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Scandal Mesmerize, Robot, Limp, Hypnosis, Mind Control Fresh Video
ROBOMEATS - Zoey Laine & Penny Lay - Limp Fetish, Rolling, Dragging HD 

[Image: 6js107848aj0.jpg]
[Image: 5opkv6tuy80p.jpg]

STARRING: Zoey Laine & Penny Lay

PRESENTED IN HIGH FRAME RATE 60 FPS!!! I'm not sure what the sexy Zoey and Penny have been up to, but they have in Max's bed. Red-headed Penny is completely naked, her full, round boobs and shaved cunt exposed. All Zoey is wearing are tight, thigh-high stockings, her young titties and tight snatch on display. How often does one find two naked sluts in one's bed? Max wastes no time spreading Zoey's shapely legs wide open, and plunging his hard cock into her tender hole. She's pretty out of it though, her limp body shaking and moving around the bed, as Max's pole plumbs the depths of her cunt. After knocking her cervix around for a while, Max decides it's not fair to ignore the pale ginger lying next to them. Grabbing her slender leg, he drags her across the bed, opening her pussy wide and shoving himself inside. She's no more responsive than her hot friend, her pliant body and slack limbs shaking under Max's thrusts. Back and forth he goes, enjoying the tight cunt of one slut, then shoving his cock into the other, each of the girls jostling as he fucks them like whores. Soon, he can feel the cum boiling up from his balls and, with a grunt, he erupts deep inside Penny's muff. Satisfied, Max goes off to find somewhere else to sleep. They've definitely earned their right to have the bed.

Fetish Elements:Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Thigh-High Stockings, Sex, Fondling, FFM Threesome, Limp Fetish, Rolling, Dragging, Limb Play, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:26:59
Size: 194 Mb
ROBOMEATS Hooker - Belle and Rex - frozen sex, Mind Control SD

[Image: irg4blj7j1sn.jpg]
[Image: wi6twzbxyzgz.jpg]

Added: 2/7/13 9:54pm

Belle and Rex- Rex is a good ole' country boy who has found himself alone in the big city, so he orders a hooker. Belle comes quickly and they get to it, she starts with a blowjob, and once his time is up she starts to go, but Rex isn't finished, so he offers up some $$$ for some more fun. After some very hot but not very gratifying sex, Belle gets up to go. She seems to be obsessed with time limits, so Rex gives her what she really needs: a good tap of his Timestop Watch! Rex then lays the timestopped whore on the bed and finishes his night the right way, with a timestopped hooker covered in cum! *explicit Sexual Content

Category: FREEZE, BLOW JOBS, TATTOOS & PIERCINGS, AMATEUR, FUCKING, COSTUMES, belle, hooker, girl, hot, sexy, blow job, f**k, timestop, nude, frozen, sex, pussy, blow, orgasm.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 646 x 364
Duratio: 00:26:09
Size: 98 Mb

Primals FANTASIES Elena Koshka - The Nanny - Hypnosis, Mental Domination

[Image: zg8fw1bwwsue.jpg]
[Image: tkubcgh1t7if.jpg]
[Image: 4phd6ruynkyy.jpg]

Added: 12/9/17 5:02pm

Elena applies for a Nanny job, but the interviewer has to make sure she's going to take care of his little man and not have boys over to fool around with. The only way to make sure she doesn't is for him control her mind- and her orgasms.
Elena comes to work the next day, taking off her clothes and folding them in a neat pile. Now she's ready to masturbate so she isn't horny anymore, but the problem is, she is REALLY horny. Her master comes in to tell her he's going to have to control her orgasms, using a hitachi to do so. Then it's time for her to take care of him.
Slut training Elena comes into the master bedroom to masturbate. Unable to cum, she needs her master to make her orgasm. After he finally gives her the orgasm she's been needing, he explains today is going to be a little different for them, and it's time for her to worship his cock.

Categories: MESMERIZE, SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING, BABYSITTER, MENTAL DOMINATION, SLUT TRAINING, Elena Koshka, masturbation, mind control, blow jobs, stripping, older men younger women, submissive sluts, woman following orders, erotic magic, tall women, cumshots, mantra, facials, cum in mouth, eye crossing

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:17:11
Size: 1.72 Gb
ROBOMEATS - Alison Faye, Willow and Rock - Timestop, Freeze, Nerds HD 

[Image: lfvkx8l9i6pm.jpg]
[Image: orzh1048oxxf.jpg]

Added: 4/17/14 11:57pm

Starring Alison Faye, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alison and Willow are two really popular girls, they are talking about how lucky they are to be so pretty and popular and to be able to get all the hot guys, and all the nerds to do their homework.

