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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
Mind f**k SD 

[Image: hlxf5dacorwq.jpg]
[Image: lxq49w53l53q.jpg]
[Image: uottiqc3jyb0.jpg]

Added: 9/2/16

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 640 x 360
Duratio: 00:43:09
Size: 236 Mb

Best Robots, Mesmerize SD 

[Image: nmsrrgklzi8o.jpg]
[Image: m8jrsyln5b3z.jpg]
[Image: arzvirlpau6d.jpg]

Mod Kit

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duratio: 00:44:48
Size: 378 Mb
Hypno Foursome f**k - Mind Control, Female Training SD 

[Image: gdw2434rt73r.jpg]
[Image: 121l3lcswnjo.jpg]
[Image: n48t878fxs5l.jpg]
[Image: 2y7657qhuqqy.jpg]
[Image: wbheqxifub2u.jpg]

Categories: Blowjob, Fucking Foursoome, Hardcore, Female Domination, Download Free Incest Video.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duratio: 00:42:02
Size: 306 Mb

Natalia Grey - Mesmerize my Sister Fantasy - Female Domination, Sensual Domination

[Image: 94hgf1imm44o.jpg]
[Image: vz8s6nfot6dw.jpg]

Let me free you from your own mind holding you back with this JOI 

Category: Sister and Brother, sis, Sister Fantasy, Mesmerize, Femdom, Female Domination, Sensual Domination, Blow Jobs, Download Free Incest Video.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:13:06
Size: 680 Mb

Super Villain - Hypno Control

[Image: 1r9mi7pghvmu.jpg]
[Image: 5zoxy5nu5lap.jpg]
[Image: bzqfx7m7ax8g.jpg]

Added: 11/14/16 01:04PM


Category: SUPER VILLAIN, TRANSFER FETISH, MAGIC CONTROL, SUPER VILLAIN, SUPERHEROINES, FUCKING, xxx hardcore, boy/girl, roleplay, striptease, blowjobs.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:16:44
Size: 1.30 Gb

Hypnosis Threesome sex HD 2018

[Image: o1o0ntvxm8t7.jpg]
[Image: 35fyr0dd7ug4.jpg]
[Image: 1dofn6gnvztp.jpg]

Added: 1/28/18 

Categories: Imposed Male Orgasm, Imposed Kissing, Kissing, Mesmerize, Training, Handjob, Imposed Orgasm, Threesome, Taboo, Hypnosis, Glove, Boots, Sex Toy, Obey, Blondes.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:34:06
Size: 261 Mb
Sidney Alexis - YES DADDY - Robot, Family Control HD mp4 

[Image: pbc86syidpd9.jpg]
[Image: lm2f8ey28a4k.jpg]
[Image: 2br6rnrvzskb.jpg]

Added: 5/15/17 1:16pm

Do you have a disobedient daughter? Is she hanging out with the wrong crowd? Having sex with scumbags? Partying all the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions - then I have the right product for you! I created The Perfect Daughter 4000 because of this very situation with my own daughter. Through very simple yet genius engineering, I created a light kit that can be installed in any small room and is guaranteed to produce the results you want. Email me for more details. Discreet shipping available... 

***Starring Sidney Alexis***

Categories: Father - Daughter, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, BIG TITS, MAGIC CONTROL, DADDY'S GIRL, ALL NATURAL , Sidney Alexis, taboo, daddy, dad, father, daughter, family, control, robot, pov, cumshot, brunette.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00::14:42
Size: 396 Mb

Female Domination - Stealing Superman's Power Through His Cock FullHD

[Image: r71i4jysi84p.jpg]
[Image: 57v7gu2lyn5p.jpg]

Added: 10/11/17 6:10pm

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:22:34
Size: 1.07 Gb

Superheroine Destruction Kenzie Reeves - Harley Quinn - Mind f**k HD 

[Image: 3yqxz60gjdrn.jpg]
[Image: llqzra763833.jpg]
[Image: aok8ipj371d6.jpg]

Added: 9/26/17 02:08PM

The Joker has orchestrated a break out of Arkham Asylum and plans to rendezvous with his main squeeze Harley Quinn. 

Harley is on her way towards the meet-up point when she is interrupted by a simpleton janitor. The totally marks out for Miss Quinn. Filling her personal space, Harley attempts to get the loser janitor to buzz off but he's persistent. 

The man explains that in all the Super Villain's she's his absolute favorite. Harley goes to meet up with The Joker when the man asks for one photo. He explains it would make his life if she would.

