a light on inside the house which is surprising as he expected to be on his own. As he opens the door he sees the host sitting down in front of the TV, she turns to him and says hello. He's stunned, she's beautiful (as per usual) ! She's got a short tight dress on (the one in the witches spell video), tan pantyhose and high heel shoes (black high heels 1950 vintage video), her hair is made up nicely and she's wearing make-up.

Categories: custom clip, shoejob, cowgirl sex, different clothes, cum in shoe, nylon foot job, pantyhose/stockings, cum on nylon feet, garter & stockings, high heels, ff stockings, light pink toenails, angel the dreamgirl

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:19:20
Size: 968 Mb

Alura TNT Jenson - Son hypnosis Big Mom for sex HD mp4

[Image: swn5brzgwlxu.jpg]
[Image: lrpdk742kp0t.jpg]
[Image: qfampc6hai6r.jpg]

Categories: Mother and Son, incest video, mother son sex, taboo porn, mom, step fantasy, fantasy, mommy, big dick, big tits, hypnosis porn,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:36:10
Size: 979 Mb
Britney Andrews - Corporate b***h Behavior Modification HD mp4

Added: 1/1/19 1:39pm

[Image: vp395qolnl9z.jpg]
[Image: 1maho8dr9v9z.jpg]
[Image: qynxh38i51ji.jpg]

Tommy has been working for the company almost his entire adult life. When the b***h that got put in charge of his division calls him into her office to tell him she is shutting his project down, he has no choice but to show her how effective it really is


Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:38:37
Size: 1051 Mb

Dani Jensen - Trance Therapy

[Image: q6dywxp9azg1.jpg]
[Image: ta4jlbjah3aw.jpg]

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:26:15
Size: 3036 Mb

Dixie Comet & Lauren Phillips - Hypno office Stories - Boss Training

[Image: fl5yffvwtovf.jpg]
[Image: 3h20jovhd4j8.jpg]

Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duration: 00:17:40
Size: 133 Mb
Raven Reign - Masturbating To My Stepsis - 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Horny Step Sister SD

[Image: egpcs88q8qjm.jpg]
[Image: 41vc0p6rpnar.jpg]

Raven Reign catches her step brother sniffing her panties. What he didn't know though was that she knew he'd been going in there for a while to play with himself. Because of this she decided to set up a hidden camera to catch him in the act. She did better than that though when we walked in on him herself, catching him acting like the creepy pervert that he is. So, she decides to play a game with him. She threatens to tell her mother and her friends about him if he doesn't let her tie him up so she can ride him. She admits to him that him being in there turns her on. To get things going she starts sucking his dick, making it nice and hard for her to ride. She slobbers all over it and then they 69 before she climbs aboard. Her pussy bounces up and down on her stepbrother's hard cock as she takes him in a few positions before getting on her side so that he may plow her. Next it's time for some doggy and a bit of revenge for stepbrother as he ties her hands behind her back while she's getting fucked. That's the precursor to him then stuffing her panties in her mouth while he stands over as she submissively gazes up at him, taking his massive load all over her panty stuffed mouth and face.

Categories: Sister and Brother, Incest, Taboo, Cum Facial, Facial Cumshots, Female Submissive, Horny Sister, Sister Brother Fantasy, Sluts, Step Sister, Submissive Sluts

Format: mp4
Resolution: 720 x 400
Duratio: 00:49:21
Size: 401 Mb

Isabella Nice - Stepdaughter Fucks Dad

[Image: i0li3ko3x0ia.jpg]
[Image: tvznmuuzhhj4.jpg]

Put some fucking clothes on stepdad! I dont want to see your dick lol. I do however want to help you jerk it to relieve your erection. I might even suck it too Wink

Categories: Father - Daughter, Incest, Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Taboo, my pervy family, family taboo, father daughter fantasy, spreading, blackmail

Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 360
Duratio: 00:55:12
Size: 401 Mb
Pamela Rios - Stepmom brought my fever down

[Image: y4d4z33g9v9h.jpg]
[Image: xen3nh1cjq1r.jpg]
[Image: izto6w158lmh.jpg]
[Image: fj5t2qfjn24q.jpg]

Visiting my dad I got a fever, fortunately my stepmom was there for bring me dow the temperature.

Categories: Mother and Son, Incest, Milf, taboo sex, mother son fantasy, cougar, bj, pov blowjob, riding cock, public, handjob, doggystyle, natural, cheating, secrets, blonde

Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duratio: 00:39:53
Size: 397 Mb
Bunny Colby - Manipulating the Eager Real Estate Agent FullHD mkv [1080p/2019]

[Image: kg8whbpy9ys7.jpg]
[Image: ua2g2vah9gen.jpg]
[Image: 5r6e1d8l3s6m.jpg]

Bunny is SO eager to make commision on one of her listings as soon as possible. She isn't good at managing her spending and she needs a payday BADLY. Her new client is very promising, she is so sure he is ready to make an offer on the latest property. Even though she really needs get him to go to contract she has her limits. But somehow she is manipulated over and over into going WAY too far to keep him interested


Format: mkv
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:45:20
Size: 1987 Mb
Amara Romani - Need a taste part 1 FullHD mp4

[Image: mi7j8xnu9fty.jpg]
[Image: abay1arnezl1.jpg]

Amara comes home from a long day at school to find Master alone on the sofa. He knows what she needs, but makes her beg for it. "Please master, may I taste your cock?" She knows the rules, she needs to dress sexy if she wants to pleasure master. She changes into high heels and something skimpier, displaying her body in the hopes of pleasing her master. She gets on all fours and crawls to him, begging to taste him, but he'll only let her rub him for now. She's so submissive. So needy.

He permits her to kiss him, but continues to deny her his cock. "You need more spit" he says as he pushes his fingers to the back of her throat, he gag reflex completely gone. "Just drool on it" he commands as she eagerly tries to put it in her mouth. After making her wait some more he finally lets her take it into her mouth, "thank you master, thank you" she says so happy to have her fix.

Categories: hypnosis porn, hypno blowjob, taboo porn, limp fetish, sex, cum addiction, begging, thumb sucking, sloppy blowjob, submissive dirty talk, heels, doggie, sex slave, mind control, sorority sister, co-ed

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:14:00
Size: 1622 Mb

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