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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
A Double Footjob with Family and Friends - Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, Payton Hall

[Image: wn5uhawlrha9.jpg]
[Image: 8afrrcv00kdi.jpg]

Of course, my sweet son denied it, but I knew better. In fact, I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before. He was blushing, and in an obvious state of discomfort, but Payton and I reassured him it was okay.

We rubbed our feet against the crotch of his shorts, and I giggled, curious to see his stiffened cock. Maybe I had too much to drink, but I felt like it was okay. After all, Aiden was still my little boy.

He was hesitant, so I offered something in return. If he showed me his hard cock, I'd give him a footjob. But he wanted to sweeten the deal. He wanted Payton's pretty little feet on his cock too.

Being the tipsy girls that we were, we agreed, and soon, my son was throbbing against our feet. I slid the sides of my feet up his shaft, and Payton rubbed her painted toes softly against his balls.

We shared his cock, putting one foot each against his shaft, and stroked him together. Oh, he loved it. The pre-cum was oozing and dripping from his cock.

Categories: soles, footjob, footjobs, double footjob, painted toes, mom, son, family, toejob, wrinkled soles, toe spreading, milf, toes, cum on feet

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:08:54
Size: 846 Mb
A Potion for a Mind Controlled Sex Fiend - Crystal Clark FullHD

[Image: audvo8lf7nhw.jpg]
[Image: myxwdvio6phq.jpg]

I walked into my sister's room with the potion in a cup, and she immediately bitched for me to get out. I knew she was waiting for her boyfriend, so I convinced her to hang out with me for a little bit until he got there. I handed her the cup and she took a sip, "Ew, what is that?...Did you give me tap water? You know I hate tap water." That sip is all I needed to get things started.

While I waited for things to get...interesting, I asked her to play a game with me. She rolled her eyes, "If I play one game, will you go away?" It wouldn't take long for the potion to work, so I dealt her some cards, and we played a card game.

As the game progressed, she started complaining about a headache. Her vision got blurry, and she was having a hard time seeing her cards, as well as playing the game. She fanned herself off, "I'm getting really hot." The next thing I know, my sister is jerking my cards down from my face, and she's in nothing but lingerie. The potion changed her appearance!

Categories: brother, sister, family, magic control, magic potion, potion, masturbation, virtual sex, b***h to whore, sex fiend, transform, mind control, erotic magic, stripping, redhead

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:08:15
Size: 1093 Mb

A Robot Family - Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, and Fifi Foxx FullHD mp4

[Image: ftv36xozz1o0.jpg]
[Image: 4g38ecspj1dm.jpg]

I've been completely spoiled because of them. They get me whatever I need, and they're always there for me. I couldn't be happier. That being said, the other day I spilled something. I could have easily cleaned it up myself, but there's no point in doing that.

I went to the laundry room and powered on my robotic family. Their heads lifted, and they stared straight ahead. With a "Yes, Master," they started walking jaggedly and stiff towards the spill. I took out my remote control and hit the cleaning mode, "Cleaning mode activated." Mombot grabbed the swiffer to mop, and I told Sisterbot to grab the rags.

I told you I was spoiled, right? While my Sisterbot was cleaning the spill on her knees, I froze her. I pulled down her top to reveal her perky tits. God, they looked so real. I unfroze her, and she continued her chores. I pulled Mombot's dress up, and then froze them both.

Categories: mom, sister, brother, robots, fembots, clones, remote control, robot family, limb manipulation, freeze, repeated words, stiff movement, malfunctioning, blank stare, power on

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:15:40
Size: 2269 Mb
Son Uses Magic Potion on Mom - Nikki Brooks FullHD mp4

[Image: r10eoatsuqh7.jpg]
[Image: c213k3p05116.jpg]

You want what's best for your mom, and it's obviously not these douchebags she's been dating. You reach down into your pocket and pull out the potion you bought from the local magic shop. It's supposed to be a love spell - just something temporary to keep your mom distracted from her boyfriend. It's not like you're actually going to make her love you (in THAT way at least). You just want her to be focused on you so that she forgets about everyone else stressing her out.

While she's ranting to douchebag on the phone, you take a small sip from the bottle, and then place it back into your pocket. That should be enough to catch her attention and get her off the phone.

