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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
Nikki Brooks, Aiden Valentine - Brainwashing for a Better Family: Taking Control of Mom HD [720/2017]

[Image: qwr5byjgnif8.jpg]
[Image: 2ed2vmcmivws.jpg]
[Image: 76wsicmgkcwb.jpg]

Added: 8/27/17 5:30pm

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, family, son sees mom flirting with a stranger on the phone, realizes she is about to see another guy, mom explains that her marriage with dad is falling apart, tells son that he will be living with his dad, son gets upset, brainwashes mom, device spews out words to rewire her brain, eye fluttering/rolling, mindless, obedient, blank stare, unblinking, monotone voice, obedient slave, Master/slave, commands/orders, slow movements, sensual and sexy dancing, stripping, playing with tits, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, doggystyle, missionary, moaning, cum on body, trance, mind control, special fx, sound effects

"You need a father figure. You're a growing boy, and you're going to become a man, and there are certain things that I can't show you, that I won't know how to talk to you about," Mom explained. "And not to mention that your dad is going to fight me like hell in court, and I don't want you to go through that." So, that was it then? I felt that horrible, sinking feeling in my stomach. It was decided, and I was just stuck doing whatever they wanted me to do.

I begged her not to make me go with Dad, and although she was sincere, there was nothing she could do. "It's out of my control, you know how your father is," she said in defeat. In order for the separation to go smoothly, she had to agree to give custody to him; it's almost as if she hadn't tried at all.

"It's time for me to move on," she said. "I never see your father. He works 70 hours a week. And you know he's fucking his mistress. Secretary whatever, that twinkie 22 year old blond."

 Categories: TABOO, FEMALE TRAINING, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, ROBOTS, VIRTUAL SEX , mom, son, family, female training, brainwashed, mind control, mesmerized, eye fluttering, eye rolling, reprogrammed, obedient slave, trance, blank look, mindlessly, virtual sex

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:18:48
Size: 210 Mb
Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine Mombot: Son Programs Mom Into A f**k Robot With Computer Chip FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]
[Image: abxy13lsoh8y.jpg]
[Image: 10qexpbhnqrq.jpg]
[Image: zvaujs61wgmp.jpg]

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, new robotic family, Mombot , clones, chip on chest and neck, remote control, powering on, jagged/robotic movement, blank stares, wide eyes, cleaning mode, robotic voice, freeze and unfreeze, limb manipulation, tit play, forced stripping, malfunctioning, repeated words and phrases, stuttering, broken movement in malfunction, head tilts, mouth open, jaw drop, confused, eye shifts, power off, shut down, bent at waist

Aiden is shocked and excited. Mom stares forward with a slack jaw and a blank stare. He waves his hand in front of her face, and notices no reaction. He calls out to her, but no reply. Aiden then does the unthinkable--he touches her chest. After breaking a taboo, he realizes his chip actually does work. He compliments her tits, and then decides he will refer to her as "Mombot." Eager to see if she reacts to voice commands, he says, "Mombot, ACTIVIATE," and she comes to life, robotically saying, "Yes, Mas-ter." He commands her to get on her knees, and she obediently does so, "Yes, Mas-ter." He then tells her to blow him, and she pulls down his pants and boxers, revealing his hard cock. Before she has a chance to start the blowjob, he remembers the harsh words she said to him earlier, and slaps her with his dick. He rubs his junk all over her face, and verbally taunts her.

Satisfied that he's degraded her, he tells Mombot to suck his dick, and she robotically does so. Aiden is blown away by how good she is, and even enjoys the popping sounds. He then decides to humiliate her, and deactivates the chip by pressing the chip. She comes out of her robotic state, confused at first, and then completely furious, ready to hurt him. He cuts her off by pressing the chip on her forehead again, sending her back into being his mind controlled robot. After a few minutes of blowjob paradise, he says freeze, and she freezes in place, wide eyed, and mouth open. 

He walks back and enjoys the view of her frozen on her knees, and then gets close to grope her chest. He then orders her to get on the bed, lay back, and open her legs. Mombot unfreezes, and says, "Yes, Mas-ter." She gets up, and robotically walks towards the bed, sits down, and pulls off her thong. She spreads her legs, and gives a blank stare. He enjoys the site of her posed spread eagle, and her arms posed stiff. He leans in and starts thrusting his hard cock inside of her, and she begins moaning faintly. He realizes that she enjoys what he is doing, and there is nothing that she can do about it. 