Rock is one of those nerds, he comes over and the girls stack all their books in his hands and tell him the assignments. Rock is happy to help, but he drops all the books as he is talking to them, he leans over to pick them up and overhears the girls behind his back talking about how much of a loser he is, it's time for some revenge.

He tells the girls that he is happy to help them and they all start to walk out of the room, when Rock taps his timestop watch, freezing the girls in time.

He picks them up and moves them around, while posing them, then he starts to strip them slowly while admiring their sexy bodies.

He puts Alison on her knees and starts to slide it into her mouth, fucking her frozen face.

Then he picks her up and places her on the desk and fucks her, making Willow hold her legs open.

He then moves on to to Willow and fucks her tight frozen pussy.

He fucks her hard and deep until he cums inside of her pussy.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Nerds, Popular Girls, Pornstars, Nudity, Fucking, Blow Jobs, Posing, Stripping, Body Views


If the video is not playing above, you can stream or download the preview HERE.

Category: FREEZE, FUCKING, BLOW JOBS, NUDITY/NAKED, PORNSTARS, HANDJOBS, freeze, time, f**k, school, jock, jerk, cum, pussy, dungeon, dragon, smooth, porn, lick, nipple, pussy.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:29:30
Size: 338 Mb

ROBOMEATS - Alisha Mind-Fucked and Trained SD

[Image: ak04ndeta214.jpg]
[Image: qjlc119nxbhy.jpg]

Added: 11/27/13 9:45pm

Alisha Adams and Miles - Alisha is hanging out with her buddy Miles, an Army Drill Sergeant, she tells him how tired she is from work and he tells her he has been trying out mind-fucking, and has gotten pretty good at it, he tells her that 10 minutes under is like 8 hours of sleep, she agrees and Miles puts her under, and brings her under his control!
Miles orders Alisha to take off her clothes and fold them, he then tells her to make a pig face, then has her do some humiliating and strenuous Army work outs, she obeys and does them all, showing off her sexy body as she stretches and moves.
He then has her roll around on the ground and picks up her feet and worships them while she plays with her tits. He tells her to crawl around then put her clothes back on, then he brings her back, knowing nothing of the humiliation and training she just went through!


Format: mp4
Resolution: 856 x 480
Duratio: 00:17:10
Size: 53 Mb
Jillian Janson, Avi Love, Violet October, & Alex Coal - Halloween Project Funding - Magic Control, Hypnosis HD 

[Image: ay8lu66kwp2p.jpg]
[Image: 0lr399ndwu8u.jpg]
[Image: g2je17utg46b.jpg]
[Image: ofu12ybpv2rn.jpg]

Added: 10/29/17 

Jessica's father is sick of her bratty behavior. He tells her over the phone that she's staying at her mom's house, and he doesn't care that it's Halloween and she made plans already. Knowing her slutty, hot, young friends will come by to pick her up for the occasion, he decides he's going to use a secret trick to get a Halloween "treat" from them they'll never forget. 

When they do come by, he invites them in saying Jessica will be home soon. As they're sitting on his couch waiting, they're overcome with this overwhelming desire for their friend's father and begin to FIGHT each other to get to him first. When they finally make it to him, each girl competes to get to him, and his cock, first. 

Related Categories: SUBMISSIVE SLUTS, COSTUMES, MAGIC CONTROL, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, SLUT TRAINING, c4shalloween17, Jillian Janson, Avi Love, Violet Octobe Alex Coal, submissive sluts, woman following orders, cock worship, older men younger women, cumshots, masturbation, riding, deep throat, cosplay.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:15:30
Size: 1.68 Gb

Primals FANTASIES Tana Lea - Mental Domination Master's Mark - robots, mind f**k, high heels HD

[Image: dkucum2a0xil.jpg]
[Image: mmy1pljhpzs0.jpg]
[Image: ruejyshwr813.jpg]

Added: 9/23/17 10:03pm

Tana stops by a very reputable tattoo shop for some new ink. Everyone's been talking to much about this place that she decided to come there. She wants to get her boyfriend's name tattooed on her lower back and leaves the job in the hands of the professional that is in the shop. When the tattoo is finally completed, she sees that instead of what she wanted the "Master artist" tattooed "Obedient Slut" on her. She loses her , but, something about the tattoos allows the "artist" to control the way she sees things, and becomes submissive to his every demand.

Tana comes in to help the artist at the tattoo salon. The work he has in mind is a little different than what she'd anticipated though.

Tana is a fully trained slut slave, willingly and submissively serving her new master.