"Mom," you say touching her shoulder. "I want you to get off the phone." Mom smiles sweetly, "Okay, honey," and hangs up the phone. Her whole attitude is different - she's happy, she's smiling, and her attention is on you. "I love you so much. What are you up to, huh? I missed you," she starts to say. You're shocked - it really, actually worked!

Categories: Mother and Son, incest video, love potion, mom, son, family, magic control, brainwashed, in love, older woman, milf, virtual sex, impregnation, romantic, masturbation, mind control

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:11:59
Size: 1398 Mb

Worshiping My Favorite Part Of Your Cock FullHD

[Image: 0hj4zlxdzsxw.jpg]
[Image: clxmse82rczo.jpg]

There are so many things I love about cock, things that make me weak just thinking about... the smell, the taste, the shape. Those big, full balls and that rigid, thick shaft really get me going... but my favorite part of a cock is the bulbous, sensitive cock head. Oh yes, the way that rounded, taut tip parts a woman's lips... it was made for penetration. Just like I was made to want it... to need the excited, engorged crown penetrating my holes. Let me show you just how much I adore and obsess over your cock head, showering it with soft kisses, tonguing it wetly, rubbing my slippery fingertips across the tight, warm surface. How much stimulation can this throbbing head handle before exploding with cum?

Category: COCK WORSHIP, FACIALS, CUMSHOTS, ORAL SEX, LICKING, BLOW JOBS , xxx,oral, licking, cock sucking, dick sucking, fellatio, cum on face, blowjob, cum swallow.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:07:56
Size: 356 Mb

You, Me And My Mouth HD

[Image: dii5q36zcbdd.jpg]
[Image: 0p5yg3cn1760.jpg]

My pussy gets so excited, so wet... when I think about your hard cock in my mouth. Just look at my soft lips, this warm tongue, my tight throat... they were designed to pleasure you... to make you cum. Your throbbing dick belongs in my mouth, and I was meant to suck it. If only you knew how much I fantasize about men using me... about being orally penetrated every day. These dirty thoughts are pushing you right over the edge, aren't they. Don't cum too soon... I want to savor your cock for as long as possible!

Category: BLOW JOBJ, CUM PLAY, CUM SWALLOWERS, ORAL SEX, CUM IN MOUTH, DIRTY TALK, xxx, blowjob, cumming, cum swallowing, lingerie, oral fixation, oral sex, fellatio, cock sucking, dick sucking, cum obsessed, male orgasm.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:23:43
Size: 888 Mb
Sensual Domination - Mommy's Naughty Boy FullHD

Added: 12/24/17 7:37pm

[Image: aolmyo1c4uwx.jpg]
[Image: euokl62k0y4j.jpg]
[Image: 5d29taadwgtu.jpg]

(1080p) Are you going to help your mother hang ornaments or are you just going to stand there staring?? Oh you silly boy, then just tell me where to hang this one. All the way down there?? You're making your poor mother get on her hands and knees... is this where you want it? It's just so hard to reach! No one's ever going to see it, I can't imagine why you'd have me get on all fours like this unless--

Honey... did you pick that spot just so you could see Mommy bending over in front of you? You know... if you did, that'd be very naughty. Well then... where should I hang the next one? You can make Mommy put it up ANYWHERE you want. At the top? Oh my, well you're going to have to hold onto me really really tight to make sure I don't fall. Promise?

Be sure to grab onto my legs... higher baby. That's it. Oh.... I better... just... oh, adjust some of these ornaments while I'm... up here. Please, honey, squeeze me tight, don't let go no matter what... You ready to help me down? Nice and slow... ohh... I need to hold onto you, and slide down against you baby. Ohhh... thank you honey. I feel so safe in your arms. Doesn't it feel so good to be close like this? You don't wanna let go of Mommy... do you. Ohhh, you ARE a naughty, naughty boy, aren't you? Looks like your mother will have to teach you a little lesson tonight. Naughty boys always get punished.