Categories: Mother and Son, Incest, FREEZE, FEMALE TRAINING, Taboo, FORCED STRIPPING , mom, robots, fembots, clones, remote control, robot family, limb manipulation, freeze, repeated words, stiff movement, malfunctioning, blank stare, power on

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:20:01
Size: 222 Mb

Robo Kink - 52 Melissa's Full Session HD mp4

[Image: 6dt1qy1a50b7.jpg]
[Image: 6hwszb9xg6d2.jpg]
[Image: 9oxga56l6znu.jpg]
[Image: hz45i4nkbgt5.jpg]
[Image: c1tphpdbdb2g.jpg]
[Image: dyqndlq0wnsr.jpg]

Added: 9/17/16 8:41pm

Testing Susceptibility


Testing Programming


Trigger Word reactions

Nude Posing


Focus testing with forced orgasm

Mantra Forced Orgasm

Oral Sex Trigger words

Full Sex Trigger words

Categories: MESMERIZE, MENTAL DOMINATION, MAGIC CONTROL, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, SLUT TRAINING, mesmerize, Melissa Moore, blowjob, masturbation, posing, lift and carry, forced orgasms, fucking, robots, nude, submissive sluts, fingering, mantra, sex toys

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:05:01
Size: 1.00 Gb
Mind Under Master - Maya Bijou - Hypnotherapy 

[Image: hsqwaj51pcl9.jpg]
[Image: yzig1vuag1da.jpg]

Added: 7/30/17 7:05pm

Maya has agreed to participate in a study for her therapist. He asks her some basic questions as she stares into ever shifting colored lights. "What color is the sky?" "What color is snow?" "Do you see the words in the colors?" he asks, but Maya can't answer she can barely think. 

"I'm going to turn you into my persona sex slave" he explains. She tries to resist but is soon in a deep trance as she reads the words she sees in the colors. 

"My mind is blank. I have no thoughts. I have no will. I need to be controlled. I need to be programmed. I need a master. I need you. You are my master. Just being near you turns me on. All I can think about is bringing you pleasure."

 Categories: 18 & 19 YRS OLD, MIND f**k, CUM IN MOUTH, BLOW JOBS, SUBMISSIVE SLUTS , Maya Bijou, mind control, schoolgirl uniform, titfuck, finger sucking, submissive dirty talk, begging, two cum shots, daddy, fucktoy, slut training

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:17:36
Size: 107 Mb
Superheroine - Brooklyn Chase - Batman Falls Prey To The Black Widow HD mp4 [720p/2018]

[Image: xu0at0am4ccg.jpg]
[Image: gke4shcpcues.jpg]
[Image: yqk8nisx2xvu.jpg]
[Image: dm7vn32maff9.jpg]

Added: 4/3/18 6:01am

The Black Widow capture Batman, biting him with submissive venom to make him her submissive slave.

After she makes him like her feet, the villain bites him again. Only this time, with arousal venom. Now, his efforts to fight her off are completely futile, and he can no longer resist her at all.


 Categories: EXECUTRIX, FEMDOM, SUPER VILLAIN, FOOT FETISH, HUMILIATION, cum in mouth, Brooklyn Chase, biting, black widow, batman, creampie, slave training, foot worship, foot licking, fucking, pussy eating, face sitting, foot jobs, cumshots, blowjobs

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:36:34
Size: 409 Mb
Raquels Fellatio Fantasies - Demon Possessed Cock Sucker Takes Away Your Purity 

[Image: lj4jvcbdiq89.jpg]
[Image: eyhuouen3vs7.jpg]


