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Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 12-30-2018

Rubber Passion – Lucy Takes Control [Bondage Male, Bondage, Handjob, Orgasm Control]

[Image: iks8gqqza1tu.jpg]

[Image: n591prduquiy.jpg]

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Rubber, Latex, Bondage Male, Bondage, Handjob, Orgasm Control, Big Tits, Black Latex, Cock Slapping, Cock Sucking, Cock Whipping, Cum, Cum on Face, Dominant Lucy.

Size:367 Mb

Skipping Class- Starring Naomi - Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Foot Licking, Footlicking, Footworship

[Image: l26mk87417h4.jpg]

[Image: n57miia8pam3.jpg]

Naomi is a spoiled brat rich girl who is used to getting away with everything and doing whatever she wants. So when she is busted skipping class, she has no idea why her principal would even bother calling her into his office. She suspects he is a perve and quickly lets him know that he will soon be the janitor in the school if he calls her parents. She takes off her shoes and pushes it into his face, she knows he is secretly a foot b***h. She quickly turns the tables and he is at her mercy as he desperately takes her feet in his mouth.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Fetish, Naomi, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Foot Licking, Footlicking, Footworship.

Size:519 Mb

Spy In Nylons. Starring Agent Naomi and Agent Bradley Strong [Footdom, Foot Domination, Foot Smelling, Foot Sniffing, Foot Fetish]

[Image: kqp4nsgb688g.jpg]

[Image: j7fxbjgnvo9e.jpg]

Agent Naomi has found Agent Bradley Strong's safehouse and needs the location of his boss. He won't give it up under any interrogation but Naomi knows his weakness, stinky nylons. She gets on top of him and rubs his nose with her feet, it won't be long until her sweet scent makes him crack.

Categories: Female Domination, Fetish, Femdom, Naomi, Footdom, Foot Domination, Foot Smelling, Foot Sniffing, Foot Fetish, pantyhose feet, pantyhose, nylon, nylon fetish, nylon feet, pantyhose sniffing, pantyhose smelling, pantyhose licking.

Size:402 Mb

Drenched in Pussy Squirt. Starring Yasmin Scott [Pussy Worship, Cunilingus, Mistress, Squirting, Oral Servitude, Pussy Eating]

[Image: 8eapnuuv27o3.jpg]

[Image: x52j8jl4xs6m.jpg]

Male slaves need to make themselves useful, and that means licking pussy until their Mistress cums. The slave is locked away in a spiked steel cage so that he may only endure pain while he is pleasuring his queen. The only reward of licking her pussy will be gulping down her pussy juices when she cums. Mistress Yasmin Scott rides his face and instructs him to lick her greedy clit, when she goes over the edge she blasts his mouth with squirt!

Categories: SQUIRTING, ORAL SERVITUDE, PUSSY WORSHIP, Fetish, Latex, Female Domination, Femdom, Rubber, Bondage Male, Bondage.

Size:691 Mb

Mommy's Locked Gimp. Starring Eliza Ibarra [Tease & Denial, Tease, Denial, Teasing, Vibrator, Mummification, Latex, Rubber]

[Image: pvivcubxsqt5.jpg]

[Image: aq1u6so4or0g.jpg]

Eliza Ibarra may be young but she takes ownership very seriously when it comes to her slaves. She always makes sure her gimp's locked up cock is kept on edge and his mind always kept frustrated. The more he squirms in his unfortunate predicament the happier it makes Mommy Eliza.

Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, TEASE & DENIAL, Eliza Ibarra, handjob, femdom handjob, hand domination, ruined orgasm ,forced orgasms, masturbation, latex, fetish, bondage fetish.

Size:914 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 12-31-2018

Owned Slave Cock. Starring Mistress Bethany Benz [Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Forced Orgasm, Sperm, Cumshot, Milking]

[Image: me3um0l41g4m.jpg]

[Image: wmcqk28ol3xe.jpg]

Mistress Bethany Benz gets great pleasure in controlling every part of a slave from his cock to his ass to his simple one track mind. She loves getting her bondage boy completely desperate to cum as she edges his horny cock teasing him with thoughts of orgasms. His ass is stuffed and filled with a steel anal hook making sure he is at the mercy of her hand. After making him a total sexually frustrated mess of a slave she allows her b***h to blow a huge load. One last orgasm before his cock is locked away for another 90 days.

Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, EDGING GAMES, fetish, hand domination, handjobs, fetish, latex, bondage fetish, Bondage Male.

Size:901 Mb

Mandy Flores - Home Invasion [ Female Domination ]

[Image: y10xgc4b2v4v.jpg]

[Image: su94m78gom6d.jpg]

He's now naked and is tied to the floor. He wakes to have you sashay into the scene, giving him one more chance to tell you where it is. You are grabbing, jacking and molesting him the entire time you're talking. YOU ask him if he's going to tell you where the good is, and you'll take his gag off. He nods, and you pull down his gag, remove the stuffing, and put your hand back over his mouth hard. You say, Better not scream. Nice and quiet or you're in trouble. You slowly remove your hand from his mouth..He tells you, you nod, and roughly stuff the panties back in his mouth, and pull his cleave gag back, give his balls a little squeeze, and get up and walk away sexily. The guy alone for fifteen-twenty seconds. You sexily come back and there's more of the same. You pull out a cell phone, you are talking to the slavers, describing the guy, saying he has a cute little a**h*le. Tell them to go ahead and come pick him up. You play with the anguished guy a little longer, telling him that you've decided that you are going to keep him..

Categories: BALLBUSTING, BALL ABUSE, FEMDOM, BONDAGE, SENSUAL DOMINATION, rope bondage, handjob, cbt, fetish clothing, glove fetish, hd, mandy flores, FEMALE DOMINATION ,BALL TORTURE.

Size:1,31 Gb

Goddess Brianna & Sloan Harper - Family Time

[Image: dwswtfal27vg.jpg]

[Image: 4fnackcxbaej.jpg]

The ladies take a breather to grab breakfast, but they are both still steaming and clearly want more. Goddess Brianna reaches into a kitchen utensil drawer and produces a strap on cock: just what you'd expect to find stashed next to their whisk and soup ladle. These horny ladies have a plan to pull dad into their playful antics as well. Goddess Brianna puts a hood over her husband's head and gets him on all fours. Sloan slowly works the rubber schlong into her father's ass and pumps away while playing with her mom's sexy feet.Sloan finds the right rhythm and plunges the dildo in and out while her mom encourages her. The ladies flip over their sub and have him lick his own ass juice off the dildo Sloan is still wearing. Then they have daddy suck Sloan's tender toes while beating his own meat. While the guy is on the perimeter doing an extended foot worship session on Sloan's feet, the two ladies get back into their hot girly cuddling, touching and kissing. Once the fortunate father drops a load on Sloan's feet, she serves it up for him to lick clean. This is one tight knit family and they all have a great love for their special intimate family time.

Categories: sloan harper, goddess brianna, feetondemand, pov feet, female masturbation, pegging, toe sucking, sole licking, foot licking, foot play, milf feet, milf, mother, daughter, family time, family, FEMALE DOMINATION, bondage fetish, Bondage Male.

Size:921 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-02-2019

Kimberly Kane & Bianca Stone - OOOWWW MY BALLS - The Game Show

[Image: i6kj7n69cwtq.jpg]

[Image: 4i3iup4xbgia.jpg]

The only game show where you can win cash prizes for being pummeled in the nuts! If you answer every question correctly you win, it's that simple! However, if you don't the punishment is a swift punch or kick in the balls, OOOWWW! Our host is the lovely Bianca Stone and our cruel contestant is Kimberly Kane! Our victim, I mean second guest is a loser who answered an ad for a dating show, Jay 'Wimp' West! Are we ready to play OOOWWW My Balls? YAAAASSSSS

Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Busting, Ballbusting, CBT, Femdom, Games, kink, ball punching, fetish, ball kicking, femdom.

Size:266 Mb

Bunny - EvilBunnyColby Vs Superman

[Image: 38q0xzbqj2yh.jpg]

[Image: i8rly1x6a0gl.jpg]

Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, pegging, strapon, anal dildo, toy in ass, femdom, female on male, fetish, male blowjob, male anal, fetish, bid tits, costume.