Category: Mother and Son, TABOO, MILF, SENSUAL DOMINATION, VIRTUAL SEX, UPSKIRT, FORCED MALE ORGASM, xxx, christmas, holiday, virtual blowjob, pov sex, mom, son, family, big butt, big ass, satin,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:31:01
Size: 1.35 Gb
Meana Wolf - Give it to me Batman FullHD mp4 [1080p/Canadian/2018]

[Image: 3ic0newnxfs7.jpg]
[Image: 3la8gg7e4aka.jpg]

It was easy to seduce you.especially under false pretences. Appeal to your ego by telling you I'm writing a story about you for the Gotham Gazette, and then flirt with you. Of course the narcotic laced lip stick made it truly effortless. But now it's time to give you what you need Batman. We can't have Gotham overrun with psychopaths and murderers while you lock yourself away in your mansion brooding. I don't like chaos, and I don't like the competition. I want things to go back to the way they were. I want you to come out and play with me again. Xoxo Meana Wolf aka Catwoman Clip Contains: After Batman locks himself away for several months in despair it's up to Catwoman to bring him back out into the world. After gaining access to him in her civilian clothes, she makes him core compliant with her special syringe, and ties him up. then she proceeds to tease and edge the Bat over and over and over again until he explodes with a renewed sense of duty to fight crime and injustice.

Categories: Cosplay, Latex, Boots, Bootjob, Mask Fetish, Superheroes, Supervillains, Edging, Handjob, Blowjob, Meana Wolf

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:48:29
Size: 1802 Mb

BiBi (Aka Marsha May), Madisin Lee - Mom Catches Son And Daughter Filming Homemade Porn HD

[Image: z82rqcttmtp5.jpg]
[Image: u18jlclxlkie.jpg]
[Image: bszbmkluv5f9.jpg]

BiBi and her brother just woke up from a nap together, but now she needs to get dressed to go shopping. BiBi's brother pulls out his brand new camera and asks her to play with him before she goes. He wants to film a homemade porno with his sister! BiBi happily plays along and begins to lick her brother's cock on camera. She teases him and removes her top to reveal her massive breasts. BiBi doesn't stop there! After stripping down and sucking on her brother's dick for a while, she spreads her legs and opens up her tight wet pussy for her big brother to slide his cock in! BiBi's lucky brother fucks her missionary and doggy style before their mom comes barging into the room extremely pissed off! MILF Madisin Lee has come home from hard day at work to find that her daughter and son are fucking under her roof! She demands that they show her exactly what sexual acts they were doing before she opened the door. Madisin sees their flaws and offers to show her daughter and son how to properly suck and f**k! What mommy Madisin neglected to tell her son was not to cum in herself or her daughter! Well, it's too late for that because BiBi's brother has busted a huge load deep inside his sister's pussy! Mommy's mad, but her son still makes sure to get a close-up of the messy creampie he left inside his younger sister as it drips out of her tight pussy! Be sure to check out this super hot taboo threesome as mom, daughter, and son take turns holding his new portable camera for unique angles that put the viewer right in the action! Satisfy your desire for a BROTHER / SISTER / MOM THREESOME CAUTION: THIS SCENE INCLUDES A MESSY TABOO CREAMPIE

Category: TABOO
Related Categories: Mother and Son, Sister and Brother, Incest, THREESOMES, BOY-GIRL-GIRL, MILF, POV, CREAMPIE, older, younger, little, big, family, , related, blonde,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 852 x 480
Duratio: 00:39:04
Size: 588 Mb
Bad Sponsor - Kenzie Reeves, Evelin Stone - Closed Meeting HD

[Image: k45y8cnw56di.jpg]
[Image: meppd81sdpob.jpg]
[Image: 0zgzvxbpgmcv.jpg]

Last Friday night I stopped by one of my recovery houses and saw these two in their room getting ready to go out and be sluts and ruin there recovery. Thankfully I had enough time for us to have our own little meeting right there... After reminding them about the importance of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness - I think these girls will have no problem following the rules in the future...

***Starring Kenzie Reeves & Evelin Stone***

Category: Sister and Brother, Incest, Threesome, Kenzie Reeves, Evelin Stone, pov, halfway house, threesome, blonde, brunette, petite, feet, spanking, punishment, cumshot, blackmail, discipline,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:20:39
Size: 175 Mb

My Freaky Sisters Use My Cock HD

[Image: adycpdk3tscs.jpg]
[Image: x4chp9eodzpa.jpg]

I've been waiting for you all afternoon Sister, what gives?! You know what Sister, I am going to make you wait too! Only I am going to make your wait real hard! Not only are you going to be waiting for me this time, I'm going o make your cock hard too! All you're going to be able to do is sit there and watch me get off knowing that it could have been you getting me off Sister.