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Category: FEMALE TRAINING, TATTOOS & PIERCINGS, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, MENTAL DOMINATION, SLUT TRAINING, MESMERIZE Keywords: tana lea, masturbation, stripping, magic control, submissive sluts, hitachi, blowjobs, crossed eye fetish, fucking, robots, mind f**k, high heels, electric massagers, cumshots, cum in mouth, Download Free Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:00:36
Size: 614 Mb

Kitty LeRoux - Mind Control - Mesmerize Your Mom - transformation, bbw , huge boobs FullHD 

[Image: bdql27v0yayv.jpg]
[Image: zv2fftg7j3k9.jpg]

Added: 11/24/17 

You come home to find a note on your door from one of your roommates. She's signed for a package while you weren't home. When you go to her room and talk to her, she jokes that you've bought so many of these doodads, that you have to at least have a small doubt that they don't work. She teases that it's like believing in Santa Claus, and thinks you're cute. "I don't care where you spend your money, as long as you pay your part of the rent." When you ask where the package is, she lifts up her sweatshirt sleeves to reveal that she's put the bracelets you purchased ON her wrists. She playfully says she volunteers. Your eyes go WIDE- you just bought the most powerful mesmerizing bracelets you've ever had, and she put them on her wrist. She has no idea to have no idea that she's taking off her sweatshirt, sliding down her skirt, and basically stripping from everything she's wearing, "What? It's hot. I want to do this." She asks about the bracelets and when she mentions that they seemed like they were for Halloween, you get an idea. She (obviously) agrees to go put on her Halloween costume, but as she digs for it, she brings out a few things you weren't expecting- a tail plug and a HUGE double ended dildo. She doesn't believe in mind control, but she's about to f**k her tits, her throat until she's drooling spit and her pussy until she squirts- all under your control. This is going to be fun. 

Category: MESMERIZE, FEMALE TRAINING, BBW, PET PLAY, SPIT FETISH, NERDY GIRLS , big tits ,butt plug, tail plug, nerdy girls, confessions, squirting, transformation, bbw , huge boobs, spit, drool, deep throat, double-ended dildo, pussy fucking, throat fucking, begging, moaning, catgirl, petplay, collar, mesmerize, mind f**k, mind control.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:20:11
Size: 1.17 Gb
Kitty LeRoux - Mesmerizing The Tutor - mesmerize, mind f**k, pawg, bbw HD 

[Image: d5s45e5eyqk3.jpg]
[Image: mzq4560gjelk.jpg]

Added: 7/13/17 01:38AM

Your frumpy tutor has been hiding something under the over-sized hoodie and cargo pants she wears like a uniform. As a surprise gift for her birthday, you've replaced headphones she broke in her science lab..but these aren't just any headphones. What she sees as adorable cat-eared headphones are actually extremely adept mind-wiping. She put them on, and flips the switch, lighting them up..that's when you know they are working. The music emitted from them slowly melts away her inhibitions and she begins to strip away all of her frumpy clothes. She can't stop touching herself, to your delight. "Top drawer," she says...Turns out, your frumpy tutor is a sexy, slutty submissive and she can barely think straight. The toy you found in her top drawer, she draws it to her lips, fucking her throat, drooling for cock. She follows your suggestions for where else to put it, fucking her huge tits and sliding up and down on top of it. "I crave cock; I crave cum" ..she says it over and over like an obedient slut. She can't take how swollen her clit has become and begs to cum at your command. This is a transformation not to be missed. 

Categories: mesmerize, mind f**k, pawg, bbw, big ass, ass fetish, oral fixation, drooling, spit, woman following orders, spanking, dildo sucking, ass shaking, missionary, reverse cowgirl, missionary, bikini, micro bikini, cleavage, submissive sluts, deep throat, toys, transformation, headphone fetish, throat f**k, catgirl, anime, purring , MIND f**k, BBW, BIG BUTTS, SUBMISSIVE SLUTS, DILDO SUCKING, mind f**k , MESMERIZE , Download Free Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:18:21
Size: 244 Mb
Natalia Forrest - Pick Up Predator's Erotic Trance Destroys Your Intoxicated Mind - mind control, brainwashingHD 

[Image: tcqy8jh53jme.jpg]
[Image: u0cillj7c817.jpg]

It must be your lucky night - picked up by the hottest babe in the bar and lured back to her place. She's a classy lady, but so horny she wants to watch you wank. You think you're going to get laid. Well, she will totally f**k you tonight... f**k your mind until you become her drooling idiot jerk slave. You're the latest victim of the pick up Predator. She tempts you to inhale her special perfume deeply. It sends your mind spiralling down into a euphoric dream and enhances her beauty and control. Her piercing eyes and sensual words plunge you into an unbreakable trance. 
You can't resist her wicked seduction. You'll do anything for her. She plies you with more and more of her perfume, carefully directed inhales increasing the effect, intent on making you lose your mind completely. You'll become her wanking addict. Her cruel smiles are so sexy, you'll enjoy every moment as she take your mind apart. Her mental domination is so deep that every suggestion become reality. You'll pump your dick and believe you're fucking her hard every which way. You'll think you've had the best sex of your life. And when you cum it will blow what little remains of your mind, and you'll be just another weak horny brainless man for her to use. 