Size:1,20 Gb

BrookLogan - BrookTiffChloe Joining TheBad Girl Group

[Image: u1acpsqz7bdm.jpg]
[Image: f5n3pb0ufgtx.jpg]
[Image: qrgikjfwggcc.jpg]
[Image: 3r1y8p0gzq8q.jpg]

[Image: w79g1a7v1rcv.jpg]

I am on watch for Tiff, so she doesn't get caught smoking from the teachers or see us missing our lesson! Were always such bad bitches!! And love it!!! Chloe the college goody girl comes along and wants to join me and tiff!! But there is no way!!! some one as good as her can join our group! We don't like good girls!!! She just wouldn't fit in our group being mean and bad! Unless she passes our little test! Which she agrees to do, as she wants to become a bad girl. She follows us, and we have a little surprise for her.. she has to get completely naked and take 2 nice strap on cock's from myself and tiff ha ha ha Her pussy gets so creamed up as i carry on fucking her and Tiff fucks her mouth with her strap on! Ha ha its so fun, just seeing her take it!!! She passes at the end and we let her join our bad b***h group.

Categories: Blackmail Fantasy, College, Female Domination, Strap-On, Smoking, Femdom.

Size:323 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-03-2019

My Boyfriend is Home Part 1 - Lexi Sindel Sissy, Spanking

[Image: xbrrifpfa1ro.jpg]

[Image: 107rsdsg7bdc.jpg]

Mistress Lexis sissy maid has been behaving, and at times sissy slaves need the firm hand of a man to help put them straight. When Lexis boyfriend comes home, she informs him that their sissy slut was misbehaving. On her hands and knees, the sissy is employed as a footrest for the owners while they negotiate a punishment. The couple decides their sissy will need to be physically disciplined for her actions. While Lexis boyfriend is submissive to her, he actually enjoys humiliating and degrading sissy guys, especially if Lexi joins in on the fun.Sissy bends over and pulls up her skirt, exposing her pale unmarked ass. Lexi starts her punishment off with a riding crop, but it is not long until her boyfriend needs in on the fun, penalizing the slut with a leather strap. The pair take turns with a tail whip on sissys buttocks. When enduring the most dominant couples punishment, sissy squeals like a b***h. However, sissys ordeal isn't yet completed, as the boyfriend is worked up in the punishment and also strategies to use sissy to satisfy his urges.

Categories: Humiliation, Lexi Sindel, Female Domination,Bondage, Femdom, Latex, Fetish, Bondage fetish .

Size:265 Mb

Patricia MedicalySado, Pou Fosc, Anna - Enclosure and Teasing

[Image: pfnixdreetei.jpg]

[Image: bw1cu3898bzb.jpg]

With my friend's help I take the slave out of the box in which he's been shut away in the dark, in total silence, unable to move in his rubber suit. I decide to measure his resistance to masturbation, as I love messing with him. I start to mess with him, to do so I bind him in the bondage chair and squeeze him hard to take him to the edge. Not satisfied with this, I bind him in a much more uncomfortable position in some other favorite furniture and continue masturbating him, plus with my friend's help, until I get tired. He mustn't shoot his cum, I've warned him of that.

Categories: bondage, CBT, corset, deprivation, Edging, femdom, Gimp, Hand Job, Hood, latex, leather belt, Male Sub, masturbation, medical fetish, rope bondage, slave, straight, tattoo, thirdparty, threesome

Size:578 Mb

Huge strapon in his ass Starring Mistress Amanda

[Image: fftv5zoryakx.jpg]

[Image: eq423mxc1ue9.jpg]

There is never a single occasion when the slave doesn't try to beg Mistress Amanda to stop making him suffer and let him go. Hovewer he knows, tha Amanda won't do such a thing, instead she is going to laugh at him and make him suffer even more. Now she is pushing her very thick strapon forcefully into his ass, despite his attempts to crawl away from her. He gets a few spanks too, because Amanda doesn't like these tricks.