Category: Sister and Brother, Incest, Taboo, Amateur, pov, halfway house, threesome, blonde, brunette, petite, feet, spanking, punishment, cumshot, blackmail, discipline, Download Free Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:09:58
Size: 60 Mb
Hot Sister Breaks Her Curfew HD

[Image: sgwdqp2eyo83.jpg]
[Image: xbk5561kca90.jpg]

5.00am and I am up for an early start at my shift. I head for the bathroom but my Sister is in there. It sounds like she is taking a shower. WTF? She went out last night and her mother said ONLY if she was home by 1.00am. Is she getting home just now? The sun is already up. Little b***h.

Anyway, I need the bathroom right now and yell at her through the door. All I get is lip and the water is still running. I should not do this, her mom would freak out, but stuff it I open the bathroom door. There she is in her naked glory as hot as f**k and MASTURBATING with the shower head. I am torn between being pissed off and turned on.

I threaten to tell her mother if she does not get out. She knows if her mom knew she would be grounded until old age.

The cheeky little slut just looks me in the eye and ask if I would like to join her in the shower....

The is a big decision and I make it. My boss can shove his job cos I am not going to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to nail her and cum in her cheeky mouth

Category: Sister and Brother, Incest, Taboo, Amateur, pov, halfway house, threesome, blonde, brunette, petite, feet, spanking, punishment, cumshot, blackmail, discipline

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:08:28
Size: 43 Mb

Hayliexo - All I Want For Christmas is Daddy's Cum FullHD

[Image: h4lws2kic7a2.jpg]
[Image: rcm4yil6s0om.jpg]

I enjoyed the present you gave me last night. Now, I have a present for youuu! Style / Features: POV, Roleplay, Dirty talk, lots of ass jiggling, moaning, multiple positions, ending with creampie!

Category: Father - Daughter, Incest, Family Roleplay, TABOO, DADDY'S GIRL, POV, DIRTY TALK, ASS SHAKING, CREAMPIE, creampie, taboo, daddy, dd,

Haylie is by far my favorite performer, she delivers everything the description lists, AND THEN SOME. She goes above and beyond, and this video is worth much more than the asking price, so ladies and gentleman it really is a steal. BUY THIS VIDEO. It's the hottest vid I've seen in a very long time, and let's be honest, you haven't seen a girl as unbelievably attractive as Haylie. And when she speaks, that accent will give you shivers it's so sexy. I give this 20 stars out of 5. Leave this girl a heart.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:16:23
Size: 608 Mb
Ariana Marie - Manipulating The Intern HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 11/16/18 04:25PM

[Image: dmynul1lpql0.jpg]
[Image: hkadehsp6t1s.jpg]
[Image: 7kcykfoekb6n.jpg]

Ariana is fresh out of college and very eager to please. Her new boss surprises her with her expectations and in the back of her mind she feels like she should set some boundaries, but she gets a a soft ringing in her ears every time he makes an unusual request and it just seems like everything he asks of her makes perfect sense.


Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:00:42
Size: 1644 Mb

Athena Rayne - Entitled Daughter Remote Control FullHD mp4

Added: 12/1/18 11:17am

[Image: qfldo0h61yw8.jpg]
[Image: 1yzkx7ggycpr.jpg]
[Image: t85khazzt2b9.jpg]

Athena couldn't be more disrespectful to her step-father, he just wants a day to watch the new TV and relax. As Athena is running her mouth, mad that he is home he hits pause on the remote to deal with it, and Athena completely freezes. It seems like the remote for the new TV has more features than he realized, Out of curiousity he checks Athena's phone, which he could never otherwise do, and sees she was planning on using the house to have "friends" over and of course she was texting all kinds of distespectful things about him. He decides to see how much control the remote has

Categories: MESMERIZE, MENTAL DOMINATION, MAGIC CONTROL, SLUT TRAINING, SUBMISSIVE SLUTS , Athena Rayne, Rocky Emerson, red head, robots, mindcontrol,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:44:28
Size: 1658 Mb
Angel The Dreamgirl - f**k My Face III Under Submission FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