Harley agrees hoping to be rid of the doofus, while posing a blinding flash scrambles Harley's crazed mind. Staggering around she's confused.

The janitor steps forward and explains to Harley what's happening to her. He's in fact not a janitor but a brilliant scientist, who for years has been developing this mind altering flash for one sole reason... TO f**k HARLEY QUINN!!!

The janitor starts by forcing Harley to humiliate herself by barking like a . After toying with her he sets his goals higher. 

Harley is ordered to deliver a sloppy wild blowjob which she does with vigor. Then she slides his spit soaked cock straight into her crazy pussy and delivers a f**k that made his years of twisted work worth it!

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:27:13
Size: 836 Mb
Superheroine Carolina Sweets - Little Liberty - Broken into a Submissive Slut HD 

[Image: phpu255lmzd1.jpg]
[Image: gim0wgdkznm7.jpg]
[Image: hczhzubriwvn.jpg]

Added: 10/8/17 5:20pm

Little Liberty is so confident that even though she knows an ambush has been set she walks right in. Despite her claims of no one being able to sneak up on her a thug gets a rag on her face and with a combo of belly punches and bear hugs has her limp and defenseless. The villain is sparing in his use of the rag once he has LL securely shackled. He wants to hear her protest and scream, which she does, over and over. LL goes from fiery defiance and contempt in her eyes to pleading shame and then pleasure as the thug forces her to cum over and over before having his real fun with her


Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:44:49
Size: 1.56 Gb
Sadie Holmes - Turtle Ninja Mutants: April And The Ooze HD 

[Image: n5eb42yy6s5r.jpg]
[Image: bgx8k1j8pow3.jpg]
[Image: uxo1brazatpz.jpg]

Added: 10/20/15 09:19PM

The close friend and ally of the Turtle Ninja Mutants, reporter April Oneal is investigating the recent crime wave in New York by the group known as The Feet and their evil leader The Shredor. April goes against the Mutants advice and ventures deep into Shredors underground lair where he is waiting to give her a story she didnt bargain for! April tries to fight off the bladed ninja warrior, but she is too weak and soon is under his control. The Shredor tears her clothing apart, and exposes her beautiful body to her new master. After The Shredor has his way with April, he unveils his secret plan, new ooze designed to create an army of super mutants, that he will test on April herself. The ooze slowly covers Aprils skin, as she feels its true evil power becoming one with her. Back at the lair of the Turtle Ninja Mutants, April looks for help, but her friends are nowhere to be found. She picks up the swords of their leader and the ooze takes effect! The ooze bonds her with the powers of all of her mutant friends, transforming the once mild mannered reporter, into Super April! With her new powers, Super April returns to The Shredors lair for revenge! Now that the evil villain sees the new ooze really works, he uses it on himself, becoming more powerful than ever before, and April is once again at his mercy! After he enjoys his powerful new new slave, he reveals his ultimate plan, to use the super ooze to destroy the Turtle Ninja Mutants once and for all!!

Related Categories: BONDAGE, COSPLAY, SPANDEX, LEOTARD FETISH, MASK FETISH, comic, super, heroine, cartoon, costume, rope, villain, sleep, vibe.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:30:44
Size: 1.17 Gb

Cory's Super Heroine Adventures - Aaliyah Taylor in Wunder Woman and Super Gurl vs Junior FullHD 

[Image: i0vl1cscdfsw.jpg]
[Image: bvitvzadljly.jpg]

Added: 5/25/16 

Scene One: Robins 

Wunder Woman and Super Gurl rush to Robin's house on an emergency call. But instead of finding Robin they only find her mask, two butt plugs, and a note. They must put the plugs inside themselves and masturbate if they ever want to see Robin again. 

The two most powerful women in the world have no choice and no fear as they help each other push the cold metal into their tight asses. 

Scene Two: What friends do 

What's happening to me? Super Gurl asks as a feeling of heat washes over her body. She can't control herself and reaches for her pussy. Wunder Woman reaches out and gropes her friends breasts, the butt plugs poisoning their bodies. 

They try to stop kissing each other, touching each other, rubbing themselves. Their wills are broken and they both cum. Orgasming, they freeze in place like dolls waiting for their owners return. 

Scene Three:Lasso of f**k 

Their new owner Junior commands them to be sex slaves and breaks them from their trance. Yes master They chant. They kiss at his command, their bodies and minds completely under his control. 

