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Family Incest Roleplay Stories Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, Aunt, Uncle
Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Mommys Special Diet - Modern Family Taboo FullHD 

[Image: 2j72l8zbyssg.jpg]
[Image: 74kj7vxckj7m.jpg]

Added: 3/18/17 10:55AM

Mommy came home looking very sad. She sat down next to her son. He asks her what was wrong. Mom is going on vacation soon and went to the mall to try on some new swimsuits. But after trying a bunch on she felt like she had gained some weight and did not even want to go on vacation now! Her son told her she was not fat and her body was perfect! Just as he said that Mom pulled a candy bar out of her bra and began to unwrap it. He grabs it away from her and told her that if she was feeling fat she probably should not eat a candy bar. Mom told him since she stopped drinking all she wanted to do was eat. Just then she began to take another candy bar out of her bra! He takes that one too and tells her she should go on a special diet! He tells her about a new Hollywood diet that consists of high amounts of protein found in male semen! She laughs and says she doesn’t even have a boyfriend! Where would she get male semen from? Her son suggests that maybe he could help her. After all what’s a son for? He grabs he head and starts to push it down close to his cock. She gets upset and pushes him away. That’s not a proper thing for a Mother to do she says. But her son persisted and tells her if she wants to lose some weight before hitting the beach that she had better start sucking! Mom still thinks it’s wrong but Mom is also very vain so she gets her sons cock out and starts. He grabs her by the head and shoves his cock deep in her throat. He tells her to gag on her sons cock! In the end she tells him how hungry she is for her sons cum! Once she finishes eating all of her boys cum she tells him that she will be hungry again soon and he better have some more protein for her! Mom loves her new special diet!

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:10:45
Size: 468 Mb
Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Mommies Party Modern Taboo Family 

[Image: gt5cznogs4md.jpg]
[Image: z5ntgsj8utrk.jpg]
[Image: 8gn56n28paqi.jpg]

Added: 2/18/17 2:45pm

Mommy is throwing another one of her parties, which means Harlo is kept awake by all of the party noises. He is used to this as Mommy throws wild parties often. Mommy stumbles in to Harlo’s room and tries to get Harlo to join the party. He is rude to his Mother and refuses her invitation. She lays on him for a little nap and comes to very aroused. She begins touching her son and insists she sit on his face. Harlo tries to get Mommy out of his room, he tries to resist her, but what Mommy wants Mommy gets and Mommy rips open her tight pantyhose to get her ass and pussy serviced by her Son’s eager mouth. Harlo fucks Mommy in every position she begs for and then finishes with a big load on her face. Mommy tries again briefly to get her son to be social. When he says no she stumbled out to the party still covered in Her sons semen.

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:21:24
Size: 1.16 Gb

Kesha Ortega, Sheyla Ortega - Comparte Con Tu Hermanita SD 

[Image: kaa6ffutvywd.jpg]
[Image: wuk7ljzzwhc6.jpg]
[Image: pry0z0zzl6si.jpg]

My sis has gotten to that age where her and her friends are starting to "experiment" with different things. Now that she is 18 yrs old, her and her friend Lexy have realized that it's fun to smoke together. The problem is...this isn't the type of smoking that the law says newly turned 18 yr olds are allowed to take part in. This type of smoking not only does the government frown upon, but our parents definitely would not approve as well!

Truth be told...I have had a little thing for her friend Lexy over this past year. She has a cute bubble butt, and I've heard from other classmates that she gives really good sloppy blowjobs.

So when I caught the two of them in my sis's room, with a bag of stuff they shouldn't be smoking, I figured...this is the perfect opportunity to see how much the two them really liked to "experiment"??

Watch as I f**k with them at first, getting them to kiss and tongue each other right in front of me. At first I was just having fun...but then I wanted more. I knew that I had them right where I wanted them! They had to do whatever I asked them to do, or else I would go to dad.

This power made me very horny, so I took it up a notch and started to touch her girlfriend Lexy. As I was touching Lexy I started to look at my sis, and something came over me where I knew if I wanted to...I could touch her as well. So I asked her to start to get naked too!

Watch as I get both my lil sis and her best friend to get naked, and then the 3 of us touched and fucked each other until I pulled out of my sis's spread pussy lips and spewed my hot jizz all over her stomach while the both of them made out together. Then they both took turns tasting my cum.