Categories: Fucking, Ass Fucking, Dildo Fucking, Dildo, Anal, Anus, Ass, Pegging

Size:586 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-04-2019

Stacie Starr - Gives her Son a Dressing Room Handjob and Blowjob

[Image: qzcz24nujdg9.jpg]

[Image: ax3zekx3yonm.jpg]

There are plenty of things Dan would rather be doing than watch his mom try on outfit after outfit but she pulls out a hot piece of negligee that makes it all worth it. The black outfit compliments her massive rack and shows off her long legs and its short enough to where it almost exposes her pussy and ass. Seeing all this excites the poor lad and a tent pitches in his pants. Stacie Starr is stunned at the sight of his boner but she decides to help him take care of it. She sinks down to her knees and starts jerking his cock while telling him off. Then she squeezes her big tits together forming a nice comfortable cushion for Dan's cock before he slides it in between them. Fucking his mom's big tits feels really good but not nearly as good as fucking her mouth feels and the latter is exactly what Dan gets to experience when Stacie Starr takes his cock from her boobs to her mouth and sucks him off until he cums really hard all over her monster juggs!

Categories: Big Ass, Big Tits, Caught In The Act, Cheating, Cum in Mouth, Cum on Tits, Deepthroat, Facial, Female Domination, MILF, Mother, Only Blowjob, Only Handjob, Roleplay, Stacie Starr, Titty f**k, femdom.

Size:319 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-05-2019

Butt3rflyforU - Mommy Has Your Inheritance - Female Domination

[Image: r1mxdbhq2jwr.jpg]

[Image: ucdzd2vssnyt.jpg]

I move in and marry your Dad just for his fat wallet ! He absolutely sucks in bed and his cock isn't big enough or gets hard enough. He is out of town too! This is the perfect time to drop the big news on you! I'm getting it all!!!!! But if you want me to share my new fortune, you are going to have to please every way I want! That means doing whatever I want to make that young cock cum for dearest step Mommy! ENJOY!

Categories: ASSJOBS, BOY-GIRL, FEMALE DOMINATION, CUMSHOTS, butt3rflyforu, baby oil, reverse cowgirl, ass crack fucking, bribery, handjob, inheritance, step mom, son, older women/younger men, femdom.

Size:293 Mb

My Boyfriend is Home Part 2

[Image: ob2b4gbh3glo.jpg]

[Image: 9hu1j3hennym.jpg]

Sissy gets taken in both holes by Lexi and her boyfriend. As sissy sucks the boyfriend's thick hard cock, Lexi takes his ass with her strap-on. "If you want to remain our bedside pleasure pet you will lean to pleasure both of your owners at once." This sissy will learn to do anything to please its owners.

Categories: Bisexual, Blonde, Sissy, Strap-on Female Domination, Femdom, Lexi Sindel, Strapon Domination, Blowjob, Latex.

Size:252 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-07-2019

Beat Those Balls Blue. Starring Mistress Savannah and Mistress Missy

[Image: or16khy7w5cv.jpg]

[Image: veqwzv1ubj45.jpg]

Mistress Savannah teams with Mistress Missy to put the hurt on the bullet proof balls of slave lance for 41 minutes. He is treated to a pussy in his face most of the time his balls are getting the rough treatment. The big swollen orbs are drained dry in a messy climax as Mistress Savannah milks out every drop. Her partner does not spare the cane or the cock whip as this mother and step-daughter team gang up for total Femdom control.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Bondage Male, Bondage, Mistress Savannah, Savannah, Mistress, Mistress Missy, Missy, Dual Domination, Double Domination, CBT, Whipping, Whipped, Whip, Corporal Punishment, Latex.

Size:1,47 Gb

A Toxic Spider Bite - Lezdom Toxic

[Image: 3t7k7nll2up7.jpg]

[Image: bq3vrwlrjzmg.jpg]

A Super Babe Strap-on Fucks A Girl.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, lezbian, lezdom, blowjob, fetish, strap-on, costume.

Size:470 Mb

Cali Logans Power and Peril - Marvelous Girl Spanked to Submission

[Image: icliufvx7wth.jpg]

[Image: 0kk6tz6kxayo.jpg]

Marvelous Girl is just a little too cocky for her own good in her latest confrontation with Whiplash. Thinking she has the upper hand, Marvelous Girl laughs as she throws her opponent to the ground. Putting Whiplash right where she wants to be.Reaching behind her, Whiplash unleashes her secret weapon! A gem that once looked upon will control a persons body but not the mind. Leaving Marvelous Girl in mental agony as she is... SPANKED TO SUBMISSION!Marvelous Girl is humiliated as she gets spanked harder and harder winding up bent over Whiplashs knee. As her ass cheeks turn to a beautiful shade of ruby, Whiplash orders Marvelous Girl to make herself cum repeatedly.Lastly we finish with Marvelous Girls ass in the air as she is ordered to go down on her enemy...