Super Gurl pulls off Wunder Woman's clothes and gets her ready to be fucked. Wunder Woman looks lustfully up at the edge of the bed and moans at the hard cock is thrusted inside her tight pussy. She licks Super Gurl's pussy, and both super heroines are little more than slutty whores for their master. 

Scene Four: Yes master Junior 

The butt plugs have done their work and Junior takes Wunder Woman's ass virginity. She screams in pleasure. They are so desperate for their master to cum, to make him happy. Oh yeah, impregnate me, I want to feel it inside my pussy Wunder Woman moans. He cums inside of her, filling her with his seed and making her cum and tighten on his cock. He freezes them like dolls to play with later as cum oozes out of Wunder Woman's body. The perfect sex dolls. 

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 Format: wmv
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:27:17
Size: 1.29 Gb
Cory's Super Heroine Adventures - Jenni Bliss - No Longer a Side Kick HD 

[Image: rs17kav4pbtm.jpg]
[Image: s67zftiy6iec.jpg]
[Image: qq2pgo7wfyn6.jpg]

Added: 7/8/15

Scene 1: The Number 

Girl Wonder Robyn is orally servicing her mentor and after Batgirl orgasms, Robyn explains that she wants to be a super hero just like Batgirl! "I don't think you are quite there yet" says 
Batgirl, "you still need quite a bit of training". "Oh come on", "I am so ready for this" Robyn yells! Continuing to argue with Batgirl, Robyn really starts to beg to be a super hero. 
Batgirl explains all the things Robyn must do to become a super hero, Robyn eagerly agrees to give it a try. But before Batgirl gives her the number, Robyn must please Batgirl once again. 

Scene 2: The Associate 

Robyn ends up in front of the Professor and he starts to explain all of the nasty things she will have to do in order to become a real super hero. "Are you a virgin?" asks the professor, 
and Robyn giggles and says no I am not. In order to get started Robyn will be bent over the window sill and spanked by the "Associate". "Those panties will have to come off" says the 
professor. Jumping right in the Associate begins the spankings on Robyn's bare bottom. Robyn enjoys having her bare bottom spanked and passes the first part of the test. "Next we will test 
your deep throating skills" explains the professor as Robyn willingly gets on all fours and begins to deep throat the Associates huge cock! Robyn is struggling to fit the whole thing in her 
mouth as the Associate pinches her nose to keep her from breathing. With a little practice, Robyn begins to do a great job on the associates cock and makes him blow his load right down her 
throat! "Did I pass" Robyn asks? "You passed that part, it is now facial time" says the Professor! Robyn can't wait to get thru all of this so she can be a super hero. Robyn starts right in 
on the Associate and begins stroking his cock up and down, anxiously awaiting her cum filled facial. It doesn't take long when the associate shoots his load all over Robyn's face and 
glasses. "Did I pass this test?" asks Robyn and the Professor tells her that she did pass the test. 

Scene 3: The Professor: 

All cleaned up, Robyn is now ready for the Professor. He tells Robyn that he tends to be on the mid-evil side! "This is the deep throat, Rough sex, messy facial portion" explains the 
Professor as he spanks her bare bottom. Robyn then begins the deep throat part of the test with the Professor. She struggles to get that dick down her throat but keeps working it to please 
the Professor. "Ready for some rough sex Robyn?" asks the Professor. "Yes, I totally have this one in the bag!" brags Robyn. The Professor puts Robyn on her side and starts fucking her 
tight little pussy. Loving the ride, Robyn asks "is this part of the training?" and the Professor immediately exclaims "yes!" The Professor continues to pound her tight little pussy and 
Robyn is really enjoying herself. The Professor stops and says "okay, time for more blowjobs" Robyn quickly and willingly agrees to more deep throat and wraps that cute little mouth around 
the professors cock. Next the Professor bends Robyn over and starts slamming her pussy again, making her work hard for the super hero status. She fucks the professor in all kinds of 
positions hoping to convince him to make her a super hero. The Professor can't take it any longer and wants to give Robyn another facial. "Are you ready to swallow the Professors evil 
seed?" asks the Professor and Robyn says "oh yeah"! "That's the taste of success" the Professor tells her as she cleans up his evil load all over her mouth. "Super Hero here I come! I will 
show Batgirl!" Robyn says very excited! 

Categories: SUPERHEROINES, FEMALE TRAINING, Cory Chase, mind control, super gurl, cum shot, fucking, f**k, Luke Longly, female training, robyn, milf, robyn, super heroine, atp,Jenni Bliss.

 Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:42:30
Size: 1.58 Gb

Cory's Super Heroine Adventures - Cory Chase - Wunder Woman Bound and Down FullHD 

[Image: 6eyk29mmuous.jpg]
[Image: 9x14y9elb15n.jpg]

Added: 2/26/17

Scene One: Captured Prey 
Wonder Woman received a tip a new Super Villain was taking over the docks and stealing shipments of top secret nuclear material. She followed one of his Henchman back to the warehouse where all the stolen weapons are hiding. 
This was all a trap, five steps into the back door lasers take out her top, bottoms and cape. Wunder Woman is now nude and almost helpless. Then a ray is blasted at her head and she now is under the control of the Super Villain. Two vibrators appear in her hands and she is forced to pleasure herself vaginally and anally... 
After she has copious amounts of orgasms, gas is expelled from the ventilation. Wunder Woman is now out and helpless. In walks The Punisher to pick her up and carry her away to the next round... 
Scene Two: Fully broken 
She wakes dazed and confused about what's happening as a whip cracks against her tender ass. "Why are you doing this to me" She pleads between cries of pain. Punisher takes his time breaking her, whipping her when she least expects it. Wonder Woman will not give up easily however, she's endured through pain before and this time will be no different. 
Except that this time it is different...Punisher shoves a ball gag between her teeth and gropes her big round breasts. She cries out trying to shake him off. She takes deep gasping breaths through the gag as the whip cracks continue. Punisher shows her the true face of evil. Taking off his pants he grabs her hips from behind and fucks her. Wunder Woman is unable to stop him from using her body anyway he pleases. He takes out the gag to hear her screams and moans as he shoots his load into her helpless pussy. Broken with disgusting cum running down her legs, Punisher turns on the gas and knocks her out again. 
Scene Three: The new rebirth 
Wunder Woman wakes up on a bed, tied with her own lasso of truth. She is completely at Punisher's mercy. He puts a vibrator in her hand and tells her to use it on herself. She obeys her masters every command and rubs it on her clit as Punisher fucks her perfect pussy. "I don't know how much more I can take" She pleads with him as he forces an orgasm from her tender body. "Please please" She begs for it all to be over. She doesn't see Punisher's henchman until he shoves his cock into her mouth. 
They take turns fucking her tight little ass hole and forcing her to suck their cocks clean. She moans like a slave being taught a lesson as the men have their way with her perfect body. Wunder Woman rides one cock while the other is trusted into her ass. She feels like she's going to break as the men DP her and split her open. "I'm going to cum in your mouth" Punisher yells at her and she opens up like a good slave to receive her reward. "You're going to give me your filthy cum too?" She says to the henchman as fucks her pussy raw before cumming all over Wunder Woman's bush. "I want more, I'm a Wunder Slut" She moans cum dripping off her broken body. 

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:48:14
Size: 1.19 Gb

Sandra Luberc, Aiden Valentine - Bros Before Hoes 

[Image: s6npgncf6dns.jpg]
[Image: p3rf3r5gvchc.jpg]

Added: 6/20/17 5:40pm

This clip includes: Sandra Luberc, Aiden Valentine, POV, friend confronts his buddy's girlfriend about what he saw her do, girlfriend has been cheating on her boyfriend, refuses to tell him herself, friend of boyfriend decides he better get evidence to prove it, magic remote control, different modes - stripping, lap dance, dirty talk, masturbate, ride cock, missionary, orgasm, crying, whining, begging, pleading, strip tease, tit groping, ass shaking, dancing, masturbation, masturbation w/ vibrator, dildo sucking, virtual sex, cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle, moaning, orgasm, simulated creampie, cum in pussy, taking pictures, evidence, Russian, Russian accent, petite, perky tits, moving uncontrollably, against will

I was pissed when I knocked on the door to Sandra's house. Right, I should probably tell you who she is first - I'm already getting carried away.

Sandra is this gorgeous, petite, Russian model that my best friend, Shaun, is dating. He's really into her, and they've been dating for quite some time, but something isn't right about her. I haven't been able to put my finger on it, and no offense to my buddy, but why would this bombshell want him? She could have any guy she wanted.

I'll tell you why. Shaun takes her out, buys her whatever she wants, and treats her like a queen. He thought she was the one for him, and that she had the same feelings for him, but then I happened to catch her.with another guy at the club. Rather than make a huge scene at the club, or tell my buddy about it right then, I figured I'd confront her, and she could come clean herself.