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duratio: 00:24:41
Size: 501 Mb
Kenzie Taylor - Kenzie Taylor Gets Nasty With Huge Cocks SD 

[Image: aa9pmjz0ud0z.jpg]
[Image: rvpwc5t0wd8g.jpg]
[Image: nui2zghxh13y.jpg]
[Image: ii7p31gjiceo.jpg]

11/10/2017 | 17:45

Kenzie Taylor is a dirty girl. She loves to make men happy and want her and will do anything to please them. Kenzie is practicing for a special day with her boyfriend when her step father caught her. Kenzie doesn't care if she's in trouble, she is so turned on and horny for big cocks that she drops to her knees to suck off her step daddy. The big boobs blonde whore fills up her pussy and mouth at the same time. She loves threesome's and the bigger the dick inside of her the better. Kenzie drips from her pussy as she lives out every fantasy she has. The step daughter loves role play. It shows every second while she swaps between the cocks.

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duratio: 00:22:20
Size: 497 Mb
Katya Rodriguez, Lily Rader - Road Trip Ep 2 SD 

[Image: 14l2re1enhzx.jpg]
[Image: l3au2a42ecq7.jpg]
[Image: jk9bakxh7pdc.jpg]

Now that the two girls have started touching each other, they're both open to some threesome action with Brad. They work together to give him another blowjob, then take turns riding his dick. They then alternate between which girl gets to have her pussy pounded on her back while eating out the other. Brad fucks Lily so hard that she can't help but explode again! Moments later, he cums inside her to fill her with a hot creampie. The rest of the roadtrip is passed in companionable silence.

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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 960 x 540
Duratio: 00:30:09
Size: 478 Mb
Katie Morgan - Horny Step Mom Gets Slammed SD 

[Image: i7malsij78at.jpg]
[Image: xtk3jimqizit.jpg]
[Image: 1on7p03hcqho.jpg]

Katie Morgan returns to her house to find out that her step-son, Juan, had thrown a party the night before. Things were everywhere.She confronts him about the situation. He begs her not to tell his father about his f**k up. This is when he comes up with the great plan. He’d f**k her to get out of this pickle. Juan penetrated his step-mom’s pussy all over their kitchen. all this culminating with a giant load all over his stop-mom’s face and tits.

 Categories: Mother and Son, Milf, Mature, Mom, stepmom, Amateur, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Busty, Cougar, Cow Girl, Cum Shot, Doggystyle, Facial, Hardcore, Milf, Missionary, Riding, Vaginal, Download Free Incest Video.

 Format: mp4
Resolution: 852 x 480
Duratio: 00:31:06
Size: 347 Mb
Daisy Stone - Breaking Our Daughter Complete Series Incest Video FullHD 

[Image: xmp1m5cff2rj.jpg]
[Image: faudemqc9n9i.jpg]
[Image: av4hek77a8lj.jpg]
[Image: a5db88ghekjq.jpg]

Added: 5/14/17 08:45AM

Scene One: Rude Awakening 

Last night his daughter Daisy came home late, and now it's time for her to get up and go to school. Dad pulls down the covers and wakes her up in a very special way. Stripping off her clothes and touching her body. She starts to yell at him as she wakes up but he puts his hand over her mouth. "Shhhh" He whispers as he slides his cock inside her young pussy. 

She moans and tries to free herself while he gropes and sucks her tits. Daisy can only lay there and squeal as her dad violates her. Not knowing what to do she lets him pump hard into her body. She can feel his cock shutter inside of her and a stream of burning hot cum fill her. Finished he leaves her to get ready for school. 

Scene Two: Couching the problem 

Dad feels empowered to do whatever he wants to his daughter. As she comes home from school he grabs her and throws her to the living room couch. He rips open her shirt destroying her top and exposing her tender nipples to his hard hands. Then he rips open her tight pants, leaving her pussy open and quivering with fear. 

She's left wearing rags as her father opens her up and rams his cock inside of her. "None of the other dads do this" She pleads with him. He shushes her and makes her suck his cock. Taking the rags of her shirt he ties up her hands. In her mind the fucking goes on forever. Pain, humiliation, fear and pleasure all rolled into one. "Dad please just finish" She begs him and he does. Fucking a load of cum into her and making her a woman. Her skin is covered in goosebumps of fear as he leaves her tied up and shaking. 

Scene Three: Mom is in denial 

Daisy's finally gained the courage to confront her mom and tell about dad fucking her. But no matter how much she explains mom wont believe her. "I think you're just coming up with stories" mom says getting mad. Dad walks into the room and begins groping Daisy's tits. She yells to her mom to look at what's happening but all mom sees is a loving and affectionate father. 