[Image: tr5a2vu76mj3.jpg]
[Image: qdt5san6u09j.jpg]

Added: 4/9/18 07:28AM

Outfit the same as the last clip with the extra pads in bra , make up and super big lips the same as it was perfect last clip. Clip starts with you working in the office, blouse fully buttoned up and your boss is fantising about you maybe cut in some action from the previous clip. He wants you so bad, he pours a drink and then you see him sprinkle a powder in it, you drink the drink and within seconds, you are unconsious. He picks you up and takes you over to the sofa and lays you down. He starts feeling over your body, unbuttons your blouse giving your tits a nice sqeeze and feel, he pulls up your skirt and feels your Stockings. He gets his cock out and using your hand, strokes his cock until he is super erect. He takes your lipgloss and he applies a really heavy coat to your Red lips. He then pulls you up into a seating position and ties your hands behind your back with his tie. he then slowly pushes his hard cock into your mouth forcing it right to the base, you are still unconsious as he continues to face f**k you, forcing his cock to the back of your throat. He stops to take off your skirt and blouse and kneels you down on the floor.

Categories: male domination, face fucking, blowjob, gag reflex, cfnm, deepthroat, cum, mindcontrol,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:27:28
Size: 1651 Mb

Nikki Brooks - Mommy's Special Christmas Present FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

[Image: hi5v5f52yfrl.jpg]
[Image: pm8zo4acnqtw.jpg]

My cock stiffened. She asked if I wanted to stick it in. I felt myself throb. Was I really going to do this mom? She tore the condom open with her teeth, placed it over my cock, and then got on top of me. Just hearing her moan made me want to burst inside of her, but I wanted more. I started thrusting upwards, and Mom loved it. She told me to get on top of her, and I fucked her hard. Her pussy was so warm, so inviting. After I came, I jerked back, and Mom held up my broken condom. She freaked out, but then looked down to see that my cum was all over her pussy, and not inside. Relieved, she smiled, dipping her finger into the massive load, and then sucked it off her finger. "Merry Christmas."

Categories: Mindcontrol, pov, mom, son, family, christmas porn, milf, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, riding, cowgirl, pov sex, momma's boy,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:13:25
Size: 769 Mb

Khloe Kapri, Lily Rader - Owning The Teacher Foot Job HD

Added: 12/4/17 11:00AM

[Image: l2omuxjivbde.jpg]
[Image: lddn4tb9obvx.jpg]

Lily and Khloe are waiting in your classroom to talk to you about the F you gave them on the project they did. It's unacceptable. They know you know how hot they are and how this isn't what they have time for. And your transparent foot fetish gives them the perfect idea to change your mind about changing their grade.

Categories: POV, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, BLACKMAIL FANTASY, BRAT GIRLS, ADULT SCHOOL, Lily Rader, Khloe Kapri, small feet, foot teasing, wrinkled soles, toe fetish, foot teasing, foot smothering, teasing, cum on feet, pov footjob, cumshots, student,

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:20:47
Size: 958 Mb
Pocahontas Jones XXX Fetish - Mind Over Ass and Titties With Pocahontas Jones

[Image: 0ql9pbz2stj0.jpg]
[Image: 2q79568il3yh.jpg]

The beautiful, voluptuous, naturally big-breasted Pocahontas Jones (and her fine ass) is sitting at work, as usual - she's an EXCELLENT employee! But you don't think she's all that - and you're here to teach her a lesson. Using your "special" powers of persuasion and mind-magic, she becomes your willing sex slave. You have her show off her beautiful body, and grope and massage her amazing ass. You touch her in all the ways you want, and have her perform chores for you, like a perfect girl should! She crawls on the floor for you, giving an amazing view of that spectacular booty. Finally, she takes off her top, and then her bra, jiggling her titties all the way, and giving you a FANTASTIC titjob - I'm telling you, this is truly spectacular tittyfucking - and you cum a LOT, blowing a HUGE load all over her beautiful, beautiful boobs!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:36:08
Size: 567 Mb

Rion Hypnotized

[Image: 0em7d1w9wjry.jpg]
[Image: g40mlh2qld69.jpg]

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:20:19
Size: 267 Mb

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