"I'm not telling him," she said to me in her broken English. Of course she tried to deny it, telling me that the guy was just a "friend," but I didn't believe it. She knew I didn't believe it. If she wasn't going to tell him, then I was going to have to show him.

"Well, I'm going to have to prove it to him that you're cheating on him," I told her. I pulled out the magic remote control from my jacket, and her eyes widened. Not only was I going to catch her in the act, I was going to take pictures of it while it happened - that way Shaun couldn't try to lie to himself.

I hit the button - STRIP. Her small hands wandered around her chest and she looked at me with an uncomfortable smile, "Whoa, stop it." I watched as her body started to move uncontrollably and against her will. Piece by piece, her clothing was stripped off until she lied naked in front of me with her flawless figure.

Categories: FEMALE TRAINING, FORCED STRIPPING, EMBARRASSED NAKED FEMALE, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, VIRTUAL SEX , magic remote control, forced stripping, embarrassment, humiliation, mind control, brainwashed, moving uncontrollably, against will, lap dance, strip tease, masturbation, virtual sex, missionary, doggystyle, creampie

Format: mp4
Resolution: 856 x 480
Duratio: 00:14:34
Size: 247 Mb
Tammie Madison - Mom Will Do Anything For Step-Son FullHD 

[Image: jowtldnpsaf7.jpg]
[Image: 79w616i5nr5y.jpg]

Added: 8/10/16 7:42am

Tammie Madison is your step mom. She has been with married to your father for a little over a year, and during that time the two of you simply have not been getting along. Your father has had enough. He has instructed your step mom that she has to find a way to make the tow of you see eye to eye, she has to do anything within her power to make the two of you bond. He has left her his credit card and told her she has his blessing to make you happy, to do whatever it takes to ensure the two of you become fond of one another. Hen your step mom turns to you and says, atever you want, you can have. So what is it? What do you want?" What will you tell her? Ever since she started dating your father, you have been mesmerized by the beauty of your step mom. You have often thought about how it would feel to have her long, luscious, stocking-clad, legs wrapped around your waist. You have been entranced by the way her bra-free breasts sway and bounce in her low-cut tops. You have longed to feel her mature flesh. You ache for the taste of her wet mound. The thought of sliding in to a more mature pussy, as you pound her with your young, swollen flesh has driven you crazy with desire. You have not been bickering with and avoiding your step mom because you do not like her, it is because you lust for her. You tell you step mom what you want, and to your surprise, she wants exactly the same thing. Your father has not been able to satiate all of her desires, she is thirsty and needs the juice of youth to help quench her thirst. Your step mom is an expert when it comes to carnal desires. She has years of experience pleasing men. She strips out of her little black dress to reveal that she is not wearing any panties or a bra. Your step mom takes hold of your throbbing cock and eagerly wraps her plump lips around your shaft. She licks you up and down before flicking her tongue over the head. She stimulates you and makes your body pulse with expectation. Her warm wet mouth slides over your balls. She takes them in her mouth and sucks on your balls whilst jerking your rock hard dick. She is horny and she wants you to satisfy her needs. Your step mom wants to feel you deep inside her soaking pussy. She climbs on top of you and rides you vigorously in reverse cowgirl. Your young, hard, dick hits her g-spot and makes her buck and shudder as she cums all over you. She craves more. She pushes back deep and hard as her mature cunt devours your cock whole. She teases you with the prospect of exploding inside of her. How wrong it would be to creampie your step mom, to get the wife of your father pregnant. The two of you are too caught up in the fantasy of the moment. The way your bodies connect is like nothing either of you have felt before. Your cravings get the better of you and you reach the point of no return. You explode deep inside you step mom. As she pulls off of your cock you warm, thick, sticky juices spill out of her. Her used, hungry little pussy hovers above your throbbing member, as your cum drips out of her cunt all over your cock.