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, spanking, superheroes, forced masturbation, mind control, marvelous girl.

Size:1,17 Gb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-08-2019

Medicaky Sado - Involuntary Sexual Labor

[Image: ern5si3lo075.jpg]

[Image: 705ojpb3e75q.jpg]

I punish the boy-slave and the lady-slave with involuntary sexual labour. I make them have sexual relations without rest. My aim is to find out the sexual abilities of the boy-slave and the lady-slave; find out how long he can hold out an erection without having an orgasm, only working on his member. I do the same with the lady-slave, measuring her endurance and counting the number of orgasms she has while she straddles the boy-slave. Finally, I masturbate the boy-slave, bringing him to an intense and pleasurable orgasm after a hard day's work.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Blowjob, Bondage Male, Bondage, Handjob, Femdom Sex, Fucking, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Mask.

Size:311 Mb

Miss Jessica - Company snitch

[Image: 5nhzqiux7nvl.jpg]

[Image: pwflxtdegoac.jpg]

Miss Jessica has called in a new employee to have a little chat. She wants to know if he wants to do well in her company. The person who held his previous position was in a select group of snitches that report back to her on important matters she might not hear about, so she wants to know if he would be interested in doing this. However, to prove his loyalty to her he has to pass a little test. First of all he has to show just how well he can kiss the boss's arse! She forces his face into her bottom and then gets him to kiss it. Next he's to lay down on the floor and become her comfortable seat. Sitting on him in a variety of forward and reverse positions, by the end she thinks he will be good for the snitch role as he has passed his loyalty test.

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, Miss Jessica, Jessica, Mistres, Ass Fetish, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Jessica Wood, Ass Smothering, Smother.

Size:112 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-08-2019

Mistress Ezada Sinn - All chattels, but each trained differently.

[Image: zuduri0xtan1.jpg]

[Image: oxq9xr05azcr.jpg]

A Woman should have as many males as She desires. Here are two of the many I own.
My pink poodle is one I've trained to be a sissy, a whore that's continually stretching his man-pussy. A slut who's always ready to take My cock in any of his holes. Every morning he dresses in a pink latex catsuit, kneels on his bed with a pink inflatable butt-plug buried up his ass and a long pink dildo crammed between his lips.
My chattel sit is a 24/7 live-in slave, one who tirelessly works for Me, his Goddess, and is always under My supervision. he performs most domestic tasks and can act as My boot cleaner or human ashtray, or whatever tool I need. he can't take pain from a cane too well, but do you think I care about his discomfort?
I selectively train My chattels to be used for My distinct pleasures.


Size:326 Mb

RE: Femdom Porn - Ballbusting, Faceslapping, Foot Domination, Lezdom, Strapon Domination - holden13 - 01-09-2019

Lezdom Double Decoy

[Image: 5z2d15pccsh0.jpg]

[Image: dmvxc2ac1lvg.jpg]

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom,spanking, spank, threesome,dirty talk, limp, bondage, bondage fetish, powergirl, superheroines.

Size:1,45 Gb

Double Trouble with Ashley and Missy

[Image: hw2oorajr3on.jpg]

[Image: d9sxi04owyko.jpg]

Missy and I were in the middle of a photo shoot when we learned our Production Assistant was ticklish. Well I guess one could see what was coming next. Both Missy and I love to tickle! And tickling a guy together is true heaven! We brought the table and tied him down. He smiled and said it was not a big deal, he could totally handle it. Two sets of hands,a twenty fingers, and a whole lot of tickle torture says he can't!

Categories: Female Domination, Femdom, TICKLING, TICKLING ARMPITS, ARMPITS, LAUGHING, SENSUAL TICKLING, ashley fires, fetish, missy rhodes ,mistress missy, mistress fires, ticklish girls, tickle, ticklish male, ticklish guy, tickle torture, tickling guys cock, foot fetish.

Size:519 Mb