After service one afternoon, you & your girlfriend Raquel venture off to an abandoned house that is known to hold lurking, wicked spirits within that remain from the building being used to perform exorcisms. Raquel doesn't believe the tales she's been told, being a member of the church due to her family and having no real belief in heaven or hell. You however, aren't as foolish to doubt what is held within the walls and foundation of this place; cautious as your girlfriend tip toes around, peaking behind corners and mocking your fears and the possibility of demons. A white noise starts to ring in your ears as Raquel approaches a certain wall, her body and attention being drawn to it. Before you can lurch forward and pull at her arm to move her away, your girlfriend's body freezes before convulsing, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her body jerks and sways. Panic and fear wash over you as you step back, unsure of what to do; though before you can think of a solution Raquel falls and drops to the floor, leaving you to scoop her up and rush the two of you out of the ruins. 
Carrying your girlfriend into the home, Raquel awakens as if nothing has happened; having no recollection of her convulsions and finding your shaken expression towards her being rather foolish. Still, she doesn't believe as she begins prying off her shoes and rolling her eyes as you try and explain to her what happened. Before the words can leave your lips however, something pulses within Raquel once more as she begins to grip towards her head, her body sinking into the sofa as she appears to be fighting something within. Your heart is pounding against your chest as you shift through your head, trying to remember scripture to aid in possessions; but you draw a blank as Raquel hunches over, silent... 
An evil laugh echoes, as your "girlfriend's" body begins to rise; a dark aura surrounding her as your eyes make contact with her now gleaming whites. A satanic cross is etched into her forehead, as her uniform is replaced with a black & mesh cloak. "Your stupid fucking girlfriend..." it whispers, "she should now know that demons are very much real." Your body tramples as your gaze is locked into the demons, it's hands reaching towards you. You can't move, your joints and muscles locked in a sort of trance. "In order for your girlfriend to be set free, I must taste a virgin..." the demon's tongue flicking as her claws pry at your pants and strips them down. You are unable to resist these demonic advances as your mind races. "Though you'll be far from a virgin when I'm done with you..." Will this demon give back Raquel's body? Will you lose your purity to this demon of hell? What will the church think if they ever hear of your tragic tale? Only time with the possessed Raquel will tell. 

 Format: wmv
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:17:11
Size: 1.11 Gb
Mind Under Master Sadie Pop - Self Help Podcast 

[Image: jpvw2eqszj05.jpg]
[Image: sta3sra0tm6t.jpg]

Added: 11/18/17 1:10am

Sadie's been listening to a new Self Help Podcast her boss gave her and its making her feel very relaxed. His voice is soothing and comforting and it makes her feel oh so good. Then he arrives and she grinds on him, kissing down his chest. She's going to please him because its her purpose in life. She sucks him off until he bends her over to look directly into his camera as she begs him to use her little eighteen year old body. She's so under his spell she begs him to cum inside her. She doesn't care that she's not on the pill. She needs to feel his warm load. Later she lays licking his cock wearing only 8 inch heels, thigh highs and a leash. She praise him. She worships him. She begs to please him. She begs to be better than his wife. She's be a secret. She'll do everything he says. He's not just a man, he's a god. He owns her completely. She's been having her friends listen to the podcast and soon he'll have an entire harem of sluts devoted to is pleasure. As he gets closer she cry and begs for him to cum. "You deserve it daddy" she repeats over and over as she strokes his cock, her eyes welling up in tears until he finally give her what she so desperately wants

Categories: Crying ,Daddy ,Roleplay ,Female Training ,Submissive ,Sluts, Taboo, Sadie Pop, mind control, submissive dirty talk, begging, mantra, sloppy, tears, leash, collar, pov, crying, voyeur, doggie style, desperate

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:19:25
Size: 139 Mb
Roommate Complication

[Image: u12fewa1urzv.jpg]
[Image: 2dc1rr3dcjkj.jpg]
[Image: aofbwb6rp2l9.jpg]

Jazzy comes home to find Rock, almost naked, sleeping in her bed. He tells her to shut up; he is such an annoying roommate. There must have been a threesome in the room because there are cum stains everywhere. He spins a pathetic yarn about the circumstances of last night. He can't take her shrill tone and freezes her as she climbs up onto the bed to kick him off. He lays back down and gets some rest.

When he awakens he remembers what he has done, and he's going to be in quite a bit of trouble. He decides he is already in so deep, he might as well have some fun.

He poses Jazzy, stripping her and putting her where he pleases. He lays down on his back and shoves his cock into her throat, pushing her head down deep. He walks around behind her and fucks her as her mouth remains open, just waiting for his cock to come back.

He lays her down and fucks her frozen body, lifting her and placing her down reverse cowgirl, his cock ramming her tight pussy. He spins her around and puts her hands on the headboard and makes her ride him, his hands spreading her ass. She rides him until he cums.

Finished, he pushes her over onto the bed and keeps her there, her legs spread, for a session late in the day.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:16:37
Size: 515 Mb

Hypno Sluts

[Image: 1wxlse5bm372.jpg]
[Image: iqoshqlg6gjh.jpg]

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:36:53
Size: 408 Mb
Space Monk Can't Lose

[Image: u1c3os2r06yl.jpg]
[Image: 8rl1ez8y5q3u.jpg]