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:23:21
Size: 0.99 Gb

Son Fun In Mum's Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter with Syren De Mer - PART 1 FullHD 

[Image: udv0f5e4gmq6.jpg]
[Image: 1ln1ulgxlzmx.jpg]

Added: 11/30/17 

Mom (Syren de Mer) in the kitchen speaking on the phone with her good friend Stacy. While on the phone with Stacy, Stacy is telling Syren about a neighbor that is in the middle of a nasty divorce. The reason for the divorce is a common reason - infidelity by both the husband and wife. The erotic twist about this situation is the real reason for the divorce was that the wife was caught fucking her own son! This leads to a heart-to-heart discussion between good friends Stacy and Syren. Stacy during the course of the discussion is basically advocating the sexual and emotional virtues of sex between an adult son and his own mother. Of course Syren as a mother of a 20-something year old son (Conor), takes the more cynical and skeptical position on the risks a relationship between a mother and son can create. As Syren is speaking on the phone, her son Conor comes to the kitchen to say hello and grab a glass of water. Despite Syren's comments on the phone, she can't help to notice how sexy her son is. Syren finishes her call with Stacy, but still can't get the fantasy of her son out of her head. 

Late that morning, feeling horny, Mom figures she had at least a good two hours to herself and planned to use the alone time to get herself off. She sits in front of her computer and begins to search for some hot porn videos. All she can seem to think about are fantasies revolving around a mother and a son. Despite her better judgment she searches the Internet for stories, videos and blogs relating to between a mother and a son. She is amazed to the amount of content she has found. After reading some sexy blogs and stories she finds a very hot video with an actress and actor that reminded her of both her and her son. The video is a very hot and erotic scene where a mom and son are sharing a bed, which ultimately leads to a hot f**k session. As the video plays she slowly uses her fingers on herself. Mom watches the entire first scene while teasing herself until she has the best orgasm in years. Not realizing but as she is reaching an orgasm she utters softly: "f**k mommy, f**k mommy hard, Conor! Mommy needs your cock so bad!" Feeling a bit ashamed Mom gulps down her wine while gasping "What is wrong with me? I am a mother of three and all I can think about is fucking my son!" She decides to work out and try to get these thoughts out of her mind. What she does not realize is that for the last few moments while she is pleasuring herself her son was watching from the back door. While he could not hear what she said or the sound on the video he was mesmerized by the image of his sexy mother masturbating. Conor leaves the room so not to get caught but the image of his hot mom is now burned into his head - forever!.. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 

Category: Mother and Son, Milf, Mommy, Mom, TABOO, BLOW JOBS, MILF, MOMMAS BOY, CUM IN MOUTH, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, syren, syren de mer, conor, conor coxxx , Download Free Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:19:51
Size: 1.40 Gb

Son Fun In Mum's Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter with Syren De Mer - PART 2 FullHD

[Image: lki1xwgtao0d.jpg]
[Image: z75bdvazqmwa.jpg]

Added: 10/31/17 

Conor stands up and says, "I'm glad you liked that, Mom. But, look at what I've got." She opens her eyes and sees him standing beside the bed between her legs. His cock was completely hard again and standing out to it's full thickness and length. He bends over and puts his hands under her arms and pushes her further up into the middle of the bed. She watches as Conor climbs on top of her. She feels his big, hard cock against her thigh as his body lies between her spread legs. She runs her hands over his chest and shoulders, loving the feel of his hard flesh against her hands. Conor reaches down between them and aims his swollen cock head against her wet slit. As he is about to enter his Mom, she says: "Let's see if this man-sized dick can make Mommy cum." 
She gasps out loud as she feels him push his thick cock head into her tight hole and says, "Yes, baby, f**k Mommy good". Her eyes close and she moans loudly as her son slowly pushes his big, thick cock all the way into her hot, tight pussy. As Conor fucks his Mom she begins to take more control and loses herself to her lust. "Come on Conor f**k your mother harder". As she says that she slides her hands down to his strong ass and pushes his cock deeper into her. Just then Conor says: "Damn Mom you're fucking tight!" Which to Mom responses: "Mommy has never had a dick this big." After fucking missionary for a few moments, Mom pushes her son off her aggressively and makes him lay on his back, where she then proceeds to mount him. 
She finally takes his length and girth and starts the familiar bucking back and forth of her hips. She leans forward on her thin son to kiss him and gives him a perfect view of a mom sliding up and down on her son's thick long rod. 
Mom starts to pick up the pace as she gets use to her son's girth and she lets out an intense moan. Conor matches his moms thrust from underneath as he sucks her hard nipples. 
"f**k me! I'm your mother! f**k me with that big dick! f**k your mother NOW!" Mom screams 
Mom sits up as Conor goes to work slamming his mom from underneath. Conor's youthful body is like a jackhammer pumping in and out of his mother's creamy pussy. 
"Oh baby I'm gonna CUM!" Mom screams. 
As she releases a barrage of loud moans Mom collapses on her son's thin body for a moment and says: 
"I'm usually done after one orgasm but your big cock has got mommy hot and bothered wanting more. Plus mommy wants to make that big dick cum again." 
Mom unmounts Conor's engorged cream covered cock and turns around and lays on him 69-style. Mom instructs her son to: 
"Lube mommy's ass up with your tongue baby." 
As Conor is licking her ass Mom is sucking and slurping on his huge penis. 
She then orders Conor: "Now gently f**k Mom's ass with your finger baby." 