Categories: MIND f**k, MENTAL DOMINATION, MESMERIZE, SENSUAL DOMINATION, VIRTUAL SEX,  english, british, natalia forrest, nataliaforrest, nataliax, intox, intoxication, trance, black widow, mind control, brainwashing,  MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION .

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:23:29
Size: 537 Mb
Primals FANTASIES Ria Rox - The Guidance Counselor - Mesmerize, Slut Training HD 

[Image: l4jt8yjd7f88.jpg]
[Image: c5i0unyrafl4.jpg]

Added: 1/4/16 12:00am

Ria considers herself to be the perfect student and expects to go on to get a degree from a prestigious college. Her counselor, however, offers her some special guidance about the types of rolls that pretty young girls are best suited for.

Categories: WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, MESMERIZE, SLUT TRAINING, MENTAL DOMINATION, FORCED ORGASMS, Ria Rox, older men/younger women, blowjob, Download Free Incest Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:25:04
Size: 264 Mb
Bettie Bondage - Ancient Texts and Codices - erotic control, mind control, mesmerism FullHD 

[Image: sivllszgkl44.jpg]
[Image: 6ldvmgqaraf8.jpg]

Added: 7/22/17

You work in the special collections department at a university, and a colleague asks you to come by on your way out of the office to give her your opinion on something. When you get there, she shows you a strange book that appeared in the stacks. She can't find it in the department's system, but she was able to track its origins, leading her to discover its sordid history. It seems as though the book's appearance through history has been linked to the occurrence of sex cults. She tells you this with an air of professionalism, but her hands flutter across her neck, towards her blouse. 

She unbuttons the top button, her eyes flashing something nearing lust at you. She continues, telling you that you have to destroy it. Her hands move further down, unbuttoning her blouse completely as she explains to you the dire consequences that could arise if you don't end this now. She slips out of her skirt, somewhere between oblivious and lost in lust, as she implores you to take out your cock. She seems possessed by the power of the tome before her as she slides her panties to the side and exposes her smooth wet slit, finger fucking her quim with her thigh high clad legs spread across her computer chair. You comply, but you can't tell why. This is highly unusual behavior from both of you, but you've always wanted to f**k her and there's a drive to spill your seed on her tongue that you can't quite grasp...she gets on her knees and begs for your cum, holding her tongue out and moaning. "Please," she begs, "feed me your seed." 


Categories: EROTIC MAGIC, POV, VIRTUAL SEX, FANTASIES, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES, erotic control, mind control, mesmerism, magic transformation, librarian to slut, prude to slut, begging for cum, cum slut, female masturbation, bettie bondage, Download Free Incest Video. 

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:15:33
Size: 664 Mb

Foursome Hypnosis sex

[Image: 63ih6ipcy1ay.jpg]
[Image: kcjtq67fs0f1.jpg]
[Image: 6ldvmgqaraf8.jpg]

Added: 10/19/17 

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:00:21
Size: 687 Mb

Mesmerize, Mind Control

[Image: fenbom1llsg7.jpg]
[Image: 73zg1b2o2njf.jpg]

Added: 10/19/17 

Category: MESMERIZE, FEMALE TRAINING, Cosplay, Blowjob, Fucking, Foursome , Download Free Incest Video. 

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:29:04
Size: 319 Mb
Mother Daughter Mesmerism - Mind Control, Mind f**k, Lesbian Game

[Image: la7p0gp1anaq.jpg]
[Image: hrw4ivxkygc8.jpg]
[Image: oncmhz4t1q2v.jpg]

Added: 1/13/15

Note: As the ladies are a REAL mother / daughter duo, this shoot contains sections in underwear, but no nudity. 

ToniLou I've worked with a couple of times before. (Each of them a Director's Choice too!) The first time was with Michelle Hush,then with Faye Taylor, and this time round she introduced us to her mum Mel, who's also a model, and occasionally cams with her on ChatgirlTV websites. 