When he gets behind her and lifts up her dress, sliding his dick inside her, mom ignores what's happening and leaves the room telling Daisy she's making it all up. "MOM WAIT!" Daisy yells to her as her dad plows into her. "How many times are you going to make me take it" She cries to him. He fucks her and teaches her how to be a good little daddies slut for him. Grabbing her tiny body he puts her on the floor. Forcing her to speak she repeats with sadness in her voice "Cum in my little whore mouth daddy" and he shoots his cum all over her face and open mouth. What a good cum dumpster daughter he has. 

Scene Four: A flower blooms 

"MOM! What are you doing" Daisy screams. Just getting ready for bed her mom attacks her and pins her down. "You're here for daddy and daddy is going to take very good care of you" Mom tells her. Holding her down she strips and touches her daughter, getting her ready to be fucked by her father. Daisy can't believe what's happening. "Why are you doing this to me!" She screams again and again. 

Dad opens up her legs and pushes himself into her, splitting her open. While mom holds down her struggling arms, dad has full access to her and fucks her as hard as he wants. "You need to become a woman. You look so pretty" Mom tells her as she screams and cums against her will on her dad's cock. He pulls her hair and rides her until he's ready to cum. Mom holds open her cute little mouth for dad's big load. "Just remember that your mom and dad love you very much" Cory kisses her. Daisy goes to bed with fresh memories of violation and the taste of cum on her lips. 
Category: TABOO 
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 Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:38:18
Size: 2.20 Gb

Tammie Madison - Ass Lick until the End FullHD

[Image: jskx2lqsq9kv.jpg]
[Image: lfsx6yodfith.jpg]

Added: 2/16/17 05:20AM

a**h*le Fetish, Execuutrixx

You want to take your obsession with my a**h*le to the extreme. You've never been able to get enough of it and now you want to pay the ultimate price to get as much of it and as close to it as you can. And I've agreed to go along with this. I will let you lick, taste, smell, and even probe my a**h*le with your tongue. I'm going to give you more of it than you can handle. First, I'll start by teasing you with my ass, making you admire it from a distance. Then I'll gradually work my closer and closer to your face. You'll get me hovering my ass right in front of you, spreading my cheeks and winking. I'll then put my a**h*le within rimming distance so that you can stretch your tongue and enjoy my tight little hole. Finally, I'll push it right down onto your face so that my a**h*le is the last thing you see before you're smothered by ass.

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:07:08
Size: 319 Mb
Akira Shell, Sierra Simmons - Family Fun 101 FullHD

[Image: df6dl8tfzxts.jpg]
[Image: rtf8t7yxpjvq.jpg]

Added: 1/23/17 06:38PM

Live On The Internet

Dear Diary,

When my sister Sierra heard we were making money on webcam just for having some family fun she decided to join us. She was a bit hesitant at first so Daddy and I helped her relax with a few orgasms. By the time she came we had someone pay for a live threesome. Sierra and I played with each other and rode Daddy a bit then he took turns fucking us. Daddy pounded both our pussies until we came and Sierra started spraying breastmilk everywhere. Needless to say by the time the show ended we were a hot sticky mess but thats Family Fun 101 in my book.

Xo Akira

Categories: OLDER MEN / YOUNGER WOMEN, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, THREESOMES, BIG TITS, INTERRACIAL, Akira Shell, Sierra Simmons, Sister, Sisters, Daughter, Teen, Big Tits, Big Ass, Roleplay, Cheating, Threesome, Lesbian,

Format: avi
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:31:06
Size: 383 Mb

Amateur Incest - Hairy Girl Gets Fucked Hard By Father And Brother SD

[Image: fzgkd6pf5dfc.jpg]
[Image: 83sl5i7c55da.jpg]
[Image: oljaii3zf1b8.jpg]

So I don't want to waste any time, I just need to get your dick inside me daddy! I've been so horny all day, playing with myself just hasn't done it. I've made myself cum more times than I can count but I still feel so empty! I need your big cock to fill me up. Lay back while I jump on top, riding you with all I've got. I bounce up and down on your dick, moaning and screaming with pleasure. I know you like watching me as I bite my lip and stare into your eyes as you make me quiver with pleasure. I bring myself to one hell of an orgasm, screaming and twitching as I came down. That's all you needed tonight, right?

Categories: OLDER MEN / YOUNGER WOMEN, 18 & 19 YRS OLD, THREESOMES, BIG TITS, Sister, Sisters, Daughter, Teen, Big Tits, Big Ass, Roleplay, Cheating, Threesome, Lesbian, Bisexual, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Cunnilingus, Small Tits

Format: avi
Resolution: 768 x 576
Duratio: 00:38:55
Size: 711 Mb

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