Several minutes pass as Mom moans and groans once again intensify. 

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Son Fun In Mum's Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter with Syren De Mer - PART 3 FullHD 

[Image: t3zaewc0hh6j.jpg]
[Image: 8pf86vrpz6k7.jpg]

Added: 11/4/17 

Then suddenly Mom says: "f**k me doggy. f**k Mommy doggy, baby." Mom is now spread out on all fours. Her ass on the end of the bed and up in the air. Conor is shoving his cock into his mother's cunt doggy style. 
After she's re-accustomed to her son's girth she guides his finger towards her a**h*le and instructs her son: "f**k Mommy's ass with one finger first then add another finger when I tell you." 
After a few minutes pass of Conor gently fucking his mother's tight pussy and fingering her ass, Mom starts to hump back towards her son matching his strokes. She then moans out: "Ok, Mommy wants her son's big dick in her ass now! Go slow.." 
Conor slides his big cock out of her pussy and sets it against his Mom's ass. Conor presses the head of his cock against his moms pink and tight ass hole and she slowly but steadily inches back towards him. While sliding back gripping her son's love stick with her a**h*le Mom lustfully says: "Oh my God! You're huge! Go easy, baby!" As Conor sinks deeper and deeper, Mom starts to pant louder and louder. Finally she has engulfed the entire length and girth of her son's big cock into her ass. She says: "Ok, baby, f**k Mommy's ass softly.." 
Conor starts releasing his length out of his moms ass and right before the bottom tip of his head slowly inserts it back. These slow strokes between Mom and son continue for a bit and Mom tells her son to lube his dick up with some more spit. Conor slobbers up his dick and easily slides back in his Mom's now gaping ass. 
The pace picks up as Conor says "Mom your ass is so tight, I bet it's never been fucked!" Mom pants back "You'd be surprised big boy!" 
Mom moans grow louder as her son's strokes grow harder and faster. Conor is now clasping each of his moms tits from underneath and using them to help thrust into her ass. Mom is now taking every inch of Conor. Once again Syren screams: "f**k Mommy hard! Please f**k Mommy's ass harder!" 
Conor's hips start gyrating at jackhammer speed again. His mother is spread out doggy-style and he's in her ass. At the same time, Mom's fingers find her pussy which she plays with as Conor' fucks her ass hard. 
Her moans are no longer moans and she is now screaming at the pleasure her son is giving her. Mom screams: "f**k Mommy! f**k Mommy Oh my God! Oh my God!" 
Mom is now violently pounding back against her son's hips with his dick plunged deep in her a**h*le, Mom's fingers furiously rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. "Harder!" Mom demands! Conor slams back and forth against his mother's petite body. Conor then screams "Oh Mom, Oh Mom!" 
Syren pants back "Oh son! Oh Son. I love you!" Mom and son now are ruthlessly fucking each other in the most primitive state. Conor fucks his mother a**h*le screaming: 

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Primals FANTASIES - Carolina Sweets - The Girl Next Door HD 

[Image: jiskaon9wizu.jpg]
[Image: n9cz5kr65qs6.jpg]
[Image: f5xrqd0oqhlf.jpg]

Added: 10/1/17 10:11pm

Carolina is in for more than she bargains for when she accidentally throws her 's Frisbee into her neighbor's yard and has to stop by to get it. Soon after she comes into his house, the neighbor uses a spray in his mouth that seems to effect the way Carolina sees things, and begins to be easily swayed into any requests he has for her. 

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PrimalS FANTASIES - Gia Paige - Popular b***h Learns a Lesson HD 

[Image: 4dc2pimui6fm.jpg]
[Image: py8senbqokgz.jpg]

Added: 11/19/15

Gia is one of the hottest, most popular girls in school. She promised that if I gave her the answers to the test, she would go out on a date with me. All I wanted to do was show her a good time, but she just turns into a total b***h! So instead of giving her the sparkly necklace she would have gotten if she just kept her word, I use it to bring out her true colors to turn her into my own personal slut.