STARRING: Kate Kenzi
Supergirl stalks into Space Monk's lair, determined to put an end to his evil deeds, but she doesn't find him, at first. Using his teleportation ability, he surprises her and renders her . When she awakens, she finds herself bound and immobilized, her panties gone and her legs spread wide, leaving her bald pussy, vulnerable and exposed. She is subjected to a brutal, sexual punishment, her cunt roughly invaded with cock and fingers, a powerful vibrator held against her sensitive clit while stinging slaps target her inner thighs and swollen labia. Her defiant words soon becomes whimpers and yelps, and ultimately guttural groans, as wave after wave of orgasms shatter her mind, turning her into little more than a beast. A fitting end to this superheroine's time as a champion, and her rebirth as a slut.
Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Costume, Boots, Cape, Rope Bondage, BDSM, Sex Toys, Forced Orgasms, Spanking, Pussy Slapping, Nipple Twisting, Fingering, Sex, Body Views, Body Play
Category: SUPERHEROINES Related Categories: BONDAGE, XXX HARDCORE, FORCED ORGASMS Keywords: bondage

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:21:48
Size: 594 Mb

Karla Kush in SHORT CIRCUIT!

[Image: 7z7roe5ouuqx.jpg]
[Image: 959f80043xym.jpg]

Karla has come home to find her new Kendra Bot has arrived, she really hopes that her new doll doesn't have the same glitches she heard about from her friend Reagan. She can't believe how life like her new doll is. She may never leave the house again. Kendra bot greets her new owner and immediately syncs with Karla. Overly anxious to try out her new best friend Karla jumps right into exploring the robots amazing features without reading that manual, of course. She is pleasantly surprised by how quickly Kendra Bot is able to make her cum but unfortunately the new upgrades did not take care of all the corrupted files in this model and Kendra Bot's system malfunctions yet again at the very worst time! <p>female control, robots, fembot, sci-fi, girl-girl, lesbian, sex bot, Kendra James, Karla Kush, cosplay, pussy licking, oral sex, finger fucking, hardcore, blank stare, freeze, stuck, sixty nine, 69, malfunction, pleasure bot, synthetic, AI, Synth-corp 
Category: ROBOTS
Related Categories: PUSSY EATING, REAL DOLL, FEMBOT, FREEZE, SCI FI Keywords: kendra james, blank eyes, mindless stares, oral sex, mistress kendra, doll fetish, doll, pussy licking, karla kush, meltdown, girlfriend bot, fantasy, lesbian, blank stares, fingering
tagsConfuseduperheroine,superheroines,lesbian domination,lezdom,story line ,storyline,forced orgasm,submission,humiliation,super hero, super heroines ,superheroines porn,superheroine porn , superheroines adult movies,superheroines fetish,magic power,magic control,fantasy,lesbian sex,lesbian porn,lesbian bondage,,lesbian strapon,spanking,lesbian bondage,slave,slavery,mistress,enslavment

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:11:26
Size: 499 Mb
Karma RX in Brain Drain Annihilation - Solace in Retirement

[Image: dxfn0cts5nvk.jpg]
[Image: nf1z399r1sek.jpg]

Scene One: Solace in Retirement
A strange man with a has just broken into Karma's house. After giving her powers away to Cory and transforming her into Brain Drain, Karma just wants to live a normal life. But Brain Drain wont let her, not without some punishment. Brain Drain's powers wont work on Karma but a strong henchman will do the trick.
He puts a chemical soaked rag over her face and lifts her up to the table. Karma's helpless as he strips her tight clothes off and gets her ready. "I want her to feel everything" Brain Drain sneers. She licks Karma's wet pussy, exploring her body, before they bring her into the living room. Helpless and weak she can't stop the henchman from fucking her mouth, or Brain Drain from using her pussy.
Related Categories: SUPERHEROINES, FUCKING, BLONDES, LIMP FETISH, LESBIAN Keywords: karma rx, cory chase, mind f**k, limp, luke longly, big tits, big boobs, female training, girl/girl

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:12:12
Size: 884 Mb
Heroine Adventures - Cory Chase, Karma RX in Brain Drain Awakenings FullHD mp4 

Added: 3/25/18 3:15pm

[Image: ovwbbqzer8gb.jpg]
[Image: hr7qzzhj8742.jpg]

...Later that day Miss Chase wakes with a massive head ache...She knows something happened but cannot remember what...She wraps up her work and leaves for home...
She is making some evening coffee when Brain Drain appears...Quickly Miss Chase remembers what happened and Brain Drain pounces... Brain Drain has one last night of fun with Miss Chase before transferring every last bit of the Brain Drain powers to the new Host...

 Categories: KISSING, BIG TITS ,karma rx, female training, mind f**k, teacher fetish, mind control, brain drain, big tits, big boobs, cory chase, super villain, special effects

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:15:38
Size: 1,11 Gb

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