Regardless of the fact that both ladies didn't undress further than their underwear throughout, (Sorry to those of you who are *really* that kinky.) this was a pretty awesome n sexy shoot. Mel was very chatty, relaxed and interested in being entranced as Toni had obviously come away from our shoots giving me glowing reviews. (Not that I left her with the suggestion to bring me further fun females to manipulate and mind control or anything... OR DID I!?) 

Both ladies were great subjects. ToniLou telling us in trance that she likes to feel spellbound, Melissa telling us that she wanted to feel mindless. Very Happy 

Hope you all enjoy it! 


Category: Mother and Daughter, mature, Mind Control, MESMERIZE, MIND f**k, MILF, MENTAL DOMINATION, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER WOMEN, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, tonilou, melissa40, mel, mum, daughter , Download Free Incest Video. 

 Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:09:30
Size: 1.46 Gb

Steve's twin brother Stan is a licensed therapist, who counsels couples

[Image: iewd5fbcklj3.jpg]
[Image: dn9d81guuyjj.jpg]
[Image: 5hb023cnou0f.jpg]

Sicilia and Andy are having relationship problems. She's frigid.

Stan uses watch and flame to thaw her out.

Now whenever Andy wants his wife to be loving, he just has to flick his bic.

...and Sicilia turns up the heat.

Back in counseling, Andy can't wait to show Stan how well the therapy has worked.

Sexy Sicilia gives a downright trigger happy performance.


Category: Sister and Brother, Mind Control, TABOO, OLDER MEN / YOUNGER WOMEN, BIG TITS, ALL NATURAL, POV SEX, BLOW JOBS, big boobs, cheating, secrets, brother sister fantasy , family, manipulation, bj, pov blowjob, Download Free Incest Video. 

 Format: wmv
Resolution: 640 x 360
Duratio: 00:47:37
Size: 603 Mb
Primals FANTASIES Melissa Moore - The Photographer Valedictorian - transformation fetish, Magic Control SD 

[Image: agywrma0fgb2.jpg]
[Image: 71cez8nd5uky.jpg]
[Image: y9szdirsyms8.jpg]

Added: 11/6/16

Melissa is a brilliant student who's known nothing but studying and straight A's for her entire school career. With graduation and the journey to college looming, she has been pronounced the valedictorian of her class. This title comes with several responsibilities and honors, including a special page in the school yearbook and a portrait that will adorn the school halls forever. Of course, to do this, the photography teacher must take her photograph. Mr. Masters arrives, camera in hand, and tries to encourage Melissa to let loose and relax. However, being as dedicated to her studies as she's been her whole life, her idea of "relaxed" is still pretty stiff. The camera's flash and a couple words from Mr. Masters begin to bring out a new facet of the prude pupil. For one reason or another, the photography teacher isn't able to finish taking her pictures, so he returns after school day after day as Melissa's long-repressed slutty side emerges.


Categories: MAGIC CONTROL, SUBMISSIVE SLUTS, SLUT TRAINING, MENTAL DOMINATION, OLDER MEN / YOUNGER WOMEN, melissa moore, transformation fantasies, photography, photographer, transformation fetish, blowjobs, fucking, masturbation, orgasms, cum in mouth, facials, stripping, mesmerize, cock worship, nerdy girls, Download Free Incest Video.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duratio: 00:41:47
Size: 641 Mb

Son Mind Control his Beauty Mom

[Image: efoy8f2rg0zr.jpg]
[Image: jr816t323v9k.jpg]
[Image: azk3g8tmtvqa.jpg]

Categories:  Mommy and Son fantasy, Mother and Son, Milf, Mommy, Mama, mother son sex, Creampie, Big Tits, Blowjob, Busty, Cougar, Cow Girl, Cumshot,Step Mom,  mommy and son role play, hot mommy, taboo milf, blonde milf,Creampie, Family Fantasies, Family Roleplay, Family Secrets, Family Sex, blackmail fantasy, Fetish, Impregnation Fantasy, Incest family, Secrets Fantasy, Incest RolePlay, Incest stories, Incest Video, petite,Porn,POV, Role Play,Taboo, Download Free Incest Video.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 720 x 404
Duratio: 00:19:01
Size: 146 Mb

Foursome Mind f**k SD 

[Image: u03a8yk9dao3.jpg]
[Image: dv3a9805odqv.jpg]
[Image: hufp1925nkhz.jpg]

Added: 9/2/16

Categories:All sex, Hardcore, xxx, Blowjob, Cumshot, Hypnosis, Fucking, MESMERIZE, FEMALE TRAINING, MIND f**k, Download Free Incest Video.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:35:56
Size: 402 Mb

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