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Primals FANTASIES - Nikki Delano - Training the Rich b***h HD 

[Image: ig25dmanlmnx.jpg]
[Image: juam5yo8o54c.jpg]
[Image: ayns8jun6dt4.jpg]

Nikki is arguing with her ex-husband's, Robert's, partner about the studio they owned together and train at. Nikki says since Robert owned 60% of the shares, she is basically his boss now. Robert's partner says it's never been like that between them and that they were always equal. Nikki doesn't feel they are or that she should be equal to him, and won't come to a fair agreement. 

Robert's partner starts explaining his stop watch, and how it's new technology that brings in all the money and helps the clients do whatever he says. He decides to demonstrate on her. Before she knows what's happening, she's doing uncontrollable jumping jacks! Robert's partner tried to be nice, but she's not making it easy. And since she fucked over his best friend, she's going to teach her a lesson, and humiliate the f**k out of her while doing so. 

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Quinn Tracey, Bruce Benjamin - Cock Blocked by my little Sister HD

[Image: h6wheglgpsuf.jpg]
[Image: d1xnp7l51l6d.jpg]

Benjamin is getting ready for a BIG date with his girlfriend Mary. He has taken a handful of Viagra...and he is all ready to go. He is going to take a shower, and can't find the body wash, so he comes into the living room to ask his Sister Tracey where it is. While talking to Tracey...he can't help but showing her his massive, rock hard erection. Sister is mesmerized by the raging when Brother goes to take his shower, and girlfriend Mary calls on the phone....Sister can't help herself....she sabotages Brother's date by telling Stephanie that Benjamin is sick!! When Brother emerges from the shower... Sister informs him of the alleged "bad news"...and Peter is stuck....a Viagra induced erection...and a cancelled date!! Alexis tells him that he will have to go to the hospital in 4 hours unless he finds some "relief" she offers to help out!! Not wanting to go to the hospital...Brother agrees to take Sister up on her offer....and the Siblings end up sucking licking and fucking each other like crazy!!! Brother REALLY pounds his Sister hard!! WARNING : This is NOT a gentle love making scene....this is graphic footage of a Brother Pounding his Sister EXTREMELY hard!!! 

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Primal's Robo Kink - Dasiy Full Sesson - Magic Control HD 

[Image: s5q5yk24zval.jpg]
[Image: nqph3lxyy9hr.jpg]
[Image: awjmqw6o97i9.jpg]

Added: 3/13/14

Part 1 Obedience- Daisy believes she is here to be helped with her anxiety issues. We put her under and then have her walk around the room repeating her obedience mantra's. She is deeply under and her eyes are rolled far back in her head. Next we put her out again and program her to find her clothes very comfortable and she will remove them without even being aware as she is speaking with us. She then is commanded into her trance like state and fully nude, walks and crawls around the room repeating her mantra's. Finally she is put under and programmed to be a puppy. She happily runs on all fours yapping and wagging her tail and begging for treats

Part 2 Orgasm Therapy - Daisy believes that she is now back for another day of therapy. She has been programmed to be unable to take the hitachi off of her pussy once she begins masturbating. Now, awake, We tell her that the best thing to treat anxiety is to have orgasms. She refuses to masturbate but then is told to OBEY she falls into a trance and begins using the hitachi on her self. She has multiple hard orgasms and slips out of the trance but the programming remains and she is unable to move the hitachi away from her now throbbing pussy. She begins to spasms and convulse and even falls out of the chair, she loses total control of her body and screams and thrashes as she struggles to move the wand away. Finally when the floor is wet from her pussy we put her out. This was incredible how deeply she was programmed.

Part 3 Oral Fixation - Daisy is (she thinks) back for a week later for her next therapy. She is deeply programmed at this point. Acting as her "therapist" I explain that her problems all stem from a powerful Oral Fixation, and the best way to treat it is by performing Oral sex as regularly as possible.She is very embarrassed and laughs a little nervously looking away. When I further explain that it needs to be in a clinical setting and that she needs to suck my penis regularly she begins getting uncomfortable and angry, until she is commanded to obey

Part 4 Little "China" Doll - Now that we have completed Daisy's "therapy" we have decided to have some fun and she is an inanimate "China Doll" (to be pc she is of korean background) but in either case we pose her in multiple positions and then use her unmoving but still very soft and welcoming body as a f**k doll


Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 01:11:37
Size: 1.62 